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When experience and knowledge are combined with high goals, the result can only be a premium product of high level which no one can question.

Seafarer 36

Seafarer 36 is a pure open-rib which has fairly been ranked at the top of its category, being an object of desire for many lovers of the inflatable boat since its first presentation.

Ribco marine, faithful to the philosophy of a «pure» inflatable boat, with plain and simple lines, with no polyester superstructures which usually compromise its character and with special emphasis on the quality of construction which is evident in its every little detail, has managed to introduce comfort and luxury in the «sea way of living».

Seafarer 36 rides on the famous hull of the Scorpion’s 10-meter Sting and, although it is an open inflatable boat, it can comfortably accommodate 4 adults in the two spacious tent type «cabins» of its bow and stern.

It can also ensure luxury accommodation for long periods and of course it can ensure safe travel to distant destinations while maintaining high cruising speeds even in rough weather conditions.

Seafarer 36

These are only some of the unique features that are included in the long list of features of the Seafarer 36, which bears Ribco marine’s signature known for its long history.

On deck

Certainly Seafarer 36 is particularly impressive when you look at it from the outside. However, you can feel its luxurious aura only when you are behind the extra-large center console which is framed with the wonderful T-Top and is the strongest point of the rib.

The pilot station is particularly large, providing full protection to the driver and the co-driver, while its attractive layout really makes the difference. It is designed in three levels which have the right slope to ensure ergonomy and direct inspection and use of the instruments by the driver.

On the higher carbon-fiber panel, centrally located is the large Raymarine screen, while on its port and starboard there are the engines’ gauges and the VHF with the sound system, respectively. Its space is really unlimited and allows us to place several extra electronic devices.

The middle level of the helm is in flat layout and just above the steering wheel is the compass which is framed by the electric switches, while on the right, a stainless steel handle provides the necessary hold to the co-driver.

Seafarer 36

Centrally, there is room for an Optimus 360 joystick that will enable us docking with ease even when the wind is against us or when we are in crowded ports that restrict our handling.

On the lower panel, the Suzuki digital shift and throttle controls are centrally mounted, while on their port is the steering wheel, the central switches of the engines and the trim tabs. On their starboard there is a small cabinet, which is useful for storing small items, as well as a stylish handle.

Seafarer 36

The speakers of the audio system are located lower on the console and there are three individual cabinets that provide us with useful storage space.

The helm features two separate seats with a single wide backrest. They are adjustable in height, they are equipped with hydraulic suspension system, they provide full lateral support and they allow the operator to have good visibility of the bow either when he is leaning over or sitting on the seat.

Seafarer 36

Seafarer 36

The bathroom of the rib is housed inside the large center console and can be accessed from the door on its front side. On its port side is the electric toilet, with the washbasin just opposite the toilet at a suitable height.

The large volume occupied by the console sacrifices part of the lateral passageways of the deck without, however, preventing the movement of passengers.

The black-stained stainless T-Top, which is not included in the standard equipment, is one of the most beautiful elements of the boat. It rests on the console and on the stainless steel bases behind the backrest of the helmseats, providing shade and rain protection.
Its roof is made of plexiglass, while in its front part, an extra windshield comes down through a very cleverly designed electric mechanism. This windshield covers all the free space above the console’s windshield, providing protection whenever it is required owing to heavy weather or if we want to insulate the cockpit when we are developing high speeds.

Just behind the helmseats is the extra-sized wet-bar which can be turned into a summer open «kitchen», being a central dining area where we can cook whenever conditions dictate. On its back side there is a tilting table, with a large storage area lying behind it.

Seafarer 36

Seafarer 36

The stern sofa, with a width of 2.10m, can accommodate 4 passengers, while in the center, a small part of it is lifted and leaves a very useful passageway for moving backwards. The two parts of its seatback can be flipped forward, creating a huge sunbed measuring 2m x 1.90m, ideal for relax and sunbathing.
Below the aft seat there are two individual compartments, the port one of which can host the second cooler of the rib.

When we want to stay overnight, we just need to push a button, and the aft sunbed is lifted by an electro-hydraulic mechanism revealing a double berth which can accommodate two adults with great comfort.

Seafarer 36

Seafarer 36

Further aft, we find the good-sized swimming platform that extends on each side of the engines creating the easiest point to board the Seafarer 36 from the dock. On the port side there is a narrow aperture in which the boarding ladder is inserted while the two inox handles can be used when getting out of the water.

Seafarer 36

In the bow area a huge sunbed is formed, the pillows of which are slightly below the height of the tubes. Below, the second double-berth of the rib is housed, with dimensions of 2.10m x 1.80m at its rear part, where two adults can sleep overnight with great comfort.

Seafarer 36

Seafarer 36

At sea

Our test rib was provided by Tarasiadis powerboats, the official representative of Ribco marine-Scorpion, for the presentation of the new Suzuki DF 350A engines by Nick. I. Theocharakis.
Unfortunately, the timeframe of the event was limited and we did not have the time to try out Seafarer 36 the way we would like to. So we limited ourselves to a short ride that was obviously not enough to evaluate the mega-rib and so we were satisfied with a simple recording of measurements.

Seafarer 36

A pair of DF 350A engines was hung on the Seafarer 36 bracket, which was equipped with 27 inches of pitch propellers. Despite their long pitch, the acceleration waw very good when taking into consideration the size and the weight of the particular rib.

With almost flat sea conditions, bearing 700 liters of fuel and 6 passengers, the Seafarer was standing on plane at 2200 rpm with a speed of about 12 knots, while the best cruise speed was 34 knots at 4000 rpm, where the fuel consumption did not exceed 2.5 liters per nautical mile, giving a range of 283n.m.

With the throttles set to maximum, the engines reached 6100 rpm with a top speed of 55 knots, with a very good slip percentage when considering the entire load, indicating a good set-up in terms of engine mounting height and propeller’s pitch.

>Our total measurements can be found in the PDF below:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

Seafarer 36

As we have noticed in previous articles, the new DF 350A Suzuki offers a lot of innovative features. But the one that stands out and really impresses is the pair of contra-rotating 3-blade propellers hosted on the propshaft of its lower unit.
The two propellers are positioned one behind the other, on the same shaft line and rotate in opposite directions. The dual prop system is more efficient in a percentage of about 10-20% than conventional single propellers.

Owing to the fact that the contra-rotating propellers have much more total blade area and the load per each blade is less, cavitation problems are clearly reduced while their grip underwater is incredible and the vibrations are reduced to a minimum, resulting in a truly velvety ride.

Knowing very well that part of the thrust is lost by the volume of the gearcase, Suzuki’s engineers managed to reduce the diameter of the gears, which was actually feasible because of the distribution of the engine’s torque to more blades.

Seafarer 36

So, they have achieved a remarkable increase of thrust, while they have achieved improved handling and optimization of performance.

In other words, the Suzuki’s dual prop system ensures:

  • extremely strong holeshot
  • lower-rpm planning ability
  • superior throttle response
  • much better bite in the water
  • incredible grip in tight turns
  • better control and better handling in reverse
  • elimination of the steering torque and exceptional directional stability
  • great ability in handling rough weather
  • extremely low slip values
  • superior acceleration across the whole rpm range, providing tremendous stern lift even under heavy load.

And of course, there is no need for right- and left-hand rotating engines in multi-outboard mountings.

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Seafarer 36
  • Lenght overall: 10.46 m
  • Beam: 3.25 m
  • Weight: 1900 Kg
  • Deadrise at bow: 58ο
  • Deadrise at transom: 24ο
  • Tube's material: H/N 1670 dtex
  • Champers: 7
  • Fuel tanks:2 x 350 Lt

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