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It is a model that deserves the title of "Gran Turismo" because it is capable of traveling many miles at high speeds with absolute comfort. By raising the rpm and trimming out it turns into a sporty and fast rigid inflatable boat. It is a high quality product from each point of view, from the construction to finishing.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

The Lomac boatyard stands out for the production of a large variety of rigid inflatable boats. A few years ago they chose to produce high-quality crafts, completing the range of traditional models that have set the company's success. The management’s passage to the next generation of Lo Manto family had a decisive impact on the course of investments, a decision that was probably dictated by the trends of the global market.

The Rib nowadays is not only a practical and simple means of transport. More and more people are looking for something special, quality and original, without considering the cost. Of course, this is a small number of buyers in relation to the real funs of the rigid inflatable boats; still they are always a reasonable percentage because it increases the turnover and favours the development of new models.

So, in Lomac Company, the series of Adrenalina and GrandTurismo has been created, the last one of which was first introduced in 2016 with the flagship of 10.4 meters and completed with the model 8.5.

The name of the boat contains all of its construction’s philosophy, being ideal for those dreaming adventures, long lasting cruisers or high-speed trips. It is designed entirely by Federico Fiorentino, creator of Lomac's latest models.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

The cabin is the most important part of the boat, because it determines more than anything else the type of model and the buyer's choice. Sleeping under a tent on the sunbathing pillows is quite romantic and charming; still a cosy double bed in a well-insulated, comfortable and functional cabin with a remarkable finish gives you an even more pleasant feeling.

The natural light passes through the side scuttles, the plexiglass under the windshield and the open window on the bow deck. The bunk can also be used as a living room thanks to the detachable central part of the bed. Below the bed there is a closed storage area and the water tank, while space for a closet was created in the entrance hallway. The bathroom has limited dimensions but has all the necessary and adequate equipment.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

The cabin has definitely influenced the shape of the deck, which reaches at the level of the tubes’ top and is only delimited by the stainless steel square rails with nice style but quite sharp. The cushions are held steadily and held back by straps. The passages next to the console are exposed and are not supported by handles, a disadvantage created by the desire to maintain purity on the lines of the boat. The superstructure of the cabin has a geometric shape that emphasizes the modern and dynamic character of the rib.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

Although the cabin’s door is exactly besides the helm, the instrument surface is quite spacious.
The throttles are mounted on a special base offering comfort in handling, but they are quite exposed and so in danger of being pushed accidentally.

The double driver's seat is ergonomically designed and can be easily removed.
The kitchen cabinet is of the right size and can be equipped with a stove and sink, while the refrigerator is in the standard equipment.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

The stern sofa can be turned into a dining room, with the table lifted by an electrical mechanism from the deck. In the same way the sofa is also turned into a sunbathing area, by adding a pillow and adjusting the height of the table accordingly. Below the couch there are two hatches that provide access to storage spaces. The separation of the openings allows both adequate illumination of the space and direct access to the batteries. The locker is not very spacious and therefore the storage capacity of the boat could not satisfy the most demanding buyers but is well organized, ventilated with air passages and illuminated. Taking up a part of the pillows on the sofa’s base we can pull out the foldable sun tent that opens easily.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

An opening on the starboard side gives easy passage to the engines. The area for sea activities is quite large, with two long platforms; the one of them has a built-in folding ladder and a handlerail for boarding. Unfortunately, the large engines’ basin prevents the passage from one platform to the other. And to this point all the accessories are characterized by quality and style: we particularly mention folding cleats and rectangular, light curves, handles that delimit the tubes in the stern and emphasize their outline. The ski beam is supported on a specially designed base, while the safety hooks of all moving parts are solid, adjustable and mounted in special slots.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

All the pillows are of excellent construction, well positioned and fixed. In spite of the fact that the dark colour of the deck requires special care during the construction and the temperature developed in the sun's rays can cause discomfort, still the aesthetic effect is undoubtfull. The aesthetic excellence has been a decisive factor in the formation of the boat, and so, the choice to sacrifice a few centimetres of the tubes’ internal width is due to it, but they fit perfectly with the curved handles and fibreglass platforms on the stern. The teak liner is well-cared both in placement and design giving a prestige to the final style.
Any technical inspection confirms the quality of the product and ultimately, the construction, the materials, the finishing, the installations and the equipment (almost everything is provided in the standard one) justifying the price of the boat.

At sea

In order a boat to deserve the title of ‘gran turismo' it must be able to travel long distances at high speed even in non-ideal conditions, and is therefore necessary to have powerful engines. The transom of Lomac 85 can support up to 2 x 350hp outboard engines, but the test took place with two Yamahas 200 Hp, which proved to be ideal both for setup and performance.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

Equipped with 19" propellers, the two outboard motors reached 5.900 rpm and the rib the maximum speed of 46 knots, which is much better than many other competing models, still slightly less than the Adrenalina 9.0 of the same size and weight.

The difference is defined by the set-up of GranTurismo, designed to travel comfortably at any speed. The rib actually starts to get on plane with just 8.5 knots and has low fuel consumption in a wide range of rpm. Thus it can travel over half a mile per liter at speeds between 10 and 30 knots and presents the best fuel efficiency between 18 and 25 knots when the fuel consumption drops to 0.63 miles per liter.
At cruising speed the cruising angle is 3-4 degrees and the losses for the propellers are at 15%. These data confirm that Lomac 85 is suitable for long-lasting cruising at a fairly high speed.

LOMAC GranTurismo 8.5

Considering 4.800 rpm as the max engines’ speed for cruising, the rib’s maximum speed at these rpm reached 35.5 knots. In fact the test took place in a rough sea, so in ideal conditions we could have even better performances.

Trimming the engines out to achieve the maximum speed, the boat comes out of the water and gives the feeling that it is flying over the waves. Running in a head sea, if the trim is positive, the entire hull is disengaged from the water and the control of the course is delivered exclusively to the engines’ lower units (which are not always below the surface).

Technical data by Il Gommone pdf

Finally, the character of this rib is also dependent on the helmsman who can decide to drive in a calm or aggressive way by operating differently on throttle and trim. On tight changes of the course, the rib is fast and accurate and the slip is not excessive, although the tubes do not touch the water surface.
For the time, the Lomac 8.5 is the introductory model of the series but having given the difference in length from the flagship of 10.5 is not difficult to imagine an intermediate next model.

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LOMAC GranTurismo
  • Overall length: 8.49 m
  • Beam: 3.23 m
  • Weight (unloaded): 1950 Kg
  • Tubes' diameter: 0.54 m
  • Tubes' chambers: 6
  • Tubes' fabric: Hypalon Neoprene
  • Passengers: 12
  • Max power: 2 x 350 HP
  • Recommented power: 1 x 350 HP
  • Homologation CE: B

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