By Thomas P.

Noah 33 may have a special or peculiar design, but it shows its character at first glance. At 10.30 meters of its length, it offers large and clean sunbathing areas as well as a spacious cabin with a separate bathroom to satisfy a lot nautical camping enthusiasts.


“The main feature of Noah 33 is its comfortable cabin with an also comfortable and independent bathroom. The cabin, however, does not deprive space from the deck which has all the features of an open inflatable boat. So Noah 33 appeals to those who need a comfortable cabin and a separate bathroom, but they also like the feeling of an open Rib” …said the owner of the yard, Sergio Abbate.

In the bow area dominates the large cabin, on the roof of which a large sunbed is formed that can accommodate several people.
In the center there is a large hatch for the necessary ventilation and lighting of the cabin while forward there is a proportional surface that gives us access to the boat.

For some people, although the superstructure of the cabin that extends much higher than the top of the tubes may be against the overall aesthetics of the boat, still no one can deny that it provides spacious cabin, the interior height of which approaches 1.80 meters.

To the right and left of the console, there are three extremely wide steps that lead us comfortably from the bow sundeck onto the helm station of the boat.
On the port is the sliding door that leads inside the cabin.
Going down two steps we were in the headroom measuring 1.78m of height, 1.20m of length and 0.55m of width.


To the starboard is the wooden door leading to the bathroom which measures 1.74m x 1.35m x 0.75m and has all the necessary equipment. It is characteristic that the furniture where the glass sink is located occupies the entire length of the bathroom and provides large storage space inside.


The interior of the cabin is very simple and minimally configured, with most of the tubes visible and occupying a significant part of the space, featuring a large 1.85-meter long berth with a maximum width of 1.65 meters and 1.20 meters wide at the head area.



To the right of the cabin door is the helm station which is properly designed with the steering wheel centrally positioned between the main switches and the engines’ controls. At the center of the panel is a 12-inch Simrad display while above it there is space for installing the analog engines instruments.
The windscreen is high enough to provide the necessary protection from spray while the surrounded stainless steel rail fits in nicely and provides the necessary gripping points that help us in our ascent to the bow sundeck.


The fiberglass structure of the outdoor kitchen is centrally located leaving comfort passageways to its port and starboard, 36cm of width. The upper part is lifted up and reveals the sink and gas stove while on the back there is room for the stainless steel refrigerator. Its rear side lifts up and creates a very useful table that is conveniently located from the stern sofa.

One of the strongest points of Noah 33 is undoubtedly the configuration of its stern that ensures spacious sunbathing areas and great freedom of movement which will be highly appreciated by the nautical camping fans.
The aft sofa can comfortably accommodate up to six people while the two sunbathing berths located just behind occupy a total area of 1.89m x 1.88m. The wide passageway between them is lined with teak wood and facilitates our passage to the swimming platform, which of course due to the absence of outboard engines offers plenty of space and a very clean surface for our sea activities and easy boarding.



At sea

Noah 33 Cabin of our test, which was fitted with two 300hp V8 SX Volvo Penta engines, showed quite good performance while achieving soft ride even when trimmed to its limits.


With the center of gravity very low, we made abrupt changes to our course at high speeds and the boat showed stability in every wave’s direction, with acceleration and propellers’ grip being very satisfactory.

With 200 liters of fuel and 3 people on board, Noah 33 was getting out of the hole in 4.5 seconds while accelerated from 0 to 30 knots in 8.5 seconds.
At 3000 rpm we were traveling with 18 knots consuming 2.77 liters per nautical mile, while at 3500 rpm we were running with 26 knots burning 2.42 liters per mile.

At 4000 rpm we reached 30 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.66 liters per mile, while at 4500 rpm we ran 37 knots burning 3.16 liters per mile.

At WOT, the engines reached 5000 rpm and Noah 33 reached 43 knots with a fuel consumption of 4 liters per each nautical mile.


For the set-up of our sea trial it is clear that we have to switch to shorter pitch propellers so as to allow the engines to reach the maximum rpm that their manufacturer recommends.

By taking into consideration the fuel consumption and the top speed we recorded, you can decide by yourself whether you would prefer inboard or outboard engines for the rib propulsion.

...keep Ribbing!



  • Overall length: 10.10 m
  • Beam: 3.32 m
  • Weight (with engines): 4000 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 660 lt
  • Water tank: 200 lt
  • Max HP: 700 hp
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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