By Thomas P.

A really interesting Rib-engines combination that left us with very good impressions and a sweet taste of soft riding that indicates its offshore orientation promising that it can travel with great comfort and safety even in rough seas.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

Cayman 27 Sport Touring is the new model of the Ranieri International Boatyard shown for the first time at the 59th Genoa Boat Show that took place from 19 to 24 September of 2019.

Its deep V hull is characterized by the presence of one step that starts from the height of the wet-bar and provides the necessary ventilation reducing its drag. On each side there are three spray railsvery close to the chine in the bow area and continue to the step, ensuring high levels of buoyancy and defining the riding level at high speeds.

“Cayman 27 is a boat that marks an important step for Ranieri International because it is the beginning of the restyling of the entire Cayman series. After Cayman 38 and 35, 27 was created with the new lines that will gradually be applied to the entire range. It is dedicated to customers who love speed and strong emotions in total control and safety without sacrificing comfort and beauty. It is soft on the waves, fast and stable in navigation with important technical and aesthetic details” emphasized Salvatore Ranieri, CEO of Ranieri International.

On deck

The deck of Cayman 27 has all those features of its class Ribs, but still stands out for the size of its console which can be described with no doubt as a small cabin.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

The passageways to the port and starboard of the console may be relatively limited, but the result certainly rewards this option. The interior of the console hosts a large space where there is a toilet, howeverit could be easy turned into a lovely little cabin for the children of a family with just some minor interventions. So, if we desire we can create a dry sleeping area for young children but also an ideal shelter for themduring travelling.

The helmstation is located on the starboard side of the console, leaving a sufficient space for the door leading to its interior.

The helmstation is located on the starboard side of the console, leaving a sufficient space for the door leading toitsinterior.

The steering wheel is centrally positioned, having to its left the VHF and the radio-cd, while to its right and slightly lower there are the engines’ controls mounted on a special fiberglass base.
Underneath a glove box is created which will be very useful for placing small items while lower is the footrest for the sitting driving position.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

On the front of the console there is a built-in and quite large seat, to the right and left of which two very beautiful handles are fitted, lined with fabric in the color of the upholstery.

In the area of the bow there is a small lounge area in the center of which there is a slot for a table, which, by lowering, forms a comfortable sunbed for two persons. Underneath the cushionsthere are storage spaces while the front lockeraccommodates the windlass and the anchor’s chain.
Further forward and on the top of the tubes there is the characteristic hard nose of the Cayman range, on which a large step for boarding is formed, having the cleats fitted correctly to its lateral surfaces.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

The double helm seat is placed on the front part of the wet-bar and features bolster-type seats that can be adjusted to suit the desired driving position. Underneath them there is a stainless steel fridge and a hatch that gives access to the interior of the polyester construction.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

The wet-bar is also equipped with a sink and a gas stove, while at its back side there is a seat nestled which is raised with a clever mechanism and, as facing backwards, increases the number of seated in the aft lounge.
In the center of the U-shaped aft lounge, a large table can be positioned which, by lowering, forms a spacious sunbed that can accommodate many people.

At sea

Apart from the spaces and comfortable living on board, what a prospective owner of such a sizeRib requires is also a very good ride quality. Indeed, Cayman 27 has shown us that it can travel seaworthy and safely even in bad weather conditions.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

The deep V of its hull was handling excellentthe waves throughout the whole rpm range and offered a really soft ride. The speed area though the hull “liked” to run in was between 25 and 30 knots where it showed excellent behavior and immediate throttle response keeping at the same time a nice ride attitude.This means that traveling at these speeds we can cover long distances with great comfort and safety, even if the weather conditions are not so good.

Our test Rib was equipped with 2x200hp Suzuki engines that were turning 16΄΄x 21.5΄΄ 3-blade stainless steel propellers.
With 200 liters of fuel and two people on board, Cayman 27 was getting on plane at 2800 rpm with just 12 knots. Thus, we are given the very important capabilityof travelingon plane at low speeds when rough seas demand it, ensuring the most comfortable ride possible while maximizing our autonomy.

At 3000 rpm our speed was 16 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.7 liters per nautical mile, while at 3500 rpm, the boat started to perform better and our speed reached 21 knots burning 1.6 liters per mile.
But even at 4000 rpm, the fuel consumption remained at nearly the same level and we were traveling at 27.5 knots burning 1.67 liters per mile.
So in the area of 3500 to 4000 rpm, which is where we usually prefer to travel, we get the maximum economy from our engines and thus we are able to cover longer distances.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

At 4500 rpm, our speed reached 31.5 knots burning 1.77 liters per mile, while at WOT, we easily reached 44 knots of top speed with the engines reaching almost at their redline.

You can see our detailed measurements in the table below:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

Taking a care look at the above table, we find out that at 4000 and 4500 rpm the slip percentages are very low and as a result we get almost the maximum speed that our propellers can deliver, which indicates a very remarkable and highly efficient set-up.

Ranieri Cayman 27 ST

After 5000 rpm, we noticed that the slip values became negative, meaning that the actual pitch of the Suzuki propellers is finally much higher than the numbers engraved on their barrel.

However, the very low slip values indicate that it's really worth trying to run this particular boat-engine combination with smaller diameter and longer pitch propellers, which will not affect negatively the performance at low rpmandthus allow us to achieve significantly higher top speeds.

It is also worth noting that the low slip values we recorded are mainly due to the combination of the high displacement and the high gear ratio of Suzuki engines, which can support the use of large diameter propellers, whose excellent stern lift results in a great reduction of hull’s wet surfaces and finally in the lowest possible slip numbers.

...keep Ribbing!



Ranieri Cayman 27 ST
  • Overall length: 8.60 m
  • Beam: 3.20 m
  • Weight: 1800 Kg
  • Fuel capacity: 420 Lt
  • Water tank: 80 Lt
  • Max HPQ 2 x 250
  • Passengers: 20

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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