By Thomas P.

At 9.40 meters of length and 3.30 meters of width, Noah 29 has all the required features for a nautical camping offering generous sunbathing areas especially on its stern, large and clean surfaces on the swimming platform and of course a separate toilet.


The Noah shipyard, a few kilometers east of Palermo, Sicily, has been operating on the rigid inflatable boat field for almost a decade and manufactures boats from 5.5 to 11.5 meters.
"Noah 29 is the ideal boat for mini cruise infinite freedombut also for day trips with many guests. It offers a perfect combination of relaxation areas and those for driving and nautical camping such as the independent toilet area and the outdoor kitchen behind the helm seat. The behavior at sea confirms the versatility of the boatl, which sets new benchmarks for comfort and efficiency, while the presence of two independent fuel tanks enables us to control the balance of the vessel according to the sea condition" ...said Sergio Abbate.



The area of the bow is dominated by a spacious sundeck measuring 2.24 meters long, maximum width of 1.80 meters and 0.61 meters wide at the head area. The cushions are slightly higher than the middle of the tubes and hide two large storage spaces underneath. The front hosts the 140-liter water tank, while the second and largest one the 250-liter fuel tank, above of which there is plenty of room for our lifejackets and luggage.

Further forward there is the hard nose, which is integrated with the superstructure of the bow and is formed on two levels. On the first and smaller one there is a corner door that gives access to the windlass and the anchor chain, while on the higher side there is a comfortable step for access to the boat.


Two wide steps, that hide small storage spaces inside, help us get down from the bow sunbed to the passageways to the port and starboard of the console, which are 41.4cm wide to facilitate the fore and aft movement of the occupants.

The instrument panel is simple and limited in size, but has the space required mounting a quite large navigational display and the engine's multi-function gauge. The steering wheel is centrally positioned having to the right the engine’s control and to the left the radio-cd and theboat’s switches.
The windscreen is high enough to provide the necessary protection while surrounded by a stainless steel railwill be very useful for holding the driver and co-driver especially when traveling in bad weather conditions.
Inside the console is housed the toilet of the boat, the door of which is located on the front side with a built-in seat. We would certainly prefer a taller toilet, which dimensions are quite good except its height which measures only 1.35 meters.

The outdoor galley is centrally positioned leaving large passageways to the port and starboard of it, 47.4 cm wide.
The upper part constitutes at the same time the double helm seat which lifts up and reveals the sink and the gas stove while on the back there is space for the installation of a stainless steel refrigerator.

Behind the galley two sofas are formed, between which there are two steps leading to the aft sundeck’s passageway and the engine area.


To the right and left of the aft sundecktwo large sunbathing beds are occupying an area of 1.95m x 1.53m. Underneath there is a huge storage room that can very well be converted into a tent-style aft cabin.



One of the strongest points of Noah 29 is of course the large swimming platforms that are extended right and left of the engine giving full freedom of movement and making the boarding so easy.



At sea

On the stainless steel bracket of our test Rib a 425hp Yamaha XTO engine was hanging which with a 1.79: 1 gear ratio turneda 16 3 / 8΄΄x 21΄΄ 3-blade Yamaha XTO stainless steel propeller.


The weather was pretty good outside the harbor so we headed a few miles west where the ripple was intense without the wind although exceeding 4 beaufort in strength. So we were able to get a first impression of the ride abilities of the Noah 29 hull.
The deep V offered soft ride and when we were developing at high speeds at no time did we notice any cracking indicating the robust construction of the boat.
Even when we put the weather by our side, the boat was running very stable and in no case did the spray get to the deck.

It is characteristic that despite the many horses and the large diameter propeller we had on Noah’s back, the boat started to plane after 17 knots, it accelerated from a standing stop to 30 knots in 9.8 seconds while its planning time was between 5.8 and. 6 seconds.

Noah 29 was standing on plane at 3000 rpm and ran at nearly 20 knots, burning 1.5 liters per nautical mile, having its bow very high.

At 3500 rpm we ran at 27 knots burning 1.55 liters per mile, as much as we burned at 3000 rpm.

These were also the most economical cruising speeds we recorded that aren't bad at all, but you can't travel at such high speeds, especially in bad weather conditions, while your bow is still looking for itsproper angle.

At 4000 rpm, when the powerful Yamaha releases its huge torque, our ride improved instantaneously and we ran 31 knots consuming 1.87 liters per nautical mile.


From then on, Noah 29 showed us its true behavior and its really very good potential. At the wide-open throttle, the engine reached its maximum rpm and our top speed was flirting with 50 knots.

You can see our detailed measurements in the table below:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

After all, it's not just a matter of horsepower!
Installing a powerful outboard engine on our transom, such as Yamaha's XTO, is not certain to get the best performance from our boat. And of course the best performance is not only about numbers but also about the ride quality.


What was clearly shown in our boat-engine combination was that the Yamaha's weight seemed excessive for Noah 29 and thus adversely affected its overall balance, leading in not a really satisfactory behavior and handling of this set-up, as well as the extremely high slip values we recorded across the whole rpm range.

This was of course the reason the boat insisted on keeping its bow very high, which began to lower after 4000 rpm and our ride attitude was getting much betteras our wakes behind the transom began to improve.

...keep Ribbing!



  • Overall length: 9.40 m
  • Beam: 3.30 m
  • Weight: 2.200 Kg
  • Fuel tank: 500 Lt
  • Water tank: 140 Lt
  • Passengers: 20
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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