By Thomas P.

The last few years, due to global warming, severe weather phenomena appear more and more frequently, especially in the north Aegean Sea. Bursts of storms are quite often and last for several days. Loaded skies, torrential rain, steep temperature decrease and countless lightnings tear up the horizon from edge to edge. Intense and dangerous weather phenomena which were not common in our seas.

τεντάκι σκάφος

Soaking wet tents, because of the strong and unexpected storms, start dripping after some time, keeping us often awoken in our bow or stern "tent-room".

A waterproof cover, with which we will temporarily cover our bow or stern tent-room every night, must constitute an integral part of the basic equipment of our boat. If we want to sleep relaxed at nights, especially when we plan our summer holidays around the north Aegean Sea, we should not be tricked by the clean and starry sky.

It is very easy to make such a tent, which should also have the following characteristics:

  • To be placed but, also removed quickly and easily.
  • To be completely waterproof.
  • To not be warmed by the first sun rays.

There are, in stores, waterproof lightweight fabrics of the same material as the one with which igloo type tents are manufactured, in different dimensions. In case our boat is big, we can unite two of those fabrics so that they cater for our needs.

τεντάκι σκάφος

τεντάκι σκάφος

Having the tent-room set, we spread the waterproof fabric on top and we cut it with scissors in the height of the protective rubber of the tube. By sewing a band of enhanced fabric around its perimeter and creating holes around every thirty centimeters through which an elastic band is placed, we have created, quite simply, a tent which will protect us from sudden storms.

This small tent can be also very useful for those who prefer their inflatable without tents of navigation but they want to sleep on the boat without the time-consuming process of setting inox arches and tents which, in addition, occupy a lot of space on the boat. A well stretched rope from the bow roller up to the console, and on top the waterproof fabric held by the protective rubbers of tubes, is enough.

τεντάκι σκάφος

...keep Ribbing!