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Marlin 282 EFB is a high quality Rib and the result of a new project, still quite similar to the 274 FB. The deck is sleek and its ergonomy at high levels. The console can accommodate a bathroom while the bow and aft sundeck can be extended even further.


When you intend to buy a car, do you choose one of the best or are you satisfied with any one? If you belong to the second category, Marlin Ribs are not for you.

Despite the difficulties of the time, the yard continues to produce high-quality products without any discounts on materials, production process or on customer service. Behind this business policy there is the passion for the sea and thirty years of presence in the production of high standard rigid inflatable boats.

The 282 EFB is not just the inboard version of the 274 FB, but a new model, with the hull and the deck fully renewed in their aft section. With a special emphasis on the construction of the hull, the deck and the internal structure, a very robust and at the same time elastic set has been created, safe even under very difficult situations, such as an unexpected collision.
The Marlin yard preferred to make some important modifications for this sterndrive version and so designed a new hull with the appropriate tilt of the transom. The "V" is deep and the deadrise at the stern is 24 degrees.


The bow is very tall because the tubes do not have the usual straight course but are raised from the console and front, offering greater protection. Although the double helmseat and the great width of console and its front bench, still there’s plenty of room in the passageways and the fore and aft movement gets quite easily.

The rib is a living place along its entire length, while some stairs connecting the various levels of the deck making it quite comfortable.



The foredeck extends far ahead, but it can easily be replaced in case of damage. The anchor and the windlass are hidden under a teak-covered wooden hatch, and in order to access the anchor locker, it needs only to turn a pillow and open the hutch. In the same way, the back cover opens without removing the pillow, giving access to the large storage area of the bow locker.

There is no doubt that an experienced driver can notice the comfort of the dual driving position. The driver and co-driver can either be seated, protected by the windshield, or stand up, leaning on the bolster. The controls are ideally positioned on a small protruding console, while the dashboard has the required space to install even large electronic devices.
Below the console there is a storage area, which can be equipped with a sink, toilet with sewage tank and teak wooden doors, upon request (2,600 Euros). Below the driver's seat there is a vertical entry hatch giving access to a small storage space.


Below the console there is a storage area, which can be equipped with a sink, toilet with sewage tank and teak wooden doors, upon request (2,600 Euros). Below the driver's seat there is a vertical entry hatch giving access to a small storage space.

The sofa in the stern can accommodate up to four people, thanks to the width and the moldings that have been carved to give space to the arms and handrails. The cockpit is a delightful area that can accommodate up to six people, thanks to the adjustable backrest bench.



The engine room is much larger than the required one, but it is important to have enough space around the engine for comfortable maintenance and repairing.

In addition, the bulk of the aft locker is useful both for reducing internal temperature and for providing oxygen for better combustion. For this purpose, relatively large ventilation slots, elegantly coated with stainless steel plates, have been formed.


At the engine hood a large sundeck is formed which together with the large bathroom platform are the strongest points of the boat, with special aesthetics. The bathroom ladder is hidden beneath a teak wooden door. When we throw it in the water, two handles automatically picks up giving easy access to the boat.

Among the optional equipment, the stainless steel roll bar with tents and the 36-liter refrigerator are included.


At Sea

The test Rib was equipped with a Mercruiser 6.2L DTS "V8" engine with multi-port electronic injection. It delivers 350 horses and is also equipped with a Bravo III sterndrive for better performance and more comfortable sense of driving.

Thanks to the hydrodynamic stabilizer (a type of water ballast, where water accumulates in the hull when the boat is anchored and empties when cruising), as the rib starts, the ride angle is ideal and it gets on plane at just 9.5 knots. The two propellers produce a very strong thrust and, combined with the engine power and torque, the acceleration is strongly felt throughout the range from 3500 to 5000 rpm.


Due to the inboard engine, the centre of gravity is low and the ride is very stable even in high waves. From 20 to 25 knots we travel 0,82 miles per litter, a consumption similar to that of Marlin 274 with Verado of the same horsepower. Considering the 4500 rpm as the maximum engine continual operating limit, we can travel at a speed of 34 knots.

The hull is tilted depending on the sterndrive’s tilt, while the trim setting is not so important, although it is advisable to bring it to 30% when we reach 20 knots and then gradually increase it, avoiding exceeding 50% of its route.

Every time we open the throttle, the impressive acceleration of the rib becomes noticeable and a slight increase in the engine’s noise just emphasizes its sporty character. The roar is strong and the counter records 80, 85 and 90 dB values, respectively at 25, 30 and 40 knots, but the sound is not annoying because it is tuned at low frequencies.

With a full amount of fuel (about 300 litters), trimming accordingly and choosing a cruise speed of 24 knots, we can theoretically travel 250 miles without any interruption.


Pushing the throttle to the end, the engine burns 92 litters per hour, equivalent to 0.47 miles per litter at a maximum speed of 43 knots.

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Marlin 274, equipped with a Mercury Verado 350 hp, reaches a maximum speed of 48 knots with two people on board. The differences between the two engines, however, tend to decrease as the load increases due to the different torque characteristics of the Mercruiser 6.2L DTS and the Bravo III sterndrive.


The control of the boat, if conditions are in favour, is easy and safe even when driving with over 40 knots. The gradual increase in speed does not have a direct impact on passengers and does not require a special driving experience, but if you want to accelerate abruptly, considering the impressive acceleration of the engine, it is better first to warn the crew.

...keep Ribbing!



  • Overall length: 8.6 m
  • Beam: 2.92 m
  • Weight (unloaded): 1800 Kg
  • Tubes' fabric: Hypalon Neoprene
  • Tubes' chambers: 5
  • Tubes' diameter: 53 cm
  • Passengers: 12
  • Max power: 350 HP
  • Homologation CE: Category B

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