By Thomas P.

E-motion 32 is the favourite model of sea-friends and the’s best seller because it has managed to combine all the benefits of a pure open rigid inflatable boat with the comforts each operator needs with the best possible way.

MAR.CO e-motion

Note that Ε-motion 32 is the first open-cabin rib constructed, constituting an innovative model with revolutionary design that determined the evolution of rigid inflatable boats, leading to a new generation ribs which was later adopted by many boatyards. E-Motion 32 is an open-cabin Rib with a clear Mediterranean character, offering the opportunity to its owner to spend pleasant moments near the sea with his company or family and of course provides the choice of overnight accommodation in a dry and at the same time luxurious space.

It is one of the best and most well-designed ribs in its category since it is difficult to find a relevant one of these dimensions providing such a level of benefits while being characterized by very satisfying cruising speeds and fuel consumptions.

It is important to emphasize once again that the built quality and finish levels of E-Motion 32 are of a very high quality standard, while the vacuum infusion technology is applied for its construction so as to ensure the highest possible strength to the structural components of the hull with simultaneous weight reduction by up to 30%, factors that have only positive effects on longevity and performance.

With an overall length of 9.98 meters, overall width of 3.27 meters and dry weight of 2500 kg, E-Motion 32 is the largest open-cabin rigid inflatable the company has built up to date.

MAR.CO e-motion

On deck

The deck of E-Motion 32 is absolutely oriented in nautical camping, aiming especially at the fanatic sea-lovers who want to live and stay on board while maintaining a high standard of living.

MAR.CO e-motion

It offers plenty of storage space, wide passageways for free movement of passengers, and of course the ability to prepare food and sleep onboard, ensuring a comfortable living even for long-term holidays.

Beginning from the bow area, we can see the large sun deck which, with a length of 2.15 m, a width of 80cm on the front and 1.80m on the back, consists an ideal sunbathing and relaxation area.

The cushions lie a few centimeters lower than the level of the tubes and are formed into five separate pieces so as to provide easy access to the storage spaces housed below.

MAR.CO e-motion

In the front, we meet the hard nose which is configured in two wide steps that provide comfortable boarding. The second step is simultaneously a tilting hatch that gives easy access to electric windlass of the anchor which is located underneath the tubes.

Directly behind, we find a large watertight locker, ideal for positioning lines, fenders and life jackets.
Access to sun deck is easy through the steps and wide passageways located at the height of the tubes, right and left of the large console.

One of the strongest points of E-Motion 32 is, of course, its wide and large console which provides the necessary space both to stand upright in its interior and to create an independent and comfortable bathroom without altering the open character of the rib.

MAR.CO e-motion

The large console also provides the proper space for the installation of all electronic navigation devices and the large sliding door leading to the cabin, while combined with the large windshield around, it offers excellent protection from wind and spray, something we will especially appreciate when travelling in rough seas.

A large step leads to the interior of the cabin, which has two portholes on its side and a larger one on its roof for the necessary lighting and ventilation.
On the port there is a very large and useful cabinet while on the starboard the wooden door leading to the independent bathroom which is very nicely designed and equipped with all the necessary accessories.

MAR.CO e-motion

MAR.CO e-motion

In the background, there is a large double berth, which with a length of 2.10 meters and a maximum width of 1.60 meters can accommodate two adults and one young child.
The rear cushion of the bed is removable for easier movement while beneath the two front ones large storage spaces are hidden.

The interior of the cabin is very functionally designed and takes advantage of its every inch, offering smart solutions and particularly practical spaces for storing clothing and small items.
If we are used to travelling with our young children, it is certain that we will love the cabin, an ideal shelter for them where they can play or sleep during our sea trips, while they can be easily supervised from the helm seat.

MAR.CO e-motion

The helm seat is a double bench mounted on the wet-bar and allows us to drive either upright or seated.

Raising the double helmseat a fully equipped kitchen with stove and sink is revealed.

On the back of the wet-bar there is the refrigerator door on one side and a wooden folding table on the other, offering the right space for preparing food.

The wet-bar is positioned more to the starboard, leaving this way a larger 55 cm passageway on its port side, facilitating our access to the cabin door.

MAR.CO e-motion

Το The aft deck is particularly spacious, constituting a gathering area suitable for sunbathing or sleep, depending on our desires.
There are three benches forming a U-shaped sofa under which there are the relevant storage spaces.

MAR.CO e-motion

MAR.CO e-motion

This area can comfortably accommodate 8 seated guests and can be transformed very quickly into a dining one or into a large sundeck or sleeping bed. Depending on the time or mood, the table which is located on the floor can be raised via an electro-hydraulic system up to the height of the three benches forming a large sundeck, or higher, forming a comfortable dining area.

The lateral backsides of the sofas are tilting and reveal very useful spaces, ideal for storing large objects such as swimfins, spearguns or paddles.
To the port and starboard side of the roll bar there are wide platforms of 25 cm, which are teak-lined and form comfortable passageways to the deck.

MAR.CO e-motion

Another strong point of E-Motion 32 is the area around the engines that has been exquisitely designed, paying attention to the slightest detail, showing that the people who are behind it are really aware of what living in the sea means.

A typical example is the swimming platform that provides plenty of space and most importantly, without obstacles for free movement of passengers, ensuring an area free of tripping hazards.
It is noteworthy that the windlass of the stern is revealed when we open the hatch on the platform to the port of the engines, while the ladder, very smartly designed and inspired by the people of the company, is nestled under a hatch on the opposite side.

Still, the smart and effective solutions do not stop here.
On the polyester backrest of the aft couch there are two very useful and practical cabinets, the one of which accommodates the shower wand and the water intake, while the other one hosts the fuel intake of the tank.

At sea

On the transom of our test rib two 300hp Yamaha outboards were hung which have a gear ratio of 1.75: 1 and were turning 15" x 21" Saltwater Series II, three-blade stainless steel propellers.

MAR.CO e-motion

The glassy sea on the day of our test did not give us the chance to find out the benefits of the E-Motion 32 hull in rough weather, but we had the opportunity to focus on recording our measurements and the behaviour of this specific set-up.

It is a fact, however, that the E-Motion 32 hull showed a very good and steady behaviour in the ride, while when we turned it towards ours wakes, it was handling them very well leaving us with the taste of a sweet and soft ride. It was totally under control at all times even during tight turns at high speed.

With 450 litters of fuel and 5 people on board, the rigid inflatable planed off at about 2500 rpm and 13 knots, providing very good visibility to every driving position.

At 3500 rpm our speed was 27.5 knots, with the engines burning 70 litters per hour, while at 4000 rpm we were running with 34 knots burning 98 litters per hour or 2.8 litters per each nautical mile.
The most economical cruising speed for the E-Motion 32 was 28 knots, where our fuel consumption did not exceed 2.5 litters per nautical mile.

MAR.CO e-motion

At WOT, the engines reached 5500 rpm producing a top speed of 45 knots while burning 197 litters per hour, giving us a range of 170 nautical miles.

It took almost 6 seconds to reach planning speed, and we needed about 10 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 30 knots.

You can see our detailed measurements in the following table:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

Analyzing the above figures and taking into account the high slip values recorded especially at 5500 rpm where the losses for propellers reached 17%, it turns out that this set-up does not perform well and needs some improvements in terms of engines mounting height and selection of more suitable propellers.

MAR.CO e-motion

I have the feeling that the E-Motion 32 hull geometry in combination with the total weight-loads require larger gear ratios and higher thrust propellers.

Everything shows that on our test rib it would be wiser to go to larger diameter and shorter pitch propellers in order to improve the numbers in all performance areas.
It is certain then that the throttle response will become more immediate giving us greater acceleration, the slip values will be greatly improved while the engines will be able to spin these props up to their rated WOT speeds.

...keep Ribbing!



Mar.Co e-motion 32
  • Length overall: 9.98 m
  • Beam: 3.27 m
  • Weight: 2.500 Kg
  • Tubes' diameter: 0.70-0.61 m
  • Number of chambers: 8
  • Fuel tank: 750 Lt
  • Water tank: 160 Lt
  • Passengers: 16
  • Max power: 515 kW
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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