By Thomas P.

NJ Prince 21 comes to prove that excellent ride quality is not a privilege only of larger inflatable boats. Following the design lines of the bigger Prince 23, Prince 21 with a total length of 6.80 meters and a maximum width of 2.70 meters is the smallest model of the Nuova Jolly in Prince range.

NJ Prince 21

Although the construction quality of a boat is something that, more or less, is easily distinguishable even by not such an experienced eye, the same cannot be said for the ride quality.The ride quality is a more subjective affair as it depends mainly on the perception and experience of each operator

Considering that there is no need to mention Prince 21's built quality, since Nuova Jolly is famous for the high quality of the materials used and the exceptional finish and longevity of the ribs it produces, we will focus mainly on the capabilities and performance of its hull, which we believe it will impress even the most demanding driver.

Το Prince 21 is built on a highly-seaworthy deep V hull which runs with an extremely sharp bow entry of 60 degrees and deadrise of 25 degrees at its transom. These angles are extremely steep and it is rare to find them in any other inflatable boat.So it is expected that this hull rides very softly and comfortable even in heavy weather conditions.

Despite the big waves we had on our test day, Prince 21 handling was a delightful experience. What was immediately apparent was its incredibly smooth ride in every wave’s direction.

NJ Prince 21

Absolutely robust and very friendly to handle, it penetrated the crests of the waves without any suspicion of vibration or abrupt pounding.

With 200 litters of fuel and 4 people on board, the new Suzuki DF 175A pulled Prince 21 on plane at 2600 rpm with just 11 knots. Most of us know very well the great importance of being able to travel standing on plane with low speed in rough seas.

NJ Prince 21

At 3500 rpm our speed was 20 knots with a fuel consumption of 0.9 litters per nautical mile, while at 4000 and 4500 rpm, the rib ran with 24 and 28 knots respectively, while the fuel consumption remained constantly below 1 litter per each nautical mile. These numbers are particularly great meaning that when travelling at midrange rpm with 200 litters of fuel in our tank Prince 21 autonomy reaches 230 nautical miles.

At this point, it is worth noting that the new Suzuki DF 175A, effectively improving air and fuel management, has succeeded to reduce the fuel consumption by 14% compared to its previous model.

At WOT, the engine approached its maximum rpm and gave us 39.5 knots, burning 1.49 litters per each nautical mile.

You can find our detailed measurements in the following table:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

It is worthwhile standing at the excellent slip values we recorded, revealing an excellent set-up.

At 3500 rpm the slip was only 13%, a quite low number that we rarely encounter at low rpm since at that level of speed the drag is still high resulting thus in overloading the engine. The above low slip percentage is mainly achieved by the abundant torque of DF 175A at low rpm, as well as the great amount of lift the 16"x20" propeller provides, leading to the reduce of the hull’s wet surfaces.

The more the engine speed increases, the more the slip decreases, reaching the ideal percentage of 0% at 6000 rpm, an elusive number for many set-ups, showing that the propeller gives the maximum efficiency by reaching its theoretical speed.

On deck

The special features of Prince 21's hull and its ability to handle the waves in a fabulous way have the price of sacrificing free deck surfaces.
Thus, great attention is required in the design of the deck so as to ensure the necessary spaces for comfortable living on board. Of course, Nuova Jolly designers are aware of it very well.

NJ Prince 21

As you will see in the pictures below, the hard nose is particularly comfortable and wide in proportion to the length of the rib, offering a great step to enter and exit the deck. But when the windlass and the anchor’s chain are placed, it is obvious that accessibility is limited.
The cleats are beautifully placed on the side surfaces, while on the back side of the hard nose there is a large hatch giving access to its interior space where the electric motor of the windlass and the anchor’s chain are housed.
In the superstructure of the bow we meet two separate pillows that form a spacious sundeck, which with the corresponding addition can be extended to the console forming a double large bed, able to accommodate two adults with comfort.

Underneath the cushions that raise forward there is the single bow’s locker where the largest storage space of the boat is housed.

NJ Prince 21

NJ Prince 21

The console is centrally positioned, allowing the comfortable movement of the crew around, while on its front side there is a wide seat that is tilted to the economy of the space.

The instrument panel has the right inclination angle and provides a comfortable view of the electronic devices will be installed on, which of course should be of an appropriate size.

The rocker switches of the rib’s electrical equipment are placed in a long line, directly above the steering wheel, and can easily be reached with our hand even when driving in the leaning post.

The windscreen is tall to offer adequate protection to the instruments and the operator, while the stainless steel rail that surrounds it offers very good support for both the operator and the passengers standing next to him.

NJ Prince 21

The steering wheel is almost centrally positioned and at the appropriate height proportional to the driver's seat, while lower there are two hatches that give access to the interior of the console.

NJ Prince 21

The single helm seat is consisted by a wide sloping cushion, which is mounted on a fiberglass construction, mainly serving the semi-standing driving position. On the back side of the helm seat there is a large hatch that gives access to the interior of the polyester construction, where we can even place an electric stainless refrigerator if needed.
The helm seat dimensions are relatively limited ensuring comfortable passageways around it as well as easy access to the storage areas below the aft lounge.
The aft lounge is U-shaped and surrounded by high gunwales offering a great sense of safety when underway. It can comfortably accommodate four people while, with the appropriate addition, it is easily converted into a dining, sunbathing or relaxation area.
To the port of the aft backrest there is a very useful opening that leads to the swimming platforms, while under the cushions there are three individual storage spaces of the analogous size.

NJ Prince 21

The swimming platforms, which are lined with an excellent finishing teak and extend to the right and left of the engine reaching about 40cm behind the tubes, are very well designed, offering plenty of free area for our comfortable access to the cockpit.

...keep Ribbing!


NJ Prince 21
  • Overall length: 6.80 m
  • Beam: 2.70 m
  • Weight: 950 Kg
  • Tube's diameter: 0.60 m
  • Max hp: 200 hp
  • Fuel capacity: 225 Lt
  • Passengers: 12
  • Homologation CE: Category C

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