By Thomas P.

Oromarine is a new company that has managed quite quickly to stand out in the European market due to the quality and design of the Ribs it manufactures. The great experience and the passion for the sea are the main elements of this success, which are also the guarantee of its products.

Oromarine S11

The new Oromarine S11 is a 11.50 meter rigid inflatable boat and is the flagship of the shipyard in Naples of Italy. It is a mega-rib that can accommodate you on board for several days and nights, as well as to travel you to far destinations, even in rough weather, thanks to its deep V hull which reaches 24 degrees at the transom.

It provides a large central located console that can be equipped with a bed and toilet, while at the bow and stern area we can find spacious sun beds. Behind the double helmseat there is a large wet-bar which can accommodate all the necessary equipment.

In the outboard version of S11, the stern can be formed into a large cabin which can accommodate with great comfort two adults.

Oromarine S11

Oromarine S11

The large swimming platform, which extends to the port and starboard of the engines, is the easiest point to access the rib. The engines are mounted on two individual stainless steel brackets of 90 cm each one in length, leaving space for a wide swimming platform with great freedom of movement.

Oromarine S11

At Sea

The sea trial of S11 took place on a warm April day in Naples’s Bay and was equipped with two Evinrude E-Tec G2 300hp which were turning two 19" Raker propellers.

The 300 horsepower comes from the 3441 cc of the six-cylinder two-stroke engine which can rotate with a maximum speed of 6000 rpm and turns a reduction gear case 1.85:1. The redesigned gearbox of G2 features a larger set of gears which allow the use of larger propellers for greater thrust.

Oromarine S11

Nailing the throttles, we quickly got on plane, having 200 litters of fuel and 3 passengers on board. The engines accelerated very fast and showed great low-end torque, which allowed us to drive the big rib with great comfort among the crest of the waves.

The rib was travelling with 14 knots at 2800 rpm, while the most economical speed recorded at 3500 rpm and resulted in 2.32 litters per nautical mile at 25 knots.
At 4000 rpm our speed climbed to 32 knots without a significant increase in fuel consumption which reached 2.5 litters per nautical mile.

After 4000 rpm we can see extremely low slip values, a fact which shows the very good set-up of the rib in terms of engines mounting height and propellers’ distance from the transom.

At wide-open throttle, the engines were able to turn 6000 rpm - their maximum speed -, indicating that the propeller pitch is ideal for the particular engines-boat combination, giving a top speed of 51 knots.

Oromarine S11

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Oromarine S11
  • Overall lenght: 11.50 m.
  • Beam: 3.28 m
  • Dry weight: 1900 Kg
  • Tube's material: H/N Orca 1670
  • Champers: 8
  • Max Hp: 2 x 350
  • Homologation CE: Category B

Via Cavone degli Sbirri
80017 - Naples
Τηλ.: +39 081 19572366
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