By Thomas P.

I don't know if the name is the cause, but every sea trial of Τempest Ribs takes place under the threat of an upcoming storm. It’s been a year since the first official launch of Tempest 50 where it attracted all eyes at the 58th Genoa Boat Show having on its back the also new 425 hp engines of Yamaha.

New Capelli Tempest 50

What really stood out was the pioneering guest cabin between the helm seats and the aft lounge, which you can see at the link below: Capelli Tempest 50΄ – 4 x 425hp Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore

The new version of Tempest 50, which made its debut at the 2019 Cannes Boat Show, has to show us some critical modifications that have been made, the most important of which the guest cabin and the construction of the large fiberglass Hard Top.

The large guest cabin has been replaced by a conventional low cabin located behind the headroom’s steps, which can accommodate the children of a multi-members family.

The fiberglass Hard Top, the back part of which is supported on the deck and defines the width of the huge outdoor galley, is one of the strongest points of the boat offering great protection from the rays of the sun. In our case, it was a lovely shelter that kept us dry from the expected rain during our test that did not stop us from making our measurements comfortably.

New Capelli Tempest 50

Apart from the protection the Hard Top provides, it is also an ideal place for installing solar panels, lights, speakers, devices and antennas while it’s easy to wrap it around with tents creating an ideal shelter when traveling in heavy weather conditions or when needing more privacy in a crowded port.

The outdoor galley impresses with its enormous dimensions and offers a large worktop, while it is equipped with a sink, gas stoves, two refrigerators and many drawers and cabinets that increase its storage space.

Behind the outside galley a large sofa facing the engines has been placed, increasing thus the number of people who can sit in the aft-dining area, which can also be turned into a great social area depending on the time.

New Capelli Tempest 50

At sea

Our test boat had the same setup as we had tried a year ago, with the quad powerful 425hp XTO Yamaha engines hanging on its transom turning 16 3 / 8΄΄ x 21΄΄ XTO 3-blades stainless steel propellers through a 1.79: 1 gear ratio.

New Capelli Tempest 50

The swell we had during our test was coming from the east having a wave height that was reaching up 2 meters, so we found the opportunity to push Tempest 50 as much as possible.
So we were turning our bow against the waves running at high speeds with the engines excessively high trimmed. When we reached on the crests of the waves the throttle controls were nailed to the gel coat of the console and the entire boat was taking off while the propellers were scratching the water surface.

What really needs to be emphasized is that Tempest 50 proved to us its robust construction since in no case did we feel any bumps or annoying noises, whilst each of our landings was extremely soft and enjoyable

Suffice it to think that more than 10 tonnes were landing on the water from a great height so as to figure out how evaluable indicator is the absence of any kind of pounding.

New Capelli Tempest 50

With Umberto as co-pilot, who seemed to enjoy our spectacular take-offs, we continued to play with the waves and rejoice the boat which was breaking each wave in its passage, carving deep the sea and filling us with a high sense of confidence and safety.

With full of fuel and 4 people on board, Tempest 50 was getting on plane at 2500 rpm with 16 knots, while at 3000 rpm we were traveling with 24 knots burning 128 liters per hour. At 3500 rpm, our cruising speed was 28 knots with a fuel consumption of 175 liters per hour, while at 4000 rpm we ran at 33.5 knots burning 240 liters per hour.

New Capelli Tempest 50

At 4500 rpm, our speed reached 39 knots with a fuel consumption of 300 liters per hour, while at 5000 rpm we were running with 43 knots burning 400 liters per hour.
At WOT, the engines reached their maximum rpm and our top speed was 52 knots.

If we would like to compare our measurements with these ones of our previous sea trial with the initial version of Tempest 50, we will find out that in general there are no significant differences if we consider that the loads were not exactly the same and the weather conditions were completely different.

...keep Ribbing!



New Capelli Tempest 50
  • Overall length: 14.75 m
  • Beam: 4.34 m
  • Weight: 9000 Kg
  • Max tubes' diameter: 0.65 m
  • Passengers: 18
  • Max Hp: 4 x 425hp

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