By Thomas P.

The 999 Cabin rib belongs to the Oromarine's Top Class series and stands out for its large console-cabin, the large sundeck of the bow and the huge sunbed on its stern, underneath which there is a particularly spacious room that can be formed in a second cabin.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

999 Cabin of Oromarine is a 9.95 meter inflatable boat and is the jewel of the shipyard in Naples of Italy. It is a mega Rib, capable of quickly covering long distances even under difficult weather conditions, ideal not only for a long stay on board , but also for one-day excursions of many people, since it can carry up to 24 passengers.

The two negative spray rails on each side and the deep V of its hull, the deadrise of which reaches 23 degrees at the transom, promise us soft and dry rides.

On deck

The sundeck of the bow is at the height of the tubes and extends from the console to the small foredeck ensuring a large sunbathing area and relaxation. At the same time, it forms the roof of the boat cabin which has a round hatch for its ventilation.

The console is centrally located leaving the proper space to the port and starboard where there are two large stairs for the moving of passengers towards the sundeck of the bow.
Its height is ideal to provide the space required for the small room of the toilet that is located inside without interfering the captain’s visibility.

On its port side the plexiglass door is located leading to the cabin while the steering wheel is centrally positioned at a suitable height. On the right of the steering wheel we find the engine controls and above it the electrical switches.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

On the semi-circular instruments’ dashboard, the GPS and the Evinrude’s multi-gauge are positioned giving us all the information we need, leaving enough space for the installation of other electronic devices. To its right and left there are two stainless handles to hold the driver and co-driver while the high windshield offers the necessary protection from spray and wind.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

Going downwards a wide stair we get inside the console.

On our right, just behind the dashboard, there is the bathroom and toilet room, while on our left a long sofa that accommodates a large storage area.

Directly ahead, the large double captain’s bed is formed, which is located beneath the bow sundeck, ensuring a comfortable overnight stay for two people.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

The double helm seat is integrated in the polyester construction, the rear part of which is forming a large wet-bar that carries all the necessary equipment, providing us the ability to cook on board and the necessary space for the refrigerator, sink and tap water.

Around the wet-bar there is plenty of free space for the comfortable movement of passengers, while a teak-lined step forms centrally on the stern sofa, very useful for accessing the rib stern.

Behind the 4-seater couch backrest there is the huge sundeck, which is delimited by the wide and teak-lined platforms, very useful for the fore and aft moving.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

Beneath the aft sundeck we find the largest storage space of the rib that can easily be formed into a comfortable cabin that can accommodate two adults.

Directly behind the aft sundeck and a little lower there is another storage area which is very useful not only for the necessary equipment of the boat but also as a large step that facilitates the access from the swimming platform to the lateral ones and the deck.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

The swimming platform gives great freedom of movement thanks to the 90 cm long stainless steel brackets where the engines are hung, and is extending right and left of the engines providing the necessary space for the ladder on the one side and easy access to the deck from another.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

At sea

The Rib of our test was equipped with two Evinrude E-Tec G2 300hp engines, which were turning two four-blade RX4, 21-inch of pitch, propellers.

The new Evinrude E-Tec G2 engines, apart from their completely different exterior appearance, have many innovative features and according to BRP's claims they deliver 20% more torque, burning 15% less fuel and produce two or three times lower emissions than their competitors.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

Having tried several G2 engines on various rigid inflatable boats I can say they are really smooth in their handling and quiet, while they offer outstanding torque especially at low rpm.
The i-Trim system, which automatically trims the engines in the most proper position, and DPS that adjusts the steering resistance according to the loads it receives, contribute to the better control and easiest handling.

The test took place on April at the Nautical Boat Show in Naples of Italy, during which the waves did not exceed one meter in height and our loads were 150 litters of fuel and 4 passengers.

Our 4-blade propellers got the 999 Cabin quickly on plane and was holding it there at 2800 rpm with a speed of 13 knots.

At 4000 rpm our speed reached 34 knots burning 2.17 litters per nautical mile. This is the most economical cruise speed of the 10 meter inflatable boat. Moreover, the rib allows us to travel even faster without any significant increase in fuel consumption since at 4500 rpm our speed reached 40 knots burning 2.25 litters per mile.

Oromarine 999 Cabin

Although it was not overloaded, the above figures are remarkable when considering that it is a big cabin rib.

With the throttle wide-open and not much experimenting with the trim, the engines were turning 5700 rpm and our top speed reached 52 knots. It is also worth mentioning the very low slip values across the whole rpm range, which at WOT was only 2.2%, showing a very good set-up in terms of engine mounting height, propeller selection and its distance from the rib’s transom.

The only observation we can make is that this engine-boat combination requires reducing the propellers’ pitch by at least one inch, so that, when the rib carries its usual loads, the engine’s speed will not drop below 5700 rpm.

You can see our detailed measurements in the PDF below:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf


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Oromarine 999 Cabin
  • Length overall: 9.95 m
  • Beam: 3.28 m
  • Weight: 2300 Kg
  • Tube's material: H/N Orca 1670
  • Dry weight: 2300 kg
  • Champers: 8
  • Max HP: 2 x 350
  • Category: B

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