By Thomas P.

The days on the water are much more enjoyable living on a Tempest 40.
What makes Tempest 40 stand out from the other mega-ribs in its class is its exceptional design of the deck, making it ideal for entertaining, not only during the heat of the day but also late at nights.

Capelli Tempest 40

It’s not only the two spacious sundecks, the huge lounge behind the wet-bar and the luxury cabin ensuring privacy and a high standard of living but also the wide passageways offering comfortable access to the above mentioned that are the main features of the Tempest 40.

Tempest 40 is designed to host a lot of people onboard.
The sundecks of the bow and stern of this 12 meter Rib are the haven of any sunbather, ideal for relaxing al fresco, while the lounge-dining area can host up to 8 guests in the utmost comfort, making it an ideal spot for long evenings or lingering over dinner.

The bow sundeck’s cushions lie a few centimeters lower than the upper part of the tubes and consists a great place for rest and sunbathing.

The foredeck hosts the anchor and the windlass, which is covered with a small hatch, but does not provide enough space for comfortable boarding.
On the contrary, the access from the driving position to the bow is easy and unobstructed through the wide passageways to the right and left of the console.

Capelli Tempest 40

On the contrary, the access from the driving position to the bow is easy and unobstructed through the wide passageways to the right and left of the console.

The console is wide and provides the necessary space for the dashboard and the controls as well as the sliding door leading to the cabin.

Despite that there was only the Yamaha’s 7-inch CL7 multi-function display on the dash of our rib test, still there is the proper space for the placement of a large GPS plotter.
To the starboard, just ahead of the controls, the Helm Master is located allowing the driver to move the boat in any direction with great ease, while at a higher position we see the bow thruster panel with the joystick.

The wraparound design of the windshield, surrounded by a stainless steel rail, offers very good protection of the instruments and the driver from the wind and spray while providing excellent visibility to the bow.

Capelli Tempest 40

Capelli Tempest 40

Two wooden steps set on stainless bases, lead downdeck to the headroom of the cabin.
To the starboard, there is a large window and two large cabinets, while on port there is the wooden door of the bathroom.
In the front there is the U-shaped lounge, around the table of which a family can gather. By lowering the table and placing the proper cushion, the lounge turns into a huge berth where more than two adults can sleep.

The two across helm seats include fold-up bolsters for adjusting the standing or sitting driving position, while underneath there are two hatches that give access to very useful storage spaces.
Behind the seats there is a fully equipped «outdoor kitchen», with a sink, stove and a drawer-style stainless steel refrigerator, while on its port and on its starboard there are four drink holders.

Capelli Tempest 40

The aft lounge has a horseshoe-shape and provides the ability to accommodate many people. Below its cushions there are large storage spaces, while the wooden table in between can be lowered and with the addition of the proper cushion can create a very large sunbathing area.

To the right and left of the polyester roll bar, we distinguish the particularly wide gunwales which are covered with teak and ensure comfortable fore and aft movement of the passengers.

In the above photo, you can see the two very well designed, wide steps that connect the gunwales with the deck.
Behind the aft lounge, the huge sundeck of the stern is spread, constituting an ideal relaxation area for many people, while hiding an enormous storage space underneath.

Capelli Tempest 40

The swimming platform is teak-lined and offers plenty of space and complete freedom of movement around the engines without the risk of injury. Take a look at the cleats position located on the edges and just behind the tubes, as well as the three-step telescopic boarding ladder which has its own slot as storage place, increasing the usable space and facilitating easy entrance and exit.

Capelli Tempest 40

Capelli Tempest 40

At Sea

The one-meter wave height we had on the day of our test, brought by the swell’s short period from east, did not manage to affect our ride. On the contrary, it made it more enjoyable, giving us the opportunity to focus on the performance of this particular engine-boat combination.

Capelli Tempest 40

A pair of 425hp XTOs was mounted on the transom of Tempest 40, which with a gear ratio of 1.79: 1 was turning the 16 3/8" x 21" 3-blade stainless steel XTO propellers.

The Yamaha XTO engines, which have already made waves in the marine industry, came to give power to heavier offshore boats such as the Capelli Tempest 40, producing abundant torque and providing a rugged gearbox with large propellers.
They are the first four-stroke outboard engines with fuel injected directly into the combustion chamber which combined with the highest 12.2: 1 compression ratio of any outboard on the market deliver maximum power and better efficiency

Yamaha's large propellers, which "translate" the huge engines’ torque into a tremendous thrust, got us effortlessly on plane just at 2000 rpm where we were riding with 11.5 knots.
These numbers are really impressive for a rib considering the great importance of the nearly 5000kg test weight.

If you want my opinion, for our own use, it is much more important to plane off effortlessly at a low speed, quite beneficial in rough seas, than gaining a few miles of top speed in calm seas.

Capelli Tempest 40

The most economical cruise speed was recorded at 3000 rpm where Yamaha's multi-function display showed 22.5 knots with a fuel consumption of 2.75 litters per nautical mile.
At 3500 and 4000 rpm our speed was 27 and 32 knots, while we were burning respectively 3 and 3.4 litters for each nautical mile.

You can see our detailed measurements in the following table:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

After 4000 rpm, where the engines produce their maximum torque (546 N-m), I pushed down the throttles and the rib rocketed ahead with great acceleration. Part of this, of course, comes due to the large diameter of the XTO propellers, which are responsible for the 150% more thrust produced compared to the F350.

At 4500 rpm we were running with 37 knots and it was really impressive how much out of the water the hull of the 12 meter rib was standing, giving us the feeling that we were driving a smaller, lighter and more flexible rib. This is mainly due to large propellers that generate a great stern lift, reducing the wet surfaces and thus improving both boat handling and performance in terms of cruising speed, slip and fuel consumption.

Capelli Tempest 40

It is noteworthy to mention some figures concerning the Tempest 40 - twin XTOs’ test compared to the Tempest 40 – twin F350s I had tried a year ago.
The most impressive, of course, is not the 5 knots of top speed we've reached more with the XTO engines, but the obviously easier handling of the Rib, as well as the 3 to 5 knots more at the midrange rpm with almost the same fuel consumption.

Driving the 12-meter Tempest 40 with the pair of V8 425hp XTO outboards, I was feeling that I had in my hands an excellent set-up, with immediate throttle response and incredible flexibility for such a size of a rib, which is also seen from the slip numbers we recorded.

There is no doubt that this combination of boat-engines will safely travel to distant destinations, maintaining fast cruising speeds even when the seas get really rough.
The only dilemma is whether our own limits can reach the Tempest’s 40 ones!

...keep Ribbing!


Capelli Tempest 40
  • Lenght over all: 12.1 8m
  • Beam: 3.54 m
  • Weight: 3900 Kg
  • Tube's material: N/Y Orca 1670 dtex
  • Max tube's diameter: 0.65 m
  • Passengers: 18
  • Fuel capacity: 650 Lt
  • Max power: 2x400 hp
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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