By Thomas P.

The beautiful colour combinations and the bigger hard nose were the new elements of our well known and all new Stingher Diablo 22΄ which was tested a few days ago in the calm waters of Thermaikos Gulf.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

The nearly 7-meter rigid inflatable boat of our test is still an excellent model of Italboats, one of the oldest Italian shipyards known for its very good product quality, which has lately upgraded the design of its hull offering softer and drier rides.

The Stingher Diablo 22΄ hull is characterized by the presence of two spray rails per each side with a fairly large surface and slightly negative incline running along its entire length as well as the small single bracket, thus contributing to the achievement of more level ride.

The Stingher Diablo 22΄ hull promises comfortable and soft rides, pleasant trips, while the negative slope of its spray rails will hardly allow the spray to reach the deck.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

The Stingher Diablo 22΄ has a length overall of 6.80 meters, a beam of 2.84 meters and an empty weight of approximately 800 kg. With a fuel capacity of 250 litters and water of 50 litters, it can accommodate an outboard engine up to 200 horsepower.

On deck

The design of the deck and the accompanying elements ensure great passageways for the comfortable movement of the passengers, while allowing the comfortable living and overnight stay of a small family on board.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

In the area of the bow, we can see the redesigned foredeck which ensures a great step for the uninterrupted boarding, with the two cleats positioned correctly on the side surfaces so that they are not dangerous points of injury.
The hatch on the roof of the foredeck gives access to the electric windlass while a smaller one on its rear surface gives access to the very large locker where the anchor chain is housed.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

Stingher Diablo 22΄

Beneath the sundeck of the bow there is the largest storage space of the boat, which takes advantage of the depth of the hull and can accommodate, beyond the necessary equipment, the large luggage we need for our summer holidays.

With proper additions, the bow sundeck can be joined to the front seat of the console, creating a huge sun and sleeping bed with a width of 63 cm in the foredeck area and 143 cm in the console area, while its length reaches 216 cm.

The console is centrally located on the deck, its volume decreases substantially from the middle and lower, providing particularly comfortable passageways to the port and starboard, the maximum width of which reaches 43 centimetres.
The steering wheel is located in a very good position to the left of the console, while the engine control is centrally positioned at the same level.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

The instrument panel has the proper space for even large electronic devices and has the right inclination allowing the direct inspection from the driver.

The windscreen is tall enough to protect the instruments and the driver, while the stainless steel rail surrounding it, offers very good support.

On the front side of the console there is a large hatch that gives access to the interior and the electrical installation, while lower, there is an integrated seat under which another useful storage space is housed.


Stingher Diablo 22΄

The doublewide leaning helm seat is located on a polyester construction, and when lifted it reveals a special utility and dry storage space for small items of necessity.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

In the area of the stern, under the polyester roll bar, a three-seater sofa is formed under which the large storage space for the batteries, the bilge pump, the water-separating fuel filter and the presostatic pump is located.

Behind the transom, there are two small polyester platforms on each side of the engine, the starboard of which is used to mount the base of the auxiliary engine while the port one, which has a specially designed space for storing the boarding ladder, as a step for our descent to the sea.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

Stingher Diablo 22΄

At sea

Our test rib was equipped with a new Suzuki 200hp, which, with an rpm range at wot 5500-6100 and a gear ratio of 2.50:1, was turning a 15" x 21" 3-blade Suzuki propeller.
With 100 litters of fuel, two people on board and the basic equipment, we turned our bow to the open sea to record our measurements.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

For a reason, the fuel consumption instrument did not work, so we were limited to record acceleration and speed.

The rib was standing on plane at 2600 rpm with a speed of 10 knots, while we had a time to plane of about 4 seconds.
The accelerations were excellent and the Diablo 22 reached 20 knots in 5.5 seconds and 30 knots in 8.2 seconds.

At 4000 rpm, our speed was 24 knots while at 4500 rpm we were riding pleasantly at 29 knots.

At WOT, the engine reached 6200 rpm giving us a top speed of 42 knots.

Everything showed that we had a very good set-up in terms of engine mounting height and propeller characteristics, with slip values at extremely low levels.

Of course, with these loads it is wise to fit a longer pitch Suzuki propeller so that the engine does not exceed 6100 rpm, which is recommended by the manufacturer.

Stingher Diablo 22΄

However, when the rib carries more loads, it is certain that our test propeller will be ideal for the particular engine-boat combination.

In general, the rib's behaviour was very good, particularly friendly to any kind of driver, showing great stability even at high speeds, maintaining a nice ride angle without any problems of porpoising or chine walking.

...keep Ribbing!



Stingher Diablo 22
  • Overall length: 6.80 m
  • Beam: 2.84 m
  • Empty weight: 800 Kg
  • Tubes' diameter: 0.49/0.59 m
  • Champers: 6
  • Passengers: 12
  • Max HP: 200hp
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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