By Carlo diMeglio

At 31 feet in length, the Νovamares Χtreme 31 Rib offers a good balance between size and ease of use. Combined with a pair of Verado 300 hp engines it also allows you to have significant performance and quite good ride quality.

Novamares  Xtreme 31


On deck

Two rather large platforms separated by engines give us easy access to the boat.
At the stern there is a C-shaped sofa that occupies the entire internal width of 2.40 meters. The cushions are removable and underneath are the corresponding lockers for storing various things beyond the batteries, while a very practical solution has been applied towards the stern allowing both relaxation and boarding: the back has the right and left side tipping towards the center, so there is a quick passage without obstacles.

Novamares  Xtreme 31

The entire deck is covered by teak, the cockpit is free of obstructions, but if necessary, its central part can be raised by a hydraulic piston to form both a table and an extension of the aft sundeck depending on the height to which we will place it. At the top there is the fiberglass roll bar with extendable arches for the tents.

Novamares  Xtreme 31

Novamares  Xtreme 31

A little further ahead there is a fiberglass structure which on the upper side has a hinged door that hides a sink and a wooden base that can optionally become a stove, with the fridge underneath. At the front we have the helm bench with a rigid backrest and a seat that is reclining offering lumbar support when needed.

The console is centrally positioned with the steering wheel right in the middle. Looking at the panel, we have the right balance between technology and tradition: a single Garmin display surrounded by analogue instruments.
On the left there are the on / off switches of the various instruments, while on the right we have the stereo system and the 3 battery switches.
The compass is high up on the console and is always clearly visible.
At our feet there is a comfortable wooden support to be able to support us during navigation so that we are always vigilant.

Novamares  Xtreme 31

Novamares  Xtreme 31

At the front of the console there is a small single-seater seat. This can be lifted vertically, revealing a very spacious bathroom with toilet, shower and sink, allowing for comfortable boat living on daily trips, while for lovers of nautical camping it becomes the ideal vehicle.

Novamares  Xtreme 31

Finally, in the bow area we have the classic triangular sunbathing cushions with large storage spaces underneath.
The anchor is located on the front of the fiberglass nose which occupies quite large space while a large wooden door on the back gives easy access to its interior where the windlass and the anchor chain are housed.


At Sea

We went out to the open sea for our test, having 92 liters of fresh water and 182 liters of fuel in the two tanks of the Rib. We were two people on board, the sea was calm and only the wakes of the passing boats shook the calm waters.

Novamares  Xtreme 31

The engines were turning the ECO Enertia propellers, the size of which was 16΄΄ x 21΄΄, and at 600 rpm our speed was 2.4 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.3 liters per nautical mile.
Due to the calm sea, the boat immediately got on plane at 2500 rpm maintaining a constant speed of 12 knots.
At 3500 rpm we recorded the most economical cruise speed of 24.8 knots, consuming 2.1 liters per nautical mile.

The engines managed to reduce the fuel consumption at a constant speed thanks to the Advanced Range Optimization (ARO), which regulates the fuel-oxygen ratio by keeping it as low as possible.
The vibrations were minimized thanks to the patented AMS (Advanced MidSection) technology, and due to the sealing system the noise was minimized at high frequencies, so in practice only the wind bothered us as the windscreen is rather small in size.

Novamares  Xtreme 31

The windshield in this model had a factory defect, as its darkened area reached the height of our eyes, making it impossible to drive the boat while seated. Of course, the shipyard has assured us that it has already replaced it.

Our crossing of the other boats wake was soft with no pounding and this will allow the passengers to relax during navigation. In turns, the speed was constant thanks to the adaptive speed control that automatically adjusted the engine speed in stress situations.

At 4000 rpm, our speed was 29.5 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.4 liters per mile, while at 4500 rpm we were running with 34.8 knots burning 2.7 liters per mile.
We continued to accelerate up to 5500 rpm, the maximum allowable by the boat owner "to avoid risks and not to push the engines", reaching 41.7 knots with a consumption of 3.8 liters per nautical mile.

You can see our detailed measurements in the table below:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

It is noteworthy that throughout the whole rpm range the engines were not trimmed out at all, so we cannot come to any definite conclusions.

Novamares  Xtreme 31

It is a pity we cannot personally verify the final speed stated by the boat owner, but unfortunately this is not the first time there have been restrictions imposed by owners or yards.

From our side, we have to respect the desires of each owner or manufacturer, but on the other hand, because we also respect our readers, we cannot certify numbers we do not see.

...keep Ribbing!



Novamares  Xtreme 31
  • Overall length: 9.50 m
  • Beam: 3.55 m
  • Weight: 1700 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 520 lt
  • Max Hp: 700 hp
  • Passengers: 18
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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