We all know Thomas Panagiotopoulos, at least those who are related to the ribs, mainly for his travels that were published in the pages of magazines «Inflatable Boat», «Thalassa» and «RIB». Thomas has written numerous useful and technical articles about ribs and outboard engines.

His great passion is traveling with his Rib, a passion which afterwards transmits to the readers. Indeed, Thomas has a great capability of travelling us through his writings, because he "lives for the journey", regardless of what his destination is.He has traveled throughout Greece, in every corner of the Aegean and Ionian sea as well as in the Mediterranean sea, choosing destinations of hundreds of miles. In 1999 he traveled with a 6 meters Rib to Malta, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. In 2004, the year of the Olympic Games in Athens, as a representative of all Nautical Clubs of Greece and the Ministry of Sport, carried with his Rib the Olympic Flag from Thessalonica to the Pillars of Hercules in Gibraltar. In 2006 he navigated throughout the Adriatic sea, and in 2010 traveled from Thessalonica to Corsica. In August 2014 he is scheduled and organised the journey ''HELLAS - AZORES 3.500nm'', during which the Ribadventure team crossed the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean up to Azores. All these travels, accompanied by rich photographic material, published on the pages of nautical magazines, making readers to feel the unique experiences as members of the same crew...

In 2009, Thomas wrote the book "In the neighborhoods of the Aegean", which was highly acclaimed by nautical world. In this book Thomas gathered all the experiences and emotions that was collecting all these years traveling with his Rib in the Aegean, highlighting both small and unknown corners.