By Thomas P.

Reflecting a completely different personality, Scanner's Envy 1400 has the privilege of catching the eyes and attention even among of luxury yachts. Really, have you ever wondered the real reason this is happening?

SCANNER Envy 1400

It is certainly not only the 14 meters of its length that makes the difference. Its special design lines, with first and foremost its impressive vertical and raised bow, the huge deck-spaces lined with teak, as well as the spacious and perfectly shaped sundecks are some of the features of Envy 1400 that in combination with the very good quality of construction and the excellent finish radiate luxury and opulence, raising the standards of livability on board very high.

The company has always been trying to find increasingly more functional solutions, a policy that paid off in 1993 with the creation of the “SCANNER” project on a national scale. The arrival of SCANNER 590, thanks to its lines and futuristic technical solutions, truly revolutionized the nautical world. Numerous other models followed were created to satisfy the needs of a market looking for a new product combining the comfort and design of a boat with the practicality and safety of a dinghy.

Scanner Marine was established on the wave of this success in 2001 and thanks to the experience acquired over the years and successful collaboration with some of the most famous boat engine manufacturers, the company soon became an important reference point for the boat industry in terms of design and innovation.
The drafts, drawings and hull fittings are the result of years of research, testing the products in all sorts of conditions and in the most extreme rough weather conditions, enabling us to select the very best construction materials and technologies so that the final product achieves perfect harmony with the marine environment.

SCANNER Envy 1400

Scanner is recognized for producing high-quality boats, characterized by original design and excellent seaworthiness.
High quality, craftsmanship, innovation, careful selection of the best raw materials, respect and consideration of the customer: here are the "keywords" and the Scanner values.

Boats resulting from idea innovative, so often inimitable, become part of the history of the marine market where they are considered authentic constructive design and quality icons.

On deck

Definitely Envy 1400 is a mega Rib and therefore quite normal to have very large spaces. Still, what really impresses is the unique ergonomics and functionality offered by the overall deck design showing that the people behind it are well aware of the demands of marine life.

SCANNER Envy 1400

Wherever you stand or look, you can only notice the attention given to even the smallest detail, while each deck accessory bears the signature of the best brands on the market.
The gunwales are very wide ensuring the comfortable and safe movement of the occupants in any direction. The passageways are so wide and free of obstacles that you can move quickly and comfortably to the stern or bow, even in conditions of big waves.

One of the most impressive areas of the boat is without a doubt the entire stern area.
Considering it very important since we spend most of the day there, it really impresses with its simplicity and so functional design managing its huge spaces perfectly.

Everything is positioned as it should be, without anything protruding or restricting our movements.

SCANNER Envy 1400

It is really enjoyable to walk around behind the wet bar, while it is very easy to move to the area of the engines through the large passage of the big sunbathing sundecks.

The stern sofa is U-shaped with a staircase in the center that facilitates our access to the swimming platform.
It can accommodate many people, being the main gathering place of the boat, while two independent tables that are perfectly nested on the floor are raised with an electric mechanism, creating a very large dining area.

SCANNER Envy 1400

The two double stern sundecks can accommodate up to 4 people enjoy riding and sea wind when weather conditions allow.
The wet bar has large dimensions and can be equipped with a stove, sink and two refrigerators, while leaving large and comfortable passageways to its port and starboard.

In the front part of the wet bar there are the helm seats that can accommodate 3 people.
And of course, the cockpit space is very large and protected in the shadow of the also large hard top.

The instrument panel is configured in two levels that can accommodate any type and size of navigation device, even having the appropriate inclination for the direct inspection of the indications.

SCANNER Envy 1400

The cabin’s door is to the port of the cockpit, having two handles on the right and left which are very useful when traveling upright.
Opening it, three steps lead to the large living room of the cabin that resembles a small apartment. Behind them there is a limited space, ideal for small children, while on the left there is a large sofa with two windows on top for natural light.

SCANNER Envy 1400

To the starboard is the bathroom and toilet in an independent area, while in front are large drawers for placing clothes.
A large opening leads to the elevated space that houses the double bed, under the pillows of which there is a large storage space.

To the right and left of the cockpit there are two steps that lead to the bow area.

On the roof of the cabin there is a large sunbed, with large passageways to the port and starboard, behind of which fits a small sun awning that provides the necessary shade at noon.
Further ahead, everything is carefully arranged without being obstacles and posing a risk of injury.

SCANNER Envy 1400

A small door gives the necessary access to the windlass and the chain of the anchor, which is nestled in the elongated recess at the edge of the bow.

SCANNER Envy 1400

At sea

Fabio Montemitro welcomed us to the marina di Varagge for the scheduled sea trial of Envy 1400, on the transom of which three 450R Mercury outboard engines were mounted.
With the darkly clouds hanging over our heads, we went out of the harbor where quite high waves were coming from the south.

SCANNER Envy 1400

Of course, due to their long length, the waves were not able to make such a large boat find difficulty and so we could not evaluate the capabilities of the Envy 1400 hull in such weather conditions.

But it was clear how softly the vertical bow pierced the waves and gently opened the sea to pass the large vessel.
Envy 1400 was quite flexible for its size while traveling very easily from 27 to 35 knots, a cruising speed that we usually maintain during our travels.
It can move very easy with 1350 horsepower on its back, with good accelerations and throttle response, while reaching 52.8 knots at WOT. This top speed is definitely very high for the size of the Rib.

SCANNER Envy 1400

At 3500 rpm we were traveling with 23 knots and a fuel consumption of 6 liters per nautical mile, while at 4000 rpm we ran with 28 knots burning 6.2 liters per mile.
At 4500 rpm we reached 33 knots with the engines asking for 6.5 liters per nautical mile.

Envy 1400 is a Rib that will take us very comfortably to distant destinations, enabling us to enjoy the journey and the sea sitting comfortably on its spacious sofas.

SCANNER Envy 1400

The engines reached 6000 rpm at full throttle, which means that if we want to set up this boat-engine combination more correctly, we have to reduce the propellers pitch by at least two inches, so that we get the 6400 rpm recommended by Mercury.

We can then sacrifice cruising speed with a parallel increase in fuel consumption, but the engines will operate better, performance in terms of acceleration, throttle response and ride quality will be greatly increased, while the boat will have better handling in bad weather conditions and at the same time we will be able to load it as much as we want without the risk of dropping below the recommended rpm limits set by the manufacturer.

...keep Ribbing!



SCANNER Envy 1400
  • D. Montemitro design
  • Overall length: 13.70 m
  • Beam: 4 m
  • Max powerς: 1500 hp
  • Persons: 18
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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