By Thomas P.

Almost half a meter longer and 13cm wider than its predecessor, the new Joker Boat Clubman 30 was presented with a completely fresh and modern layout with a noticeably wider bow and significantly larger passageways.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

Just like all other models, the Joker Boat's Italian shipyard, known for its excellent boat construction quality, focuses primarily on comfortable living on-board and maximum passenger’s safety.

Clubman 30 constitutes a complete proposal of family Rigid Inflatable Boat providing the necessary storage compartments and sunbathing facilities with a large social and dining area, an outdoor galley and a particularly comfortable bathroom.

The area of the bow is dominated by the spacious sunbed which is 2.25 meters long, has a maximum width of 1.80 meters while it is 0.68 meters wide at the head area.

Underneath the cushions there are two storage spaces, the front of which accommodates the windlass and the anchor’s chain while the rear and bigger one can comfortably host all the lifeboat equipment that are required to be carried on board at all times and several of our luggage.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

Above the junction of the tubes there is a small fiberglass nose which provides a small step for entry or exit from the boat, having the cleats fitted to its side surfaces.
At the entrance of the bow, just below the tubes, there is a stainless steel socket where the anchor is held letting the surface of the hard nose free.

It is really worth taking a look at the adjoining photo, the beautifully designed polyester construction of the bow which has a special area for the reception of sun tent that is completely covered by the big hatch of the locker and stays completely invisible while its stainless steel support rails run along the inside of the tubes without obstructing anywhere we stand.

It is a really smart and functional solution for storing the sunshade which in this position does not limit any useful free space of the boat at all.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

The bench of the outdoor galley is centrally located leaving large passageways to its port and starboard, 44cm wide. On its front part a double helm seat has been fitted which when lifting up it provides an upright driving position.
It is equipped with a sink and gas stove while on the back side there is space for a stainless steel refrigerator to the right of which a large corner door that rests on its side surface and gives access to its interior is designed.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

The instrument panel is simple in design, but it has the space required to mount a large navigation screen, engine controls, VHF and radio-cd. Maybe it has to be little bit more inclined so as the indications to be easily visible when driving upright.
The steering wheel is slightly to the starboard located to allow enough space for the co-driver, while at the same height and at the edge of the console are the engine controls.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

The console door which gives access to the bathroom is remarkable having a built-in seat and opens horizontally towards the bow and not upwards as is usual.
To the port and starboard there are comfortable passageways of an average width of 31.5 cm, while the interior of the bathroom is particularly spacious with dimensions of 1.85m x 1.10m x 1.26m. In its center there is a small but comfortable aisle lined with teak wood, to the port of which the WC is positioned and to the starboard the sink and two very useful cabinets.
The oval porthole on the door takes care of the ventilation and lighting of the bathroom’s interior, but if there are more requirements there is room to add two more small windows to the lateral sides of the console.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

The aft lounge is U-shaped and measures 1.95m x 1.53m making it the main gathering area of the boat where several people can be accommodated. An electric table can be fitted in the center which, depending on its location, easily converts the aft lounge into a large dining area or a spacious sunbathing and relaxation bed.
On the port side of the aft sofa’s backrest there is a small transom door that opens forward and gives easy access to the swimming platform, which is extended to the right and left of the engines providing complete freedom of movement and easy boarding.


At sea

On our test boat two 300hp Yamaha engines were hanging which with a 1.75: 1 gear ratio turned 15΄΄x 21΄΄ 3-blade Saltwater Series II stainless steel propellers.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

We slowly departed the harbor waiting patiently to go out of the lighthouse and ride in the open sea to get a brief taste of the new Clubman 30, as our time was very limited.
The weather conditions were quite good so we were hunting out our wakes to get a little idea of the behavior of the Clubman 30 hull.
Pushing and stressing as much as we could the Rib, crossing our wakes at high speeds, we immediately realized its very good and robust construction, while it did not seem to have absolutely any problem to flatten with comfort and safety the waves.

The Rib was standing on plane at 2200 rpm maintaining a constant speed of 14 knots, getting out of the hole in 4.8 seconds while accelerating from 0 to 30 knots in 7 seconds. These numbers are clearly satisfactory considering the volume and dimensions of the boat.

At 3000 rpm we ran 25 knots consuming 2.1 liters per nautical mile, which was the smallest fuel consumption recorded for our engines.
At 3500 rpm we reached 30 knots burning just 0.2 liters more, reaching 2.3 liters per mile. Therefore the cruising speeds we have to choose if we are interested in getting the maximum economy and autonomy from our boat are between 25 and 30 knots.

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30

Opening the throttles to 4000 rpm our speed increased to 35 knots and the engines demanded 2.9 liters per mile, while at 4500 rpm we reached 40 knots burning 3.15 liters per mile.
At wide-open throttle, engines’ rpm reached 5300 and our top speed 48 knots.

You can see our detailed measurements in the table below:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

Taking a care look at the slip values we recorded across the whole rpm range, we find out that they are quite satisfactory, so all we could do to improve the set-up of our test Rib is to switch to shorter pitch propellers allowing thus the engines to reach at least 5500 rpm where according to their manufacturer they deliver all their horsepower.

...keep Ribbing!



JOKER BOAT Clubman 30
  • Overall length: 9.50m
  • Beam: 3.28m
  • Weignt: 2500Kg
  • Tubes’ diameter: 62cm
  • Fuel tank: 570Lt
  • Water tank: 140Lt
  • Max HP: 2 x 400

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