- Dynastream hull technology guarantees supreme stability and comfort in all weathers
- Smoothest ride ever from a Technohull boat at any speed
- Breathtaking looks, luxurious finish and a long features list

By Thomas P.

An outboard as exciting as the Mercury Racing 300R deserves its own propeller and Mercury Racing has just delivered.

By Thomas P. - Cristiano Segnini - Carlos Santaella Martinez

At a time when every nation and the whole world is tested really hard while thousands of people give a real struggle for survival under unprecedented circumstances, it is impossible for us to continue working dedicated to our mission.

By Michael Pournaris

High technology for eco friendly energy!
EFOY, known to Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts, also has marine models for silent charging of the boat’s batteries.

By Thomas P. – Carlos Santaella Martinez

Stay safe and send text messages to anyone, anywhere on the planet and in any sea you are travelling!

By Thomas P. – G. Sahidis

The Athens Nautical Boat Show 2019 took place from 27 of November till the 1st of December at the ex-Olympic Center of Fending, leaving quite mixed feelings both at the exhibitors and to the visitors too.

By Thomas P.

Soleil 30 will be officially presented at the Paris Nautical Show in December 2019.
Soleil 30 is the sixth model of the Salpa Soleil range and the third new model put into production in 2019 (Soleil 20 February2019, Soleil 42 September 2019, Soleil 30 November 2019)!

By Thomas P.

The Heart of “Ribbing” beats at Genoa!
There is no doubt that there is no other Maritime Boat Show that gives us the chance to see and test so many rigid inflatable boats in the water and draw meaningful conclusions for each new model as well as for every new outboard engine.

By Thomas P. – Cristiano Segnini

For the last few months we have been working very hard to make real another feat that is about to take place in the summer of 2020. It is a truly great journey, most of which will take place within the Arctic Circle.
We will navigate on the wake of Vikings and great 18th-century explorers who dedicated their lives to discover the shortest passage to the Pacific Ocean.