By Thomas P.

If you would like to enjoy your time on board with luxury and great comfort either when you are anchoring in an idyllic bay or even travelling, then the brand new Prince 38 Sport Cabin of Nuova Jolly will show you the way.

NJ Prince 38

Nuova Jolly's long experience and its wide range of production coupled with the passion for continuous development and improvement are the most important factors that have made it one of the largest and most credible manufacturers of inflatable boats all over the world.

Prince 38 Sport Cabin made its debut at Cannes Boat Show 2018 and as expected it captured the hearts of sea lovers for its excellent design and high-quality construction, while the exceptional finish features the latest detail even at points that are not visible.

This new model of Nuova Jolly measures 11.70 meters of overall length and is built on a deep V hull with a sharp bow entry of 60 degrees and a very steep deadrise angle of 26 degrees at the stern.

Although our test was set first thing in the morning on a sunny day at the end of September, the sporty cabin and the highly aerodynamically designed windscreen provided us with absolute protection from the wind, so we felt quiet comfortable wearing only our T-shirts.

NJ Prince 38

By driving Prince 38, you feel like you are on a very large inflatable boat that can travel nicely and very comfortably at 35 knots.

Of course, we were not able to evaluate how its hull can handle the waves, since we had nearly flat-calm conditions during our test day.
However, we can mention some of our observations. First of all, it is a great pleasure to be in Prince 38 helm station, having such a luxury deck layout around you.

It had an absolutely solid feel on the water, precise handling and great stability when crossing the wakes of other boats. The sharp bow entry, the extremely high deadrise angle at the transom as well as its hull displacement resulted in a soft ride without pounding, providing an extremely enjoyable experience.

After a quite long time of riding, having covered almost 20 nautical miles without realizing it at all, we prepared to record our measurements.
Of course, the truth is that the owner of a Rib of such a category is not really interested in fuel consumptions or top speed but focuses more on the benefits and comfortable living on board.

NJ Prince 38

With 350 litters of fuel and two people on board, we were heading to the nearby flat open sea to find out how the Prince's 38 cabin hull handles the 800 horses on its back.

The most economical cruising speed was recorded at 3000 rpm, where the rib ran with 15 knots and the engines were burning 3.3 litters per nautical mile.
At 3500 and 4000 rpm the cruising speed was 18.5 and 23 knots respectively, while burning 3.4 and 3.6 litters per mile.

It is worth noting that up to 5000 rpm the fuel consumption for the two engines was maintaining below 4 litters per nautical mile. We still see how small the increase in fuel consumption is up to 5000 rpm, which increases almost constantly by 0.1 litter / nm for every 500 rpm or if you want 20 litters per hour for every 500 rpm. We can also say that at the midrange rpm, every knot costs about 4 litters per hour.

At WOT, the engines reached 6800 rpm and the rib hit a top speed of 48 knots with a fuel consumption of 5.8 litters per each nautical mile.

You can see our measurements in detail, in the following table:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

Considering that the numbers almost always tell the truth and is the mirror of the performance of each engine-boat combination, it's always useful to take a better look at our measurements.


NJ Prince 38

Taking a careful look at the numbers we recorded, we can see that the slip values are very high. It is characteristic that up to 5000 rpm the slip percentage is more than 25%, while even at WOT it maintains the very high percentage of 16.5%.
If we consider that the propshafts of the engines were turning the ECO Enertia propellers and that the cruising speed till 4800 rpm was particularly low maintaining steady below 30 knots, we conclude that the set-up of our test needs some modifications to improve its performance.

If the engines’ mounting height is not responsible for the specific performance, and given that we were using the largest diameter propellers available by Mercury, we conclude that in our set-up the load for the engines is too much and therefore we had to add some horses more, not only to improve the numbers but especially the handling of the Rib and the quality of our ride.

On deck

The NJ Prince 38 is an impressively spacious rib that brings a lot of new design features, regarding the huge cabin and cockpit layout, while special attention has been paid to the deck passageways and the easy movement of passengers who will particularly appreciate the beautiful upholstery and the excellent finish of teak that covers each free surface.

NJ Prince 38

The raised foredeck, which is higher than the top of the tubes ensuring a high internal height of the cabin underneath, forms a large flat platform which is covered with teak and is surrounded by stainless steel rails that extend until the hard nose for the safe boarding.

The hard nose is wide, without any obstacle, ensuring a great step for comfort access to the boat, while it has an opening in the middle, where the anchor of the boat nests so as not to pose any risk of injuries.

Behind it and a few centimetres lower, there is a large hatch that opens aft-lifted and reveals the windlass and the anchor locker that has plenty of space hosting the chain of the anchor.

NJ Prince 38

Just backward of the anchor locker there is a very large separate storage area, covered with gelcoat, which can accommodate, beyond the dock lines and fenders, the entire obligatory lifesaving equipment of the boat too.

Take a look at the deep scupper around its opening that can quickly drain any water that comes aboard ensuring its watertightness. To ensure that its large hatch will be hold wide open two stainless steel struts have been installed in each side.
In the middle of the foredeck, there is also a large round porthole which provides ventilation and natural light into the cabin.

The entire foredeck surface can also be equipped with cushions and so it becomes a huge perfect area for relaxing and sunbathing for many people.

NJ Prince 38

To the port and starboard of the large console there are comfortable passageways that facilitate our fore ‘n’ aft movement, which becomes even easier by the presence of stainless handles and rails at our every step.

NJ Prince 38

The helm is simply designed, basic in its layout, and surrounded by a large, circular windscreen that provides almost complete protection against wind and spray for the operator and co-pilot as well as electronic instruments. On the helm’s panel of our test rib, there were only the engine gauges which were mounted on the right, leaving to their port the proper free space for a large navigation screen installation.

Just below there is the steering wheel, to the port of which there are the rocker switches, while to the starboard the ignition keys, the Verados’ digital shift and throttle controls are located. Lower, there is the molded-in footrest, which is covered with teak and offers comfortable driving while seated. To the port of the helm is the sliding door that gives access to the cabin.

NJ Prince 38

NJ Prince 38

Without any doubt, one of the strongest points of Prince 38 is its spacious cabin, which has much more space than we expected. It looks like as if we have a wonderful home on the water with great comfort and attractive interior, really impossible not to impress anyone.
Two wide steps lead to its interior, the headroom of which measures 2.03 meters in height. On the port, there is a large closet while just opposite is the door of the individual bathroom, which is nicely decorated with oak wood and measures 1.85 meters in height and 1.02 meters in length.

Forward, and at a distance of 1.40 meters from the door, there is the traditional V-shaped lounge, in the middle of which there is the table. By lowering it, and placing the proper cushion, a huge berth with a length of 2.10 meters and a maximum width of 2.10 meters is also formed.
What you will like the most is the lateral windows which are part of the hull and located on the cushions’ level, ensuring a wonderful view of the sea and offering particularly romantic images.

NJ Prince 38

The wet-bar is located to the starboard side, attached to the right gunwale of the rib, leaving a large free space to the port reaching 0.85 meters in width.

On its front part, two individual bucket seats are mounted, each of which has its own bolster allowing the operator or co-driver to adjust it according to their preference, thus ensuring more comfortable riding on the long runs offshore.

Sitting in the seat or leaning on the bolster, you have very good visibility to the bow either through the windshield or over its stainless steel rail.

The wet-bar is a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a sink, a stove and a drawer-style stainless steel refrigerator, allowing us to cook whatever we desire.

Behind it, the huge aft lounge spreads which, with a clear width of 2.45 meters, is the main gathering area of the deck.

NJ Prince 38

In the centre of the three benches there is a large electric table that is part of the floor, while when being in its intermediate position it joins the seats and forms a large sunbathing area.

NJ Prince 38

NJ Prince 38

To the port and the starboard of the aft bench, there are two stairs leading onto side passageways of 32 cm of width, among of which the large and particularly elegant sundeck of the stern is located, measuring 1.60m x 1.95m. Below is the largest storage space of the rib, which can be converted into a second cabin or even to accommodate any inboard diesel engines.

NJ Prince 38

Take a look at the two individual seats behind the aft sundeck and a few centimetres in front of the engines.

If you belong among the Verados’ lovers, all you have to do is to sit comfortably on them and, having your drinks in the stainless drink-holders that are in between, just enjoy their wonderful sound while travelling...

...keep Ribbing!



NJ Prince 38
  • Length overall: 11.70 m
  • Beam: 3.80 m
  • Weight: 44000 Kg
  • Tube's diameter: 65/50 cm
  • Champers: 6
  • Max horspower: 2x425 hp
  • Fuel capacity: 800 Lt
  • Passengers: 16
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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