By Thomas P.

Mar.Co's R-Evolution 35 is a pure open-Rib of 10.65m, which is characterized by its excellent construction quality and finishing, while it offers all the comforts you need to enjoy the sea.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

A few minutes of observation is enough to find out that nothing has been designed by chance in R-Evolution 35.
The bow and the stern area which can be turned into spacious sundecks very easily, the console-bathroom, the beautiful wet-bar, the comfortable deck passages, the large storage areas, the wide swimming platform and the safe access on board either from the bow or from the stern, all show that the people who designed the R-Evolution 35 are well aware of the specifications that a modern riged inflatable boat should have.

For the construction of the R-Evolution 35’s hull, Mar-Co utilizes the "vacuum infusion" technology, where the resin is applied under pressure throughout the hull and permeates evenly the fibers of the glass, significantly reducing the chance of human error in the process of its application compared to the traditional method coating by hand.

This technology ensures maximum strength and quality in all hull’s structural components while reducing the weight by up to 30%, elements that have only positive effects in terms of longevity, performance and fuel efficiency.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

On deck

With internal dimensions of 9.00m x 2.45m, the R-Evolution 35 ensures a comfortable and functional deck that can accommodate many people.

What certainly impresses at first glance is the pilot-station with the highly attractive hard top, which along with its stainless steel bases delimits the cockpit of the rib.

Perimetric tents can be easily adjusted on port and starboard side of the fiberglass hard top and can be combined with the tinted and high windscreen to create an enclosed space for the driver and co-driver, offering them absolute protection from the sun's rays, spray, wind or rain during their trips.

Apart from the protection offered by the hard top, it can also be used as a space for installation of various devices such as VHF, radio-CD or loudspeakers, but also for storing useful small items or the necessary documents of the rib.

The console is centrally located, leaving large passageways on its port and starboard side for the comfortable passenger movement, while the stainless steel rail surrounding the windscreen is suitably designed to provide ideal support, as a handrail, for the pilot and co-pilot.

The steering wheel is located on the port side and the engine controls in the center, having the ideal position especially when driving seated.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

MAR.CO R-Evolution

MAR.CO R-Evolution

The dashboard has the space required for the installation of even large electronic devices offering direct visibility to the driver.

Inside the console there is a very large space where even a tall person can stand upright.

The toilet and the bathroom are hosted in this room, while on its left side there is a very well designed corner
with a sink sitting on a piece of furniture and a mirror just above it.

The entrance to the toilet is on the front side of the console where there is a large and comfortable tilting door with a built-in recessed single seat.

A stylish wet-bar is located behind the helmseats, where a sink, a stove and a 70lt fridge are housed, which serves the seating in the lounge.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

MAR.CO R-Evolution

In the area of the stern there is a perimeter Π-shaped sofa under which three large independent storage spaces are hidden.
This area can comfortably accommodate 8 seated guests and can be transformed very quickly into a dining one or into a large sundeck or sleeping bed. Depending on the time or mood, the table which is located on the floor can be raised via an electro-hydraulic system up to the height of the sofas forming a large sundeck, or higher, forming a comfortable dining area.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

MAR.CO R-Evolution

Behind the polyester backrest of the stern sofa there are very practical and wonderful cabinets that accommodate the shower wand and the gasoline intake of the tank.

The swimming platform extends to the port and starboard sides of the engines, providing enormous space and complete freedom of movement, while accommodating three small but very useful storage areas for the reception of the bathroom ladder, the second aft anchor and the docklines of the rib.

The swimming platform, combined with the polyester platforms passages that are located around the stern sofa, also caters for the very comfortable access on board (the easiest way to board the R-evolution 35 from a dock) when tied up with our stern.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

MAR.CO R-Evolution

The boarding of course can be done with equally great ease via the foredeck in which two wide stairs are formed. The second step is essentially a hatch cover that gives access to the electric windlass’ locker.

Just behind this is the bow's living area, which forms a large V-shaped sofa, under which there are three large and independent storage compartments. On the floor surrounded by the couch, where there is also a large storage space, there is the possibility of adding a table whereby we can turn the bow area into a dining area or into a spacious sundeck (for the bow passengers).

MAR.CO R-Evolution

MAR.CO R-Evolution

At sea

The Rib of our test was powered by a pair of Verado 350hp outboards turning Eco Enertia 16"x19" propellers. An interesting combination for the propulsion more than three tonnes, including the loads we were carrying.

Carrying about 330 litters of gasoline in the tank and five people on board, we went out into the inhospitable waters with waves of at least one meter and a half in height. So, we had the opportunity to see in practice the robust construction of the R-Evolution 35 and the quality of its ride.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

The twin 350hp Verados with the help of the large propellers lifted us onto plane at about 2700 rpm with a speed of 15 knots and fuel consumption of 44 litters per hour. At 4000 rpm we were travelling with 31 knots, burning 100 litters per hour, and when we opened wide the throttles we saw 48 knots with a fuel consumption of 240 litters per hour.

Our analytical measurements are in the following PDF:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

The overall impression left by the R-Evolution 35 was very good, without any vibrations even when we were driving it to the limits, while we especially appreciated the protection offered by the high windshield and the great hard top.
But what I have to admit is the extremely soft ride that really impressed me. Of course, this fact is due to the high degrees of deadrise at its transom, which promises comfortable trips even in rough waters.

Its accelerations across the whole rpm range were outstanding, just like the throttle response, a result of the propellers’ large diameter wore by the engine shafts.

MAR.CO R-Evolution

The number of rpm at WOT (5600) shows us that we can make some small interventios in the particular set-up so as to allow the engines to reach at least up to the middle of the maximum rpm range recommended by their manufacturer, thus ensuring their right operation and longevity.

We should not forget that the number of rpm that an engine can reach is one of the most important parameters that define a very good set-up!

It is therefore worthwhile to try to raise the engines by one hole, which is allowed by the large diameter of the Eco Enertia propellers, but also by their special design of the area that defines their rake, while reducing the pitch at the same time so as to remain within the desired limit of the recommended rpm at WOT.
It is still worth trying different propellers, with a smaller diameter by one inch, that will allow the engines to increase their rpm at WOT and thus to work more resiliently throughout their range.

...keep Ribbing!



MAR.CO R-Evolution 35
  • Length overall: 10.65 m
  • Beam: 3.60 m
  • Weight: 2.400 Kg
  • Tubes' diameter: 0.50 - 0.64 m
  • Fuel tank: 750 Lt
  • Water tank: 150 Lt
  • Passengers: 16
  • Max HP: 2 x 350
  • Category CE: B

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