By Thomas P.

The Predator’s 470 hull was very well handling the 60 hp of Mercury's four-stroke engine, showing us excellent stability even when the throttle was wide open, and gave us a high sense of safety and a huge feeling of confidence.

Predator 470

Without having all the features that characterize a pure offshore hull, it showed us good damping of vibration, while the large diameter tubes were taking care of getting the spray away from the deck.

The Predator 470 is the smallest model of Stingher - Italboats slr, it has overall length of 4.74 meters, a beam of 2.36 meters and weighs 260 kilos. It is characterized by the very large tubes, the diameter of which at the stern reaches almost 60 cm and its relatively shallow hull provides a comfortable deck, proportional to the length of the rib, and got on plane and run quickly even with less horsepower.

The Predator’s 470 hull is characterized by the presence of one spray rail on each side, with a little negative inclination, which runs its entire length and ends in the transom. There is also a pad of 13 centimeters wide, necessary for the quicker planing and the achievement of a level ride.
The design of a small boat's hull is not an easy task, since the boats of this category flirting with the open sea, while at the same time decks must offer the proper space and room enough for storage. We know also, they have a tremendous sensitivity to weight distribution which plays a crucial role throughout the whole rpm range, changing directly their center of gravity.

Predator 470

On deck

The design of the deck follows the path of simplicity and provides comfortable passageways for the passengers’ movements, while the huge volume of the tubes attracting the eyes.

Predator 470

In the bow, there is a ‘mini foredeck on the tubes, which offers the necessary space for the placement of the cleat, but is too small for boarding.

There is a locker behind the ‘mini platform that gives enough space for the anchor and lines.
The main bow locker is capable of accommodating all kinds of equipment, and with the proper extension can be converted into a two-person sunbed.

Predator 470

Predator 470

The console has the appropriate volume proportional to the boat’s size, it is positioned to the starboard side and leaves a large passageway to the bow. In its front part it has the classic single seat, where a dry storage space is.

Beneath the steering wheel there is a small hatch that gives access to the interior of the console and the electrical installation

Predator 470

The stainless steel rail surrounds the large windscreen and offers the adequate protection of the instruments as well as the necessary support for the pilot and co-pilot, who share the two-seater aft bench, under which the largest storage compartment of the boat is hosted.

In the stern area, right and left of the engine basin, comfortable platforms are formed which ensure the necessary space needed to move easily and to install the ladder.

Predator 470

At sea

The Predator 470 of our test was equipped with the four-stroke Mercury 60hp, which is also the recommended horsepower suggested by the manufacturer, with a rpm range of 5500-6000 at w.o.t.

The propeller we matched was the 4-blade Spitfire with a15-inch of pitch which delivered surprising good acceleration and grip without sacrificing the top speed of the rib.
Indeed, the Predator 470 "was feeling well" with the Spitfire propeller, which gave us quick accelerations and excellent overall lift due to the intense cup and rake of its blades.

We pushed the throttle forward, with 50 litters of fuel, two persons and the basic equipment. By all the loads behind the console after the intense start raising its bow high, the rib was planing quite fast and stood on plane at low speed with the help of Spitfire's design features.

Predator 470

After 3200 rpm, the loads on the stern were not able to affect the ride and the Predator was maintaining a very good ride angle with an excellent throttle response.

At 4000 rpm, our speed was 20 knots while at 4500 rpm we had a cruise speed of 24 to 25 knots.

At W.O.T., the engine easily reached its max rpm recommended by the manufacturer and the rib touched 35 knots of top speed.

Predator 470

The most important thing is that the Predator 470 seemed to feel very comfortable at this speed and was holding a very good ride attitude with the aft parts of the tubes being out of the water and offering us a very steady course with no trace of chine walking.

Feeling absolutely safe at 35 knots, we run more than three miles at W.O.T. while shifting our loads we were trying to get the best possible performance of the rib.

Our fuel consumption at cruise speeds remained constantly close to 0.50 litters per nautical mile, which means we can travel 100 nautical miles with 50 litters of fuel.

This particular set-up of engine-propeller-rib had shown excellent handling, with great acceleration and excellent throttle response, maintaining a very good ride angle across the whole rpm range, while giving us extraordinary stability even in steep turns.

The Predator 470 is a beautiful small rigid inflatable boat with a very good finish and a particularly attractive final price that leaves no one uninterested.

...keep Ribbing!



Predator 470
  • Overall lenght: 4.74 m
  • Beam: 2.36 m
  • Weight: 260 Kg
  • Tubes' diameter: 0.51-0.57 m
  • Champers: 5
  • Max horse power: 9 hp
  • Passengers: 7
  • Homologation CE: Category C

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