By Thomas P. – Cristiano Segnini

For the last two years we have been working very hard to make real another feat that is about to take place in the summer of 2022. It is a truly great journey, most of which will take place within the Arctic Circle.
We will navigate on the wake of Vikings and great 18th-century explorers who dedicated their lives to discover the shortest passage to the Pacific Ocean.

By Thomas P.

It’s about Seafighter 36 C, which is produced by the company of Seafighter - Ribs. It is an inflatable boat of Hellenic design and production and with no doubt it is one of the best vessels in its class.

By Thomas P.

For this mission we chose the two Suzuki DF350A dual prop engines, considering that they will be ideally suited to our trip requirements.

By Thomas P. – Carlos Santaella Martinez - Cristiano Segnini

Our team is very grateful and more than excited for this wonderful new sponsorship.
It is a great honor for us to have such a great safety and security with Furuno and Maxsea by our side, which provide the whole electronic equipment of the mission’s Rib. Navigation and communication now will be more reliable and easy with such trustful and high-tech equipment helping us to accomplish our mission and achieve our goal:

By Thomas P.

Our team warmly thanks Motocraft S.A., Mr. Alexandros Zeis and especially Mr. Stelios Platis who traditionally stand by us in our every great project providing us with every possible equipment.

By Thomas P.-Carlos S.Martinez

Undoubtedly, the “RIBBING FOR ARCTIC” expedition is the highlight of 2022 in the world maritime events. It is the first time a recreational rigid inflatable boat will attempt to enter the Arctic Circle, cross the Atlantic Ocean and the mythical Northwest Passage.