By Thomas P.

OXE diesel 300 celebrated its world premiere at the 59th International Boat Show in Genoa, where we had the opportunity for a short sea trial. The ferocious outboard engine was hanged on the transom of a 9-meter vessel of Tideman Boats which is made of indestructible plastic HDPE characterized by its excellent impact resistance.

RBB 900 20B

OXE 300, created by Cimco Marine AB, is the world's first high performance diesel outboard engine that sets new standards in terms of durability, fuel economy and low emissions in the outboard engine sector. By eliminating bevel gears and drive shafts, it uses innovative technology and a unique belt drive system that allows higher torque transfer.

Cimco Marine AB has developed a powerful diesel outboard engine that consumes approximately 40% less fuel than a relevant gasoline outboard engine.
Its unique, game-changing, patented design is capable of producing 680 Nm of torque, the highest of any 300 horsepower gasoline outboard, available already at 1750 rpm.

OXE diesel 300 is ideal for commercial maritime operations where power, strength, low fuel consumption and long operating hours are required. Also, its longer operational life, the less maintenance costs and the increased safety are some of its key features.

At sea

We had in our hands a great boat-engine combination for tough commercial use.
Facing the tremendous OXE 300 we were impressed by its volume that it is really huge despite its relatively low weight that reaches 395 kg.

RBB 900 20B

With 450 liters of fuel and 5 people on board, the 9-meter boat (with 2.5-meter of beam, 22 degrees of deadrise at transom and 2200 kg of weight), was getting on plane at 2100 rpm keeping a speed of about 15 knots.

At 2500 rpm, the boat developed a speed of 18 knots with the engine demanding 17.7 liters per hour, i.e. we burned a little less than 1 liter per each nautical mile.
At 3000 rpm, we reached 30 knots with a fuel consumption of 32 liters per hour, which means 1.06 liters per mile.

At 3500 rpm, we were running with 35 knots burning 45 liters per hour (1.28 liters per mile), while at WOT the engine reached 4000 rpm and our top speed 40.5 knots burning 66 liters per hour, i.e. 1.62 liters for each nautical mile.

Apart from the high torque of ΟΧΕ 300 at low rpm which is strongly felt after 2500 rpm, what impressed us the most was its extremely low noise levels that it really makes it ideal for long working hours without tiring its operator.

...keep Ribbing!



RBB 900 20B
  • Engine type: Diesel, L6
  • Displacement: 3.0 L
  • Intake: Turbocharged, intercooled
  • Torque: 680 Nm at 1750 rpm
  • Power: 300 HP at 4200 - 4400 rpm
  • Weight: 395 kg
  • Gear ratios: 1.59:1 and 2.37:1

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