By Thomas P.

Elegant and luxurious, Mito 29 is the new jewel of Mv Marine!
Thanks to the combination of all the knowledge acquired over the years, the MV technical department designs and manufactures beautiful and functional Ribs, which can weigh up to 30% less than the average, reducing consumption and emissions to the advantage of operating costs and environment.

MV marine MITO 29

The philosophy pursued by Motonautica Vesuviana, today Mv Marine, has been, from the beginning, the design and implementation of the entire production cycle within the company, ranging from design, to models, to molds, to manufactured articles in VTR, to the rubber parts, to finish with the upholstery. Always improving the construction processes while maintaining high quality standards.

Every detail is designed to be used to the fullest. Ample space on board, large easily accessible lockers, bow and stern sundecks to accommodate many people on board, easy to change the layout of spaces with simple movements.

MV boats are static self-draining while a careful ergonomic study is carried out, rationalizing the spaces and the dimensions of the deck components so as to make navigation both comfortable for those at the helm and for the passengers.

The build quality, the excellent materials and accessories used in MV marine allow you to have durability over time and save for the cost of maintenance.

MV marine MITO 29

The lids of the lockers, the formworks and consoles are finished with polished gelcoat internally and externally, the systems are designed to last over time, the fabric of the tubes used is the Orca by Pennell & Flipo.

It is worth noting that the Shipyard, aware of the growing risk of theft of inflatable boats, started a new project in 2012 to protect MV Marine brand customers. In all MV Marine dinghies, during the lamination of the fiberglass, microchips drowned appropriately programmed with the registration number of the boat.
Through a specific scanner, Mv Marine is always able to identify unequivocally the original registration number of the boat.

On deck

The deck of the new Mito 29 is very cleverly designed so as to offer great comfort of movements to the occupants, while having a large sundeck in the bow area and an impressively spacious sunbathing and relaxing birth at the stern.

MV marine MITO 29

MV marine MITO 29

In the area of the bow, the hard nose is formed providing a comfortable step for our entry into the boat, having the cleats correctly placed on its side surfaces.

A step leads to the bow sundeck which can comfortably accommodate two adults on its three independent cushions. Under the front cushion is the windlass locker and the chain of the anchor which, due to its clever design, almost "locks" for greater security.
Underneath the twin cushions, a large and independent storage space is formed which is nicely finished by gelcoat.

The entire front portion of the console, which has a built-in seat, opens and reveals a very spacious and comfortable bathroom having its window on its rare part.

The interior is very nicely finished also with gelcoat and can comfortably welcome even tall people.
Maybe that's why the console is quite tall so my friend Giovanni had a little difficulty to see directly the hard nose when driving upright.

MV marine MITO 29

MV marine MITO 29

MV marine MITO 29

The console is quite tall, but in combination with the windshield it offers the maximum possible protection of instruments and devices as well as the pilot and co-pilot from the wind and the spray.
The instrument panel is very well "angled" so that we have direct visual contact in each driving position, while it has a lot of free space for the installation of even large navigation screens.
The double helm seat is raised and reveals the outdoor kitchen, while at the rear is the boat's refrigerator.

MV marine MITO 29

Behind the outdoor kitchen extends the largest gathering area of Mito 29 which is U-shaped.
The floor in between, which rises and reveals another useful storage space, can host the table which, depending on its location, transforms the stern area into a large dinette or a huge sunbathing and relaxing birth.

Another very smart solution of MV marine is the backrest of the stern sofa which with a simple movement falls and increases even more the dimensions of the sundeck.

In the area of engines, there is a large free space for our comfortable entry and exit from the boat, able at the same time to serve all our marine activities.

The swimming platform is completely clean from the engine hoses ensuring the risk-free movements of the occupants, having only one stainless steel handle on one side and a functional ladder that slides horizontally in its private space.

MV marine MITO 29

Αt sea

The hulls of MV marine are appreciated for the quality of navigation, their soft and dry cruising even in bad weather conditions. They are also designed to achieve excellent performance and reduce fuel consumption.

MV marine MITO 29

On the transom of Mito 29, two V8 250hp Verado engines were hung which with a max rpm range of 5200-6000 and a gear ratio of 1.85: 1 were turning the 16΄΄ x 21΄΄ ECO Enertia propellers of Mercury.

With 200 liters of fuel and 3 people on board we went out in the waters of Genoa, where the bad weather conditions were a very good opportunity to evaluate the capabilities of the hull of Mito 29.

Our impressions of the seaworthiness of the boat were very good, with its hull achieving very soft riding, without the spray reaching the deck, while in each of our landing we are founding out its very solid construction.
The throttle response and accelerations were very good, while even at low rpm the Rib's cruising angle was excellent which is very important for achieving great performance.

Of course, the big waves did not allow us to increase the engine rpm beyond the limit of 4000 rpm, but that did not stop us from taking some measurements.

MV marine MITO 29

At 3000 rpm we were traveling with 26 knots burning 1.6 liters per nautical mile. This was also the most economical cruising speed which provides a range of 125 nautical miles on the 200 liters of fuel that our tanks had.

At 3500 rpm we ran at 32 knots consuming 1.75 liters per mile, while at 4000 rpm Mito 29 reached 36 knots consuming 2 liters per nautical mile.

If we calculate the slip at 4000 rpm, we will find out that it is only 3.5% and this is of course due to the design features of Eco Enertia propellers which with their very large blade area and progressive rake provide excellent lift resulting in improvement of cruising speed with parallel fuel economy.

According to the manufacturer, when the Rib was tested in better weather conditions, the engines reached 6100 rpm and Mito 29 the 56 knots.

During our own sea trial, we lifted the right engine completely out of the water and tested the boat's ability to move only with the left one.
We found out that at 3500 rpm we could travel comfortably with 15 knots. This way we can safely cover several miles and quickly approach the nearest land, in case one of our two engines is damaged.

...keep Ribbing!



MV marine MITO 29
  • Overall length: 8.65 m
  • Beam: 3.30 m
  • Internal width: 1,90 m
  • Tubes diameter: 65/50 cm
  • Max power: 2 x 250 hp
  • Fuel tank: 400 lt
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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