By Thomas P.

Its very good ride quality, the low fuel consumption, its ability to accommodate 4 people even for long stays, and of course, its ability to travel fast and economically even with a 250 horsepower engine on its transom are some of the key benefits for which Marvel 960 continues to enjoy the appreciation of sea friends for many years.

Marvel 960

The narrow hull, with a 53-degree bow entrance and a 25-degree deadrise at the transom, is mainly responsible for the excellent soft ride of Marvel 960 without even losing storage spaces.
The combination of Marvel’s hull with the new Suzuki DF 350A is certainly a great challenge.

Suzuki's powerful six-cylinder engine with its 4390 cc, 330 kg of weight and 2.29:1 gear ratio equipped with two contra rotating propellers is an explosive combination of power and torque that we were absolutely certain it would be an ideal setup with the particular rib.
At the Suzuki’s DF 350A presentation event held at Flisvos Marina by Nik. I. Theocharakis a few days ago, we had the opportunity to test Marvel 960 and get a first taste of its performance.

Marvel 960

At Sea

The new Suzuki engine was mounted on the Marvel 960 bracket and it was turning two counterrotating propellers with an average pitch of 24 inches.

With a calm sea and minimal wind, with 200 litters of fuel and 5 people aboard, Marvel 960 got on plane at about 2600 rpm and 12 knots. At 3500 rpm we were travelling with 25 knots burning 1.48 litters per nautical mile, while at 4000 rpm the cruising speed was 30 knots, consuming 1.6 litters per nautical mile.

By pushing the throttle to WOT, the engine rpm reached 5650 and our top speed was 45.5 knots, consuming 2.6 litters per nautical mile.

Our first impression of this new setup was very good and we can definitely say that the new Suzuki engine matches perfectly with Marvel 960, the performance of which has improved even more.

Marvel 960

Compared to the Suzuki DF 300hp:

  • The Marvel 960 hull runs significantly higher and cuts the water one and a half meter more aft through the whole rpm range, which is clearly due to the exceptionally greater stern lift offered by the new Suzuki DF 350A dual prop system
  • Its hull accelerates faster due to the reduced wet surfaces and the huge torque reserves of the new engine
  • The plane comes at lower rpm, while it is characteristic that even with the trim very high - above the waist - Marvel comes on plane with ease and the throttle response is excellent
  • The slip values across the whole rpm range are significantly lower and the rib can travel economically at low speeds, which is particularly important when we meet rough seas
  • Due to the enormous increase in the surface of the blades, compared to the 16" diameter, 3-blade prop of the DF 300, the «bite» and grip in the water is noticeably more intense
  • The riding gets smoother due to the large number of the blades, while the rib handling is clearly improved in all conditions
  • It is certain that the Suzuki’s DF 350A contra-rotating propellers will enable us to load the rib further without sacrificing our performance.

You can see the detailed measurements in the PDF below:

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

It is obvious that we have to match shorter propellers so as to allow the engine to reach its maximum rpm, while it is possible that the Marvel 960 - Suzuki DF 350A combination could reach a top speed of about 50 knots by using power lift and the less possible loads.

...keep Ribbing!



Marvel 960

Olympic 4.99
  • Length overall: 9.92 m
  • Beam: 2.64 m
  • Dry weight: 1200 Kg
  • Tube's diameter: 45-54 cm
  • Tube's material: HN Orca 1670
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 300 Lt
  • Max HP: 2 x 300
  • Category: C
  • Manufacturer:
    Marvel Ribs
    64, Souliou str., 19007 Marathonas, Greece
    e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    suzuki marine