By Seastar

As spring slowly approaches, it’s time to start planning for boating season. In order to make sure your boat is safe and running efficiently, you must thoroughly inspect and address a number of items on your boat.

By Thomas P.

Taking into consideration the ancient Greek saying «Prevention is better than Cure», it would be appropriate to check our RIB and our engine every time we get out of the sea. It won’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes, while it may save us from troubles and costs and will certainly ensure our safer ribbing.

By Thomas P.

As we have seen in the previous article entitled «Engine’s mounting heigh», one of the most important factors affecting a lot the boat’s performance is the engine’s mounting height on its transom.

By Norberto Pereira

Nowadays, as the increase of the cost of fuel has become one of the major factors for the choice about the proper outboard, Suzuki has developed a system called «Lean Burn» that enabled their outboards to get even more with less of fuel.

By Thomas P.

As we have seen in a previous article, the trailing edge of the trim tabs should be slightly higher than their front edge when they are fully retracted. This slight upward inclination is called negative angle and is of great importance.

By Thomas P.

The lower the fuel consumption is the happier the captain gets.

Saving fuel is an issue that «burns» all of us, especially when on our transom one or more high-horsepower outboard engines are mounted.

By Thomas P.

Besides the Bowline and the Clove hitch as mentioned in the previous article there are many more maritime knots that we can use.

We are mentioning below two of them which may seem particularly useful.

By Thomas P.

Before we go out to the sea with our boat, it is necessary to know some basic knots that will mainly help us to tie with safety.

By Ribadventure team

A few days ago we had the joy to meet Gianni Di Meglio, one of the most famous offshore powerboat racers in Italy and…not only. Any discussion with Gianni, a pilot with huge distinctions who with Antonio Gioffredi were an unbeatable duo known as "Giant Killer", is certainly very interesting.