By Thomas P.

It is a great Rib that urges you for long distance trips, inviting you to spend a lot of time at sea.
Mito 40 is the new mega-Rib of the Neapolitan shipyard of Motonautica Vesuviana Marine which was presented for the first time at Cannes Boat Show that took place from 10 to 15 September of 2019.

MV Μito 40

As expected, Mito 40 had attracted the attention of many visitors both for its truly beautiful, functional and ergonomic design and for its excellent build quality, something that characterizes all models of the MV yard.

It is well known that MV Marine, a pioneer in new manufacturing technologies with a special emphasis on the environmental respect, always uses top quality materials at all stages of its boats construction which are designed and built entirely within the boatyard.
Each new model, before getting into production, is tested on a smaller scale at the hydrodynamics laboratory of Naval Engineering Department of Federico II University in Naples. In this way it is possible to be measured many essential boatbuilding parameters such as the hull's resistance during navigation, its acceleration and its behavior under rough conditions.

Mariano Iovine, one of the engineers of the MV Marine technical department, gave us the following very important information:
«Mito 40 was presented by Mv Marine on the 25th anniversary of the shipyard’s foundation. This boat wants to be the combination of the experience and the techniques developed by Mv Marine during their efforts in these years in research and technology.
Mito 40 is interposed between Mito 31 and Mito 45, having in common with them the sporting vocation and luxury details.
MV marine designed a star-shaped hull with a double-step to guarantee excellent navigation skills even in rough seas with low power required.

MV Μito 40

»In fact, Mito 40 can easily exceed 40 knots with just 2x300 hp engines.
It is intended for a demanding owner, accustomed to the luxury of larger sizes boats but who does not want to lose the contact with the sea and prefers safe and comfortable navigation, without sacrificing performance and sportiness.
According to the MV construction standards, Mito 40 is made completely in vacuum infusion and in RTM-Light, with high quality materials, which guarantee low weight and high mechanical strength, superior to traditional stratification.»


On deck

Mito 40 has a strong Mediterranean personality that focuses on comfortable living on-board ensuring generous spaces and sundecks for those who wish to spend many days at sea without the lack of any comfort.

MV Μito 40

It is a real home on the water, ideal for enjoyable cruises and extended vacation where a family and their guests have a pure and direct contact with the sea either during the trip or when anchored in an idyllic bay.

A step to the port and starboard of the console leads to the passageways 28cm of width that end up to the polyester nose. There, in a specially-formed recess, the windlass and anchor are located leaving two relatively comfortable steps to the right and left for boarding. The cleats are mounted on the side surfaces without disturbing, while the large hatch gives access to the anchor’s locker where the chain is stored.
Between the passageways, over the main cabin a large two-person sun pad extends, surrounded by two very elegant stainless steel rails that constitute of course the perfect place to enjoy our cruise when the sea is calm. And who indeed, wouldn't be happy to lie comfortably in this position enjoying the sun sinking into the sea having his drink next to the stainless steel cup holders?

MV Μito 40

To the port of the helm there is the sliding door that leads to the main cabin. Going down the two steps we find ourselves in the headroom which measures 1.87m x 1.11m x 0.72m providing the necessary space for complete freedom of movement, while on our right the door is leading to the individual space of bathroom. As opening it, a very pleasant and bright space is revealed that has 1.87m of height, 1.01m length and 0.92m of width, equipped with top quality materials.

MV Μito 40

MV Μito 40

The interior of the cabin is very pleasant and has the necessary drawers and cabinets for our clothes. Its lighting is quite satisfactory, coming from the window of the headroom and the large hatch of its roof.

However, it would probably be even greater if there were over-sized windows on the sides of the hull, which have the appropriate height to accommodate them, providing thus fantastic sea view.

The berth measures 1.90m long and 1.96m wide at the foot, while at the head area its distance from the roof of the cabin is 73cm, providing a spacious rest and sleeping area.

The helm seats are made of very good quality upholstery and are also manufactured in the yard.

MV Μito 40

It is about two independent bucket seats, the front part of which is tiltable for adjusting the standing or sitting driving position, while their lateral support is excellent and will be especially appreciated when traveling in rough seas.

The helm station is located on the starboard side of the console with the steering wheel in its center and the throttle controls on its end. The instrument panel is large enough to provide the space needed even for large navigation devices, and has the appropriate inclination for the immediate inspection by the commander even when driving upright.

MV Μito 40

MV Μito 40

Of course, it should be emphasized that one of the strongest points of Mito 40 is undoubtedly the total helm station that, combined with the superbly designed T-top, constitutes a unique aesthetic set that is at the same time extremely functional.
Indeed, it is a great pleasure to drive the Rib enjoying full protection from the sun and spray offered by the T-top and the high windscreen surrounding the helm.

MV Μito 40

Behind the helm seats is the large bench of the exterior kitchen which features two gas stoves and a sink on the upper side as well as two drawer-style stainless steel refrigerators on its back. It is centrally located, leaving to its port and starboard large passageways of 51 cm wide for free and unobstructed movement of the occupants, while it is practically close to the aft dining area.

In the center of the aft lounge, which is the main gathering area of the boat, is located the large foldable table around of which many people can sit to enjoy a great meal.
One of the most beautiful and functional parts of the boat is the design of the three stairs and the long passageway on the port side of the stern with a width of 37 cm leading comfortably and safely to the swimming platform. It is really important we don't have to walk on the cushions or bother those lying on the aft sundeck when we want to move to the back of the boat.

Directly behind the aft sofa and a few inches higher than the passageway lies the spacious sundeck of the stern which measures 1.99m x 1.93m and is a great place for relaxation and sunbathing. It takes only the push of a button to lift up and reveal the second tent-type cabin, the dimensions of which are impressive.

MV Μito 40

MV Μito 40

Going down four steps we reach the main corridor 79cm wide, to the right and left of which there are two single berths measuring 1.82m x 0.70m.

The swimming platform provides enormous freedom of movement, with absolutely nothing preventing us from moving, having a maximum width of about 3.5 meters, while the clear space in front of the engines reaches 64 cm.
And because the details make the difference, note the boarding-platform on the starboard that is lined on it’s both sides, lifted from its specially designed position and rotated 180 degrees to provide easy access to the boat. Undoubtedly, one of the smartest ideas we've ever seen.

MV Μito 40


At sea

MV Mito 40 has an overall length of 12.14 meters, a beam of 3.86 meters and an empty weight of 4350 kg. With the three 300hp engines equipped, 170 liters of fuel, three people on board and the necessary gear, the total weight of the Rib during our test was approaching 6 tones.

MV Μito 40

On our test day the weather was very cloudy and the sea almost perfect calm, so we were not able to evaluate as much as we would like the riding virtues of the Mito 40 hull.

Nevertheless we tried to push it to its limits and, driving at high cruise speeds crossing the wakes of the several boats that were running around us, we could note some useful observations.

First of all, it must be emphasized that its robust structure was evident in each landing, without any creaking or other annoying noises, a fact that together with its soft ride made us feel absolutely comfortable at the helm.
During the turns, which sometimes were on purpose sharp, the Rib responded immediately and was totally under control, without the hull losing its waters even when running at relatively high cruising speeds.

MV Μito 40

Everything indicated that we had in our hands a purely offshore hull that liked the hard weather conditions, while we had a strong feeling that we were driving a pure open Rib rather than a big cruiser.

Acceleration across the whole rpm range was as good as the throttle response, part of which is due to the specific characteristics of propellers turned by the engines through their larger numerically gear ratio compared to previous models.

Mercury's triple eight-cylinder engines lifted effortlessly the Rib onto plane, which was standing on plane at 2700 rpm with a speed of about 13.5 knots.
At 3000 rpm we were traveling with 23 knots burning 2.8 liters per nautical mile, really excellent fuel consumption for the three engines considering our overall test weight. This was, of course, the most economical cruise speed we recorded, while at 3500 rpm we were burning 3.6 liters per mile with our speed reaching 28 knots.

At 4000 rpm we reached 35 knots with the fuel consumption increasing by only 0.2 litters per mile, obviously due to the extremely reduced slip values of the 16΄΄ x 21΄΄ ECO Enertia propellers which achieve a large wet surface reduction in these rpm, while at 4500 rpm we ran 40 knots burning 4 litters per mile.

Pushing the throttles at WOT, 900 horses of the engines were released and lead us to a top speed of 54 knots at 5900 rpm, while Mito 40 was feeling particularly stable maintaining its very good cruising angle.

You can see our detailed measurements in the table below:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

It is worth noting that there was antifouling on the hull our test Rib, so we guess that its performance can be even better, especially in terms of cruising speeds and midrange fuel consumption.

MV Μito 40

Taking a care look at the measurement table we will find out the extremely low slip numbers achieved by the ECO Enertia propellers, which run losing only 6% of their max theoretical efficiency at 4000 rpm, while at 5000 rpm their slippage reaches the excellent 1.5%.

And of course, it is a huge advantage to be able to get the most out of our propellers, not only at WOT, but in the mid-range rpm also i.e. in the rpm area we normally use to travel, thereby increasing our autonomy but also improving the boat's behaviour and handling too.

It is also obvious that in this boat-engine combination it is better to prefer shorter pitch propellers, thus creating a much more efficient and ideal set-up.
In this case, the Rib will get on plane even faster, will stand on plane at lower rpm, the throttle response will be improved and of course we will allow the engines to reach their maximum rpm when we are carrying our usual loads.

...keep Ribbing!



MV Μito 40
  • Overall length: 12.14 m
  • Beam: 3.86 m
  • Fuel capacity: 800 Lt
  • Tubes’ dianeter: 0.62-0.52 m
  • Max HP: 1200
  • Passengers: 16
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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