By Thomas P.

The new Lomac Granturismo 12.5 made its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, while a few days later we had the opportunity to test it at the 61st Genoa Boat Show.

LOMAC Granturismo 12.5

With the dimensions of the cabin remaining the same, its main difference from Lomac GT 11.0 is the large stern sundeck.
Maintaining its sporty character, Lomac GT 12.5 is a very good and elegant choice for those who want to have their comforts without being deprived of the sense of freedom offered by an open inflatable boat.

The polyester construction where the hard top is supported and accommodates the helm seats and the wet bar, is very elegantly designed while leaving large spaces around for the comfortable movement of passengers.

The helm seats are reclining giving us the option to drive the boat in an upright or sitting position, while when uplifted they increase the free space between them and the cockpit ensuring our comfortable movement.

LOMAC Granturismo 12.5

In the area of the stern the lounge of the boat in a U-shape is formed, while further back the spacious berth for sunbathing and relaxation.

This is also the main gathering area of the boat which can very easily be turned into a dining one, capable of accommodating many people.

LOMAC Granturismo 12.5

In addition to the comfortable living on deck, Lomac GT 12.5 also offers a spacious cabin, independent bathroom and plenty of storage space that makes it suitable for a multi-day on-board vacation.

LOMAC Granturismo 12.5

LOMAC Granturismo 12.5

The abundant natural light provided by the many cabin windows, the large double bed and the closet located in its front part are some features that will be highly appreciated.

In the sundeck of the bow there is a large sunbathing berth that can comfortably accommodate two adults, while further on we can see the comfortable step to enter or exit the boat, which is lined with teak having recessed cleats to its right and left so as not to pose a risk of injury.

At sea

We tested Lomac GT 12.5 with a pair of XTO 425hp Yamaha engines which with a gear ratio of 1.79: 1 were turning the 16 1 / 8" x 22" Series XTO propellers. Weather conditions were not so good since the waves exceeded 1.5 meters in height.

LOMAC Granturismo 12.5

As an observer, since I did not have the steering wheel in my hands, I cannot accurately convey to you the feel and behavior of the boat.
However, it seemed to respond well to the given weather conditions, while its very robust construction was very clear since in no case did we receive any annoying noises even when landing at a fairly high speed from a great height.

According to the Lomac shipyard, the most economical cruise speed is at 3000 rpm area where engines need 2.7 liters per nautical mile with the boat developing a speed of 23.2 knots.
At 3500 rpm, the cruise speed rises to 29 knots without a significant increase in fuel consumption which reaches 2.9 liters per mile.

At full throttle, the engines are reaching 6000 rpm and Lomac GT 12.5 the 56.2 knots of top speed.
The above measurements were made with 2 crew members, 170 liters of fuel and ideal weather conditions.

LOMAC Granturismo 12.5

The slip of the propellers after 4000 rpm was very satisfactory and reached its lowest value at full throttle with a percentage of 6.6%.
However, because the Rib carried fewer loads during the test, a shorter propeller’s pitch would be recommended so that the engines could reach their maximum rpm when loading the boat with its normal loads.

We also believe that Mercury 450R engines would fit Lomac GT 12.5 better, improving its cruising quality.

...keep Ribbing!


LOMAC Granturismo 12.5
  • Overall length: 11,75 μ
  • Beam: 3,51 μ
  • Dry weight: 3700 κ
  • Persons: 12-18
  • Max power: 2 x 450hp
  • Fuel capacity: 650 λτ
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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