By Thomas P.

Seafighter Shadow 36 is a pure open-Rib with a real offshore orientation combining perfectly the sporty boatbuilding lines with a comfortable and smartly designed deck which will be really appreciated by anyone keen on the nautical camping.

Seafighter Shadow 36

With great attention to every detail and the high level quality construction and finishing, Shadow 36 is a great suggestion with a quite aggressive and at the same time user-friendly personality that is sure to magnetize looks and will attract every captain’s interest.

The newly introduced Shadow 36, which mainly stands out for its exceptionally spacious and comfortable deck, the fore and aft tent-type cabins as well as the huge sundeck of the bow, runs on a deep V hull with 54-degrees of bow entry and 24-degrees of deadrise at its transom

Shadow’s 36 deep V hull is characterized by the presence of two ventilated steps and two spray rails on each side, ending in a steep angle, without a pad-configuration on the transom’s bottom.

The spray rails have a nearly flat surface, the higher from which runs through the steps and reaches the transom, defining the riding level of the rib.

On the rib’s transom a bracket with a 75 centimetres of length is mounted, which is positioned 30 centimetres higher than the hull’s keel, allowing the engines to be placed higher.

Seafighter Shadow 36

We asked the Seafighter’s ribs manufacturer, Petros Karamichalis, to tell us what the target of the particular rib is and to whom it is directed for:
«Seafighter Shadow 36 has been designed to provide solutions to those who prefer one day trips and fast day-to-day transfers but can also be used by the lovers of the nautical camping, providing solutions to those who prefer the overnight stay on board, always focusing first on safety and then on economic operation».

On deck

It takes only a few minutes of observation to realise that the people behind the deck design have a great relationship with the sea and have spent endless hours of experimentation and study, focusing mainly on creating a simple and multifunctional deck that provides great passageways for the comfortable movement of the occupants but also spacious sundecks that can accommodate many people, without altering the sporty character of the Rib.

Seafighter Shadow 36

The hard nose is very elegant and is shaped between the junction of the tubes, leaving a free and unobstructed surface for easy boarding.
For this reason, the cleats are properly placed on the side surfaces of the hard nose while the anchor exits lower than the tubes, from the specially designed opening at the stem which is covered with a beautiful protective stainless steel frame.
On the back side of the hard nose, there is a small hatch that gives access to a small but particularly useful storage area where the bow lines can be housed.

In the area of the bow the raised sundeck dominates the cushions of which are at the half level of the tubes, forming a huge sunbathing and relaxation area with a length of 2.58 meters and a maximum width of 1.80 meters.

The central cushion is detachable and when removing it leaves a wide passageway that facilitates our access to the hard nose.
Below the two front cushions there is a large locker that accommodates the electric windlass and the anchor’s chain.

Seafighter Shadow 36

One of the strongest points of Shadow 36 is of course the tent-type cabin located beneath the bow sundeck, the large volume of which is due to the upward course followed by the tubes in front of the console and the very high chine created in the bow area reaching 52 centimetres.

With a net length of 2.04 meters and a maximum width of 1.32 meters, it can comfortably hosts two adults, while under the cushions there are two individual storage spaces that can accommodate the majority of the boat's equipment as well as the clothing and all the necessary stuff which must be placed into the cabin’s internal.

Behind the two lockers, and just after the cabin’s door, there is a very useful space, which has the role of headroom helping us to stand up so that we can either tidy more easily the cabin or have access to the front lockers as well as to dress in comfort.

Seafighter Shadow 36

The small central door facilitates our access to the cabin, while the two elegant steps to the port and starboard our walking up to the sundeck.

The redesigned Shadow 36 console is centrally positioned 58 centimetres behind the bow sundeck, leaving great passageways to its port and starboard for comfortable fore and aft movement.

Seafighter Shadow 36

The stylish windscreen embraces the dashboard made of carbon and has the right inclination angle to make the instrumentation visible immediately even when driving seated. It also offers a large surface that can accommodate even the largest electronic devices and provides space for the engines gauges, electrical switches, radio-cd and VHF.

The engines controls are centrally mounted on the port of which there is the steering wheel and on the starboard there is the compass, two stainless steel drink-holders and the very beautiful stainless steel handrail for the co-driver and directly below the small cabinet that will be very useful for the placement of small items.

The interior of the console accommodates the bathroom with its toilet, with a clear height of 1.60 meters, width of 1.10 meters and length of 0.93 meters. The door that gives access to the toilet is located on the front part of the console and has a hatch of lighting and ventilation in the middle.

The stainless steel T-Top, which is painted in the colour of the console, frames the pilot station very nicely and is based on the top of the console and on the two-seater sofa fibreglass backrest. The front part of its roof, which corresponds to the driver and co-driver area, consists of transparent plexiglas, while the rear part of double plexiglas for the support of navigation equipment.

Seafighter Shadow 36

The helmseats are individual with vibration damping mechanism while providing great lateral support.
They are attached to the polyester construction of the two-seater sofa and provide very good visibility to the bow, even when driving seated.
Right behind the helmseats there is the aft facing two-seater sofa, the interior of which has been transformed into a large electric refrigerator with a capacity of 80 litters.

Seafighter Shadow 36

On the aft bench, which has a width of 1.80 meters, four people can sit comfortably while in the middle the central cushion can be removed, revealing a very useful passageway that leads to the engines’ area.

Just behind the backrest of the aft bench, a sunbed with a width of 1.85 meters and a length of 1.22 meters is formed. Notice how beautifully the sun-tent is attached to the fiberglass gunwale surrounding the aft sunbed without limiting its space or disturbing the fore and aft movement.

Seafighter Shadow 36

Seafighter Shadow 36

With the touch of a button, the aft sunbed is lifted up with an electro-hydraulic mechanism and reveals the rear cabin of the rib which, with dimensions 1.77m x 0.93m, can easily host an adult and a child.

The swimming platform, covered with fine-edged teak, provides a great free surface for any activities, while constituting the safest point of boarding. As the platform extends right and left of the engines, it creates the appropriate surface for the ladder on one side, and the aft windlass on the other.

Seafighter Shadow 36

At Sea

The achievement to combine a deep V hull with a comfortable and functional deck is obviously the ultimate, and therefore a great challenge for any manufacturer. The same holds true for the combination of the engines and the propellers you choose to create an excellent set-up that will take off the performance.

Seafighter Shadow 36

The two Suzuki DF 350A dual prop outboard engines matched perfectly with the geometry of the Shadow 36 hull, something that was obvious from the explosive accelerations, the absolute stability and the superb riding angle they gave us, as well as from the very good numbers of our measurements.

The rib was quickly responding to the lowering of the throttle, was jumping on plane with no discernible raising of the bow, recorded short time to plane, showed incredible directionality with absolutely controlled behaviour and gave us unique moments of enjoyment penetrating the high waves cleanly, offering at the same time a wonderful flexibility that is usually a privilege of the single-engine inflatable boats.

The repositioning of the tubes at a higher level, allow us to achieve high gradients in sharp turns and therefore very tight rotation angles, where the grip was incredible with exemplary stability.
The fuel cconsumption ranged at very good levels, just like cruising speeds did, two factors which are indispensable, making us able to cover fast and economically long distances.

Seafighter Shadow 36

On our test rib, the Suzuki engines were turning four 15 ½"x25 ½" 3-blade stainless steel propellers, which thanks to their very large blade area produce more thrust and tremendous stern lift, holding Seafighter in an almost level ride attitude, which could be maintained even at low speeds, giving us a great advantage when travelling in unfavourable weather conditions.

The wake behind the transom was lowering at 2250 rpm and our speed was just 10.5 knots, without affecting the operator's vision towards the bow.
The planning speed was 5 seconds, while Shadow 36 accelerated from 0 to 30 knots in 8.5 seconds. From 30 to 50 knots we needed another 7 seconds, numbers very good if we consider the size of the rib.

Our analytical measurements can be found in the following table:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

At 3000 rpm, our speed reached 21 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.47 litters per nautical mile, while at 3500 rpm we were running with 29 knots burning 2.41 litters per nautical mile.
The most economical cruising speed came at 4000 rpm with 34 knots, where the fuel consumption decreased to 2.26 litters per nautical mile. At these rpm, we also had the feeling that the boat was running with the maximum lift produced by the propellers while having the ultimate tread on its ride. It was not a coincidence that at 4000 rpm the throttle response was impressive even when I just pushed only the throttle of the starboard engine forward.

At WOT, the engines reached 6100 rpm and our top speed was 54 knots. The rib showed great stability, which is due, apart of its hull design, to the Suzuki’s dual prop system that balances the reversing torque of the contra-rotating propellers.

Seafighter Shadow 36

It would be really interesting to try to raise the engines a hole up, which is entirely justified by the measurements we recorded and by the general feeling of handling. Then, using the same propellers, it is certain that we will see the digital tachometers displaying 6300 rpm, achieving a unique and ideal set-up.

Taking a care look at our measurements, we see the amazing slip numbers of Seafighter-Suzuki combination which after 3000 rpm drops below 10%, and so we can run with 39 knots at 4500 rpm with an extremely low of 5.3% slip percentage. Unique numbers that each operator would like to have for his boat at the midrange rpm, where we get almost the maximum efficiency of the propellers.

Just because so simple, low slip values at midrange rpm mean reduced hull’s wetted surface, superior acceleration, reduced fuel consumption and excellent boat handling. Indeed, for our own use of pleasure, it is great to travel at the midrange rpm watching our hull standing entirely out of the water and achieving its best possible behaviour.

And this is the great success of Suzuki dual prop engines, whose huge torque is not lost in slip numbers but is translated into a beneficial thrust thanks to the large –numerically- gear ratio of 2.29:1 that they use, combined with the tremendous surface area of their propellers’ blades.

...keep Ribbing!



Technohull Omega 45
  • Overall Length: 10.68 m
  • Beam: 3.16 m
  • Weight: 2300 Kg
  • Tubes' diameter: 40-57 cm
  • Max horsepower: 2x400 hp
  • Fuel capacity: 2x300 Lt
  • Water tank: 1x120 Lt

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