By Thomas P.

When in a 10 meter inflatable boat you have managed to increase by 30% the capacity of the cabin and the storage spaces while maintaining its open and sporty character, then you can be proud that you achieved your goal.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

The above words are made for the new Lomac Granturismo 11.0, which made its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 while a few days later won the Design Innovation Award 2021 in the category of inflatable boats at the 61st Genoa Boat Show.

This is the reward for the third generation of the Lo Manto family who continue to manage the shipyard today with passion, dedication, vision and enthusiasm, ensuring that production remains focused on design, innovation and aligning with the market demand.

Lomac's many different ranges are designed to cater to different segments of the market and meet the different needs of owners, from sports customers looking for superior performance and exclusivity, to those looking for comfort and quality for the whole family.

Lomac is headquartered in Milan, the world capital of design and fashion, and serves as an international ambassador for the values of elegance, efficiency and quality it embodies.

The final result is smart design, the best craftsmanship, premium components and meticulous attention to detail.

For the past ten years or so, Lomac's top models have been designed by Federico Fiorentino, who has extensive experience on both luxury yachts and boat races.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

Lo Manto Statement: "We asked Federico Fiorentino to create a new hulll that delivers high cruising speed, without compromising the comfort and safety at sea of Lomac’s products in all conditions and his answer rises to the challenge."

On deck

The brand new Lomac Granturismo 11.0 combines the performance of an inflatable boat with the comforts of a cruiser. In addition to comfortable living on deck, it offers a spacious cabin, independent bathroom and plenty of storage space that makes it suitable for a multi-day vacation on board.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

On the sundeck of the bow a large sunbathing berth is formed that can comfortably accommodate two adults.
Further ahead we can see the comfortable step, without obstacles, for our entry or exit from the boat, which is lined with teak having the cleats on its right and left.

The cabin of the boat is very comfortable, but what impresses is the abundant natural light provided by the many windows that exist on all sides.

Its large bed can comfortably sleep two people, while to its port and starboard there are long narrow shelves for placing small items.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

The independent area of the bathroom is meticulous in every detail with the large window ensuring plenty of natural light, while in opposite of it is a very useful closet.

In the stern cockpit there is a large U-shaped living area which can accommodate many people, constituting the main gathering area of the boat.

Under the benches there are large storage spaces, while on the starboard side of the backrest of the stern sofa there is a very useful transom door that gives access to the aft deck.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

The wet bar is elegant, having the appropriate space for the installation of a sink, stove and refrigerator, while it leaves large passageways to its port and starboard for the comfortable fore and aft movement of passengers.

The helm station of GT 11.0 is very beautiful and well designed.
The instrument panel has a very good inclination so that we can see the indications even when driving in an upright position, while it can even accommodate large navigation devices.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

The helm seats have flip-up bolsters giving the driver and the co-driver the option to travel in a seated or standing position, while when we lift them they increase the free space between them and the cockpit ensuring our comfortable movement.

At sea

We tested the Lomac GT 11.0 with a pair of Verado V8 300hp engines which with a gear ratio of 1.85: 1 were turning the 16" x 21" ECO Enertia propellers. With 200 liters of fuel, 4 people on board and the necessary equipment of the boat, we had a total weight of about 4500 kg.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

The Rib was responding very well to the steering wheel and our abrupt handling when we were faced with big waves. This means that we are able to change course easily and avoid the peaks of the waves when traveling in bad weather conditions.

It showed very good behavior when underway in head, beam and following seas.

While we were constantly changing direction, drops of water never reached the windshield or the deck, while even when landing from a great height at high speed we never heard annoying noises which proves its very solid structure.

At 3000 rpm our speed was 19 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.4 liters per nautical mile, while at 3500 rpm we were traveling at 26 knots burning 2.38 liters per mile.

These were also the most economical cruising speeds we recorded, which are recommended in order to maximize our autonomy.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

At 4000 rpm we ran with 33 knots burning 2.78 liters per mile, while at 4500 rpm we had 39 knots and fuel consumption of 3.2 liters per mile.
At full throttle the engines reached 5800 rpm and Lomac GT 11.0 the 49 knots of top speed.

The detailed measurements can be seen in the following table:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

The slip values we recorded are very good at medium rpm, but not at WOT, which shows that there is still room for improvement in the performance of this set-up. It's up to the owner how much he wants to experiment in order to get the most out of his Rib.

LOMAC Granturismo 11.0

As we have emphasized many times, the backup propeller must be present on every boat and is essential for our safety especially if we are accustomed to making long voyages.
It will take us out of the impasse in case the main propeller will be damaged while it will be very useful to wear it in cases where our boat is very loaded so as to allow our engine always to reach the maximum speed rpm.

So, as far as the Rib we tested is concerned, it is prudent always to have on board two spare ECO propellers with a shorter pitch by two inches, which we will use when our boat carries its usual loads for holidays. This way we will allow the engines to reach their recommended rpm at WOT, which is very important for their proper operation but also for their longevity too.

...keep Ribbing!



LOMAC Granturismo 11.0
  • Overall length: 10.60 m
  • Beam: 3.51 m
  • Tubes diameter: 68 cm
  • Person capacity: 12-18
  • Suggested power: 2x300 hp
  • Fuel tank: 540 lts
  • Homologation CE: Category Β

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