By Thomas P.

What makes STRADIVARI 43 so special?
They may still be trying to figure out the secrets of Stradivarius violins that make them so famous having a great quality’s sound, but we will try to reveal what lies behind Stradivari 43.


Like the Stradivarius violins have a distinctive appearance and are particularly impressive using special resins and varnishes, excellent wood quality and unique accessories, so the Stradivari 43, which is the result of collaboration between the Capelli shipyard and “Antonio Stradivari” Consortiumi, uses high quality materials adapting its design to the shape and characteristics of the famous violins.

The two cremonese realities have many points in common such as craftmanship, skilfulness, tradition and uniqueness. The strong relation with the territory is another key point, a solid point of start to tell the world about essential values such as manual ability and made in Italy.

Stradivari 43 is a unique boat, permeated with a whole world of cultural and historical values, created to represent a connection between tradition and evolution of two different realities, apparently so far apart.

Craftsmanship, stylistic innovation, high level of design and industrialization, meticulous attention to details and finishes, are the cornerstones of this product.


On deck

There is no doubt that the deck is the soul of Stradivari 43.
Everything that has been adapted to this boat has elevated to the status of art with great attention to the smallest detail, just as befits to its so ‘’heavy’’ name.


In the bow area stands out the beautifully shaped, double anatomical sunbathing birth which will be especially appreciated during the navigation when the weather conditions allow.
The foredeck is also nice detailed having a triangular surface which is lined with teak and is surrounded by a low gunwale where the customized cleats are located as well as the handmade stainless steel and sturdy rails which extend to the stern of the Rib.

Everything in the helm station is of the highest quality while the dashboard is correctly angled towards the helmsman making the reading of the screens an easy affair in any driving position.
There is space for two large navigation screens that can be easily reached by the operator, while the visibility to the bow and the sea is excellent.

he very elegant wet bar located between the black columns that support the hard top is fully equipped with a sink and a sliding refrigerator.

Of course, what impresses is the beautifully lit box that welcomes a bottle of champagne while keeping it cold as well as the drawer coffee maker located just below.



One of the most important elements of Stradivari 43 that really impresses is its amazing cabin. Gentlemen and especially ladies, who like to stay in luxurious suites of five-star hotels, are sure to love and appreciate it.
Wherever you look, you notice its expensive equipment while everything is perfectly finished. The wonderful lighting, the high quality upholstery, even the knobs on the doors and the cupboards radiate luxury and a high standard of living, while the extra-large windows provide a wonderful view and plenty of natural light.



Behind the stairs of the main cabin is the second cabin of the boat that can comfortably accommodate two adults in its double bed, while it is ideal for the children of a large family.

The independent area that houses the bathroom and toilet, separated by a sliding door, is another one of the strong point of this Rib.
With superb natural light and rich equipment it constitutes another indication of high quality as well as the attention and hard work of the people behind its design.



There are so many beautiful features of Stradivari 43 that it is really hard to list them all.
The stern U-lounge includes a large table lined with teak which lowers with an electric mechanism and depending on the location of our choice can form a large sunbed or go totally down to the floor leaving a completely free field for our comfortable movement.

Just behind is the large berth for relaxation and sunbathing, under which is the boat's largest storage area.
It is worth noting that around the stern U-lounge and the sundeck there are very comfortable passagesways that are lined with teak, while the removable shower that adapts to the swimming platform and is made of carbon is impressive.

At sea

With the wonderful notes of the Stradivarius violin played by the amazing Lena Yokoyama, at the official presentation of Stradivari 43 at the 61st Genoa Boat Show, still ringing in our ears we went out for a sea trial.


Two Yamaha 425hp XTO engines were mounted on the Rib’s transom, which with a gear ratio of 1.79: 1 were turning two 16 5 / 8΄΄ x 19΄΄ stainless steel propellers.
With 700 liters of fuel and 4 people on board, Stradivari 43 was standing on plane at 2600 rpm with 13.5 knots having a fuel consumption of 50 liters per hour.

At 3000 rpm we were traveling with 18.5 knots burning 3.4 liters per nautical mile, recording the most economical cruising speed.

The general impression we got was that Stradivari 43 had a very good and smooth riding with quite good accelerations.

It is a seaworthiness and safe set-up aimed at those who focus more on a pure luxury living on board and less on numbers and performance.
After all, Stradivari 43 is an authentic luxury inflatable boat that makes you feel great just by driving it.


At 3500 rpm we were running with 23 knots consuming 3.9 liters per mile, while at 4000 rpm we were traveling with 27 knots burning 4.6 liters per mile.

At WOT, the engines reached their limits of 6000 rpm and Stradivari 43 the 43 knots of top speed.

You can see our measurements in the table below:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf


Taking a closer look at the table above we will find out that the slip values are quite high throughout the whole rpm range, which in combination with the fact that the engines reach their maximum rpm limit shows us that we either have to go to propellers of smaller pitch or in engines with higher horsepower.

The increase of slip at WOT is a result of excessive trimming of the engines and air entrapment in the propeller’s blades. Therefore, 6000 rpm do not correspond to reality.


...keep Ribbing!


  • Overall length: 13 m
  • Beam: 3 m
  • Dry weight: 5500 kg
  • Tubes diameter: 0.66 cm
  • Max power: 2 x 425 hp
  • Fuel tank: 700 lt
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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