By Thomas P.

It is a fact that the free space in our rib is usually quite limited, but this does not justify the absence of basic supplies that we must always have on board even if they do not belong to the mandatory boat equipment. Such a supply is the extra propeller that must be present in every boat, which is essential for our safety, especially if we frequently make long trips.

εφεδρική προπέλα

The Spare propeller

  • will get us out of the stalemate we find ourselves in, in case our main propeller gets "spun" (which means that its rubber hub has been detached).
  • will be very useful, especially when it is of shorter pitch than the main one. Putting on a spare propeller of shorter pitch when our boat is overloaded allows our engine to run at its maximum rpm range.

However, our spare propeller should not be sloppily stored on board, because it can cause damage or injury during its movement within the locker.

A relatively simple way of storing and stabilizing our spare propeller is to attach it on a properly fixed shaft.

We can ask our engineer if he has any old or stricken propeller shaft. Alternatively, we can make a metal tube of corresponding diameter, attaching a support base on its one edge and forming a proper thread on the other edge where the propeller nut will be screwed on.

εφεδρική προπέλα

In this way we'll always have our spare propeller securely stored in a dedicated space on board, with all its accessories passed through in the shaft in the desired order.

So, everything will be tidily stored and even when we need a nut, a spacer or a washer, which may have dropped into the sea, we will always know the exact position of the spare ones and we will not need to turn everything upside down on the boat to find them ...

...keep Ribbing!




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