By Thomas P.

Its excellent ride and its apparent construction quality, combined with the smart design of the deck which offers the necessary storage space and the ability to safely and comfortably carry five seated passengers, make the Olympic 4.99 Star one of the most competitive inflatable boats in its category.

Olympic 4.99

Aiming at a buying audience interested mainly in small and medium sized inflatable boats, Olympic renewed its range in this category by presenting this 5-meter rib two years ago, which is characterized by an excellent value-quality ratio accompanied by a perfectly ergonomic and functional layout, suitable for every use.

The pure lines and the wise design of the deck, which is built on a deep hull, feature the 4.99 Star of Olympic.

Olympic has remained faithful to its philosophy and principles for many years and is regarded to be one of the most reliable and important Greek companies for the design and manufacturing of rigid inflatable boats.
Despite its limited length, Star 4.99 bears the character and the appearance of larger open ribs, it is undoubtedly very beautiful and, therefore, it is perfectly normal to magnetize the looks both out of and in the water.
The tubes are made of Hypalon / Neopren, they consist of 4 compartments and their diameter is 50 centimeters, which is in perfect harmony with the size of the rib.

Olympic 4.99

On deck

One of the two strongest points of Star 4.99 is the layout of the deck and the very good arrangement of its spaces, which ensures the maximum capacity and the maximum possible freedom of movement during our stay on board.

Olympic 4.99

In the area of the bow we come across two large lockers that take full advantage of the hull’s depth, thus maximizing their capacities.

The first one concerns the foredeck, which provides a large step for the entrance into the rib. The foredeck can be accessed through the hatch located on its roof. Its interior space is particularly large and ideal for storing not only the anchor and its rope but also all the life jackets of the rib.

Just after the foredeck there is the bow superstructure that houses one of the largest storage spaces, and with the appropriate addition it turns into a comfortable sun bed or even a sleep bed if we are about to stay on board overnight.

Olympic 4.99

Olympic 4.99

On the deck floor, in front of the console, there is one more very useful locker the appropriate depth to conveniently hold two fuel tanks of 60 liters each one.

The console is located on starboard and maintains the proper dimensions to create the necessary passageway for the passengers’ movement, but also a comfortable living space proportional to the size of the rib.

The dashboard has the right space for the installation of the corresponding electronic devices, switches and engine instruments, while it is effectively protected by the high windscreen surrounded by a stainless steel rail that is particularly useful for the holding of driver and co-driver.

The interior of the console can be accessed through the large hatch below the steering wheel.

Olympic 4.99

The double helmseat rests on a polyester construction which has the ideal height to provide the appropriate visibility to the console's instruments and to the bow when driving seated.

However, the addition of a stainless steel rail with the corresponding cylindrical cushion to support the driver's and co-driver’s back is absolutely essential, while it also provides restraint to the rear passengers especially when they want to travel standing for a while.

The entire helmseat is raised forwards and reveals a large, easily accessible, particularly useful and completely dry storage space.

Olympic 4.99

Further back, the stern sofa is formed which is surrounded by a low polyester construction on which a stainless steel rail runs. This rail is very useful for supporting the passengers.

Despite the small size of the rib, the couch sofa can comfortably accommodate three seating people, while below the sofa lies the largest compartment of the boat
Behind the three-seater stern sofa there are two very useful polyester stairs that make our access to the engine basin and the ladder easier.

Olympic 4.99

At sea

The second of the strongest points of Star 4.99 is its deep-V hull, which has strong offshore features ending in a small transom’s pad where the deadrise angle reaches 24 degrees.

Its combination with the excellent weight distribution results in the very good balance of the rib, which is a catalytic factor especially for small boats. This provided us an ideal riding angle across the whole range of speeds, naturally resulting to the very good performance we recorded.

Olympic 4.99

The rib of our test was equipped with a Mercury 80hp Four Stroke, which was hung on the 45cm polyester bracket - a natural continuation of the hull - turning the 13 1/8" x 16" Vengeance 3-blade stainless steel propeller.

The low weight of this engine, coupled with its high displacement, promises us very good performance in terms of holeshot, acceleration and fuel economy at cruise speeds. In addition,Mercury four stroke engine has less vibration and is quieter ensuring highly enjoyable cruising.
With 90 liters of fuel and two crew members, Star 4.99 was standing on plane at 2600 rpm with an excellent speed of 9 knots.
At WOT, the engine reached its rpm redline and so at 5500 rpm we recorded a top speed of 36.7 knots burning just 0.73 liters per nautical mile.

Olympic 4.99

The above performance is particularly impressive if we consider the limited horsepower we have on our transom compared to the deep-V hull of that particular rib, which allows the engine to run with limited resistance and thus manages to move easily without shortfall symptoms.

You can find the detailed measurements in the PDF below:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

It is worth noting the incredibly low to negative slip values the Vengeance propeller records after 4000 rpm (which shows a very well balanced rib and its very good match with the 4.99 hull as well as with the specific engine mounting height), which reveals that its actual pitch is clearly longer than what is printed on its barrel.

In general, Vengeance showed a very good overall performance in the particular boat-engine combination, which of course can be further improved with a different propeller design in terms of acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Olympic 4.99

As we had Star 4.99 at our disposal for a full day and after we had recorded our measurements which were confirmed several times, we drove out of the protected bay into the open sea, where the 3’ to 4’ seas challenged us to try the limits of the 5-meter rib.
We tried the level of its ride in every waving direction, reaching the rib limits for several times, and we were really impressed by the exceptional character the rib showed.

The very good stability and damping indicators, always proportionally to its size, ranged to very high levels as the bow penetrated effectively the waves while our short take offs were taken care of by the deep hull, offering a wonderfully soft navigation and a high degree of safety.

Olympic 4.99

The trim response of the rib was immediate allowing us to choose the right riding angle, thus perfectly adjust the bow position according to the direction and height of the waves.

It is also worth mentioning that under the particular circumstances, in no case did the spray reach on the deck, which indicates the correct design of the spray rails that took care for a totally dry ride.

Despite the limitations owing to its length, Olympic 4.99 Star is able to travel to relatively distant destinations with comfort and safety, even under no favorable conditions. So, undoubtedly it is a particularly interesting proposal in the 5-meter inflatable boat category.

...keep Ribbing!



Olympic 4.99
  • Overall lenght: 4.98 m
  • Beam: 2.26 m
  • Dry weight: 270 Kg
  • Transom's deadrise: 24o
  • Champers: 4
  • Tubes' material: H/N
  • Tubes' diameter: 0.50 m
  • Max power: 100hp
  • Passengers: 6

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