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Especially designed for diving centers, this rib seems quite interesting as choice for a buyer due to its appearance and performance. It is the nautical equivalent of a Land Rover Defender, made for professional use.

BWA 220 Super Pro

In fact, the BWA shipyard proposes it exclusively for professionals, with various types of consoles, seats, tubes and other technical equipment. This special version with the new 200hp Evinrude E-Tec G2 engine has provided very interesting results in terms of speed, acceleration, fuel consumption and handling. Although the BWA 220 Super Pro has been set up to carry many people, still it has also been proved very stable and even lightweight.

The history of BWA has been developed through the production of rigid inflatable boats of many different types, oriented not only for pleasure but also for sports and professional activities as well. Today, the yard proposes five models, each one of which with very specific features. The new 220 Super Pro could, however, be considered as an intermediate model. It really belongs to the professional series but it could also find fans among more conventional boats.

Before making your final critique, we recommend you thoroughly analyze this rib because there are many reasons that could influence your final choice.

Although the 220 Super Pro’s price is half of a similar luxury pleasure one’s, still has a much better performance than the average.

What is missing? The sunset? The tent? The shower? Yes, but maybe it's worth adding them later.

BWA 220 Super Pro

So, let's have a look at the true essence of the boat. It is designed to carry heavy loads, such as a team of divers with their equipment, so it is durable, concerning both the structure of the fiberglass and the tubes too.

The gray coloured tubes show less dust, so they are more suitable for professional use, but not so comfortable under the hot August sun. They are made of Hypalon-Neopren 1.670 dtex, reinforced and protected with added fabric that reduces the risk of damage and wear that can be caused by any scratches. This additional cover also provides very good grip so as to prevent slipping during boarding.

The deck is completely assembled so that it can be adjusted as desired, even with elements not provided in the standard and optional equipment. The yard proposes a central bench with cupboards and 8, 10 or 12 seats. The floor has a special polyurethane coating with great anti-skid force that can be designed and decorated depending on the use. The final image is very pleasant, efficient and practical.

BWA 220 Super Pro

BWA 220 Super Pro

The console is designed only to provide good weather protection and certainly not to be attractive. It's high, wide and square, as any professional would just prefer. A particularly large stainless steel rail runs along the windscreen with useful side handles.

The dashboard is spread out on two planes that give space for the placement of any instrument, while downward a hatch gives access to the console's internal storage space. At the bottom there is a stainless steel footrest that allows resting your feet.

On the front side of the console a removable refrigerator is located, useful for keeping fish (and perhaps for some cool drinks) and quite durable to be used as a seat, with the addition of a cushion and a backrest.

BWA 220 Super Pro

The seats of the helm and the passengers are totally simple. The choice of colour is intense, but the stainless steel is suitable without stealing space. The helmseat is for two people and part of the seat is foldable so as to support the driver when he is standing up.
There is also room for four passengers on the aft couch, sitting on a locker. However, the manufacturer offers many other types of seats.

BWA 220 Super Pro

BWA 220 Super Pro

You can have access to the aft locker by lifting the seat of the sofa and opening a door of unexpectedly small size.
The capacity of the lockers is moderate, because as an open boat is considered that the equipment is placed on the deck.

In front of the engine’s basin, there is an inspection cap allowing direct access to the bilge pump.

The features of the deck probably do not make the Bwa 220 Super Pro an attractive rigid inflatable boat, but a sea test can make someone change his mind.

BWA 220 Super Pro

BWA 220 Super Pro

At Sea

In order to get the ultimate performance of the rib, the BWA 220 Super Pro was equipped with the maximum power given by the approval certificate. The new Evinrude E-Tec G2 200hp is a two-stroke six-cylinder outboard engine of 2.744 cc.
But may this power be too high for a rigid inflatable boat of 665 cm in length and weighing 600 kg?

BWA 220 Super Pro

Pushing the throttle forward, the 220 Super Pro showed a balanced rib-engine combination which got on plane just at 9 knots. At 3000 rpm the performance was among the best in its class: speed of 23 knots, (three knots higher than the average), consumption of 1.15 miles per liter, (quite low), and noise of 80 dB (comparable to the one of four-stroke engines).

The biggest difference compared to other ribs is in acceleration due to the characteristics of the outboard and the rib, the hull of which proved to be undoubtedly effective.

Until 4000 rpm, corresponding to a speed of 30-knots, the fuel consumption is more than one mile per litter.

In practice, with a full fuel tank, you could travel 200 miles without stopping, in less than 6 hours and 40 minutes.

The 220 Super Pro is set-up to carry many people, but even with a light load it has the same optimal handling and passes over the waves at high speed without pounding.

BWA 220 Super Pro

The maximum cruising speed at 4800 rpm is 38 knots, a very high performance for a rib of this size.

Technical data by Il Gommone pdf

But the most impressive of all, is the fact that it can run at the maximum speed of 48 knots steadily, without losing control.
Apparently at this speed an increase in the fuel consumption is expectable, but its ride in ideal conditions is remarkable and the propeller’s slip low, at around 5%, due to the very good design of the hull.
The use of the trim is certainly necessary but not essential, and any possible degree of differentiation does not significantly affect performance results.

BWA 220 Super Pro

At WOT, the consumption is 68 litters per hour, corresponding to 0.71 miles per litter, and 20% less fuel than other’s similar rib-engine combinations, proving the choice of the Evinrude E-Tec G2 200hp-220 Super Pro combination as a very good one.

...keep Ribbing!



BWA 220 Super Pro
  • Overall length: 6.65 m
  • Beam: 2.75 m
  • Dry weight: 600 Kg
  • Number of tubes: 5
  • Tubes' diameter: 58 cm
  • Tubes' material: Hypalon-Neopren
  • Passengers: 15
  • Max Power: 200 HP
  • Homologation: Category B

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