By Thomas P.

It is known that the outer surface of a hull is covered by a special resin called gelcoat, which mainly protects it.
Thus, this gelcoat is constantly exposed to the sea-water and sun, leading to its erosion. Over the years the gelcoat loses its shine, becomes dull and porous. The bigger the pores become, the more permeable the gelcoat gets. It also stains more easily and then of course it is harder to clean it putting the hull in a great risk.

συντήρηση της γάστρας του σκάφους

The maintenance of gelcoat in excellent condition, is not only a matter of aesthetic but also a matter of primary importance if we are interested in the longevity and «health» of our hull.

Therefore, at the end of the summer season, when the boat will stay out of the water for the winter you’d better:

  • wash and clean the hull from any kind of stains
  • control carefully if there are scratches or cracks on the gelcoat, which in many cases penetrate into the hull and threat its good condition. In this case remove all the damaged gelcoat, sand the surface well and apply new gelcoat layers. Sand again the repaired surface and move to the next step
  • >proceed to the polishing of the hull which will eliminate any imperfection and will restore the shine of the gelcoat
  • after polishing the hull the next step is its waxing, which maintains the shiny look of the gelcoat and keep it clean by covering all pores that trap the dirt.

συντήρηση της γάστρας του σκάφους

The preservation and polishing of gelcoat must be done every year since they guarantee:

  • rotection and longevity of the hull
  • wonderful and shiny appearance that increases the value of the boat
  • maximum performance, both at medium and high rpms, reducing the drag during the ride, increasing the cruising and top speed, improving at the same time the fuel consumption.
    ...keep Ribbing!


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