By Thomas P.

Any obstacle to the constant flow of fuel from the tank to the engine is sure to immobilize us. It is indeed the most common cause when suddenly the engine shuts down or can't increase its rpm and suffers from poor performance.

εφεδρικό σύστημα τροφοδοσίας καυσίμου

In such a case the first thing to check is whether the fuel is clear and if it can reach without trouble the engine.

Since this inspection is not always easy, especially while underway and weather-conditions are difficult, it would be wiser to have installed in advance an extra fuel supply system which can operate simply by turning on a switch.

The only materials we need are some meters of fuel hose, a water-separating fuel filter, a primer bulb, a two-way valve and some hose clamps.

The installation of an extra fuel supply system will be very useful:

  • in any case the smooth flow of fuel to the engine is prevented (collapsed primer bulb, bent fuel hose, any leakage or any cracked hose that allows air to enter into the fuel system, things which happen quite often, especially when our main fuel supply system accounts several years)
  • when we need to ride for many miles with our auxiliary outboard, in case of the main engine’s damage. All we have to do is to connect the extra fuel supply system directly with the auxiliary engine
  • even as a way to store permanently on board spare parts of the fuel system, so we can use any of them separately when necessary

εφεδρικό σύστημα τροφοδοσίας καυσίμου

All we have to do in case of emergency due to obstacles in the fuel flow is to turn the second switch and to lead the fuel in the extra fuel line (as in the photo above).

...keep Ribbing!


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