By Thomas P.

Cayman 38.0 Executive Trofeo is the latest rib model, and the flagship of the Ranieri International boatyard. It was presented at the 58th Boat Show of Genoa and of course, attracted the interest of many people.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

If there is something to stand out, besides the harmonious colour combinations of hull, tubes and upholstery, it is of course, the second cabin located below the wet-bar which for the first time appears in an open-cabin rigid inflatable boat.

Cayman 38 runs on a deep-V with one-step hull, characterized by a sharp bow entry and a high degree of deadrise at the transom, elements that reveal its offshore character.

On each side of the hull we distinguish a flat and wide chine which provides stability when the rib is at rest and generates the necessary lift when underway.

It is worth noticing that about one meter after the beginning of the step, the sequel of the chine is interrupted for 30 centimetres, decongesting the pressure of the water and so softening the ride during our landings. We also notice the presence of three spray rails on each side, the width of which is very small in the area of the bow and gradually increases progressing backwards the stern.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

The second spray rail stops 60 centimetres, while the lower 80 ones away from the transom allow the bow to stand high from the water during the ride.

Behind the transom, there is a particularly long bracket which extends 110 centimetres, shifting the center of gravity sufficiently rearward, thus offsetting the forward position of the large console and, of course, providing more free space on the swimming platform.

On Deck

The deck follows the classic design lines of an open-cabin rib, with the front cabin having a great impact on the configuration of the bow sundeck, whose cushions are slightly below the level of the tubes.

Although the hard nose has its cleats adapted to its lateral surfaces quite properly, we would certainly prefer it attached to the deck steady, and of course, a little larger so as to allow more comfortable access to the boat when docking with our bow.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

The console is wide ensuring a quite spacious dashboard for the installation of the necessary navigation instruments and engines’ controls as well as the proper space for the sliding cabin’s door.
At the same time, it leaves comfortable passageways to its port and starboard, for our unobstructed fore and aft movement

The windscreen, which is surrounded by a stylish and very useful stainless steel rail, protects very well the operator and co-driver from the wind and spray while offering very good visibility to the bow, whether sitting or standing.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

Three wooden steps lead to the main cabin of the rib, the headroom of which reaches a clear height of 1.78 meters. To the port are the electrical board and the cabin’s refrigerator that is lined with wood. On the starboard is the wooden door of the independent bathroom, which is 1.56 meters high, 60 cm wide and 1.24 meters long.

In the front, we meet the cabin’s lounge, which by the appropriate addition and the placement of the cushion is transformed into a large V-shaped double bed, two meters in length and 1.80 meters wide in its wider section.

Behind the steps of the main cabin's headroom there is the second one, which despite its very low height, offers a quite large space accommodating a spacious bed for three or four children. It is a very worthwhile proposal that will be appreciated especially by large families

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

The triple driver’s seat, which is ergonomically designed including fold-up bolsters for adjusting the desired driving position, is part of the wet-bar that is fully equipped with a sink, two stoves and a refrigerator.

Note that the drawer-style stainless steel refrigerator is located on the front surface of the well-designed wet-bar, underneath the helm seats. Another useful feature that we can see on the back of the wet-bar is the reclining double seat.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

Το The aft lounge has the typical Π-shaped configuration and constitutes a gathering area for many people. Below the sofas there are the corresponding storage areas, while the table, which is part of the deck, is lifted by an electro-hydraulic mechanism and, depending on its position, creates a very large sunbathing area or a huge dining one.

One of the most functional features of the Cayman 38.0 Executive is the wide step that extends between the tubes and connects the rear lounge with the swimming platform.

This step accommodates also two storage areas that are accessible with two hatches located on its upper side, very useful for any boat, creating an ideal space for the placement of stern lines and fenders.
The swimming platform, which is covered with synthetic teak, offers a large and beautiful surface around the engines, but does not provide complete freedom of movement.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

As the swimming platform is the main area for boarding and sea-activities, we would like to see it with build-in ladders and without the engines’ hoses as they prevent our movements consisting always a risk of injury.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

At Sea

As the sun approached the sea and there was no time for refueling, we went to the open sea for a short trial having just 100 litters of fuel.

Taking my position behind the steering wheel, I began to push the throttles forward trying to feel the power of the Suzuki outboard engines which were turning four 15 ½" x 24" 3-blade stainless steel propellers, with a 2.29: 1 gear ratio.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

With 4 people on board, we were running with 16 knots at 3000 rpm, burning 52 litters per hour.
At 3500 rpm, our speed climbed to 23.5 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.9 litters per nautical mile. This was also the most economical cruising speed although slip values were quite high.

At 4000 rpm, we were approaching 30 knots, while at 4200 rpm, where we were riding for quite some time, Cayman 38.0 was running with 32 knots without a substantial increase in fuel consumption, which was constant at 3.1 litters per nautical mile.

At WOT, the engines reached 5800 rpm and our speed was 47.5 knots.

Our total measurements can be found in the following table:
Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

I can not deny that during the trial I had the feeling that we were very high from sea’s surface, and in a strange way quite exposed.

I quickly realized that the «shallow» deck around the helm seats was the reason, since it is raised almost at the same level with the bow sundeck, just a few centimeters lower than the tubes’ top.

Of course, the deck had to be raised in order to provide the necessary height for the second cabin of the rib, which is just underneath.

In general, I can say that the performance of the tested set-up was good enough, still without impressing us.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

The throttle response and acceleration were not the expected ones, while slip numbers, although low, were not what Suzuki's contra-rotating propellers can achieve.

If we consider that we were not overloaded, it becomes clear that when the rib will be carrying its normal loads, the acceleration will suffer and slip values will climb higher drifting also the fuel consumptions.

Moreover, taking into consideration that the engines have a recommended wide open throttle rpm range of 5700 to 6300, it is clear that the particular set-up needs some modifications, mainly regarding the selection of the propellers’ pitch.

Ranieri Cayman 38.0

It is obvious therefore, that we have to switch to shorter 21-inch propellers, allowing the engines to reach their redline, without dropping below their lowest limit of 5700 rpm given by the manufacturer when the rib will be normally loaded.

In that case, we will not lose more than two knots of top speed, as our slip numbers will be reduced, while we will have in our hands an excellent set-up with stronger acceleration and immediate throttle response.

In addition, the hull will be able to be held on plane at lower speed and, of course, we will gain much better handling, features we will especially appreciate when riding in rough seas.

...keep Ribbing!



Seafighter 36
  • Lenght overall: 11.70 m
  • Beam: 3.80 m
  • Weight: 23500 Kg
  • Tube's diameter: 0,65 m
  • Fuel capacity: 750 Lt
  • Passengers: 24
  • Max power: 3 x 400hp
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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