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When a smaller rib’s owner goes up to a 8-9 meter category, his demands are usually clear: he is looking for a rib that will be able to travel comfortably at 4-5bf and will provide plenty of storage spaces as well as comfortable fore and aft sunbathing areas.

Nuova Jolly Prince

Undoubtedly, Nuova Jolly Prince 25 sport meets all the above requirements. Its deep hull, which offers soft ride, and the spacious bow and stern sundecks, underneath of which large storage spaces are hidden, coupled with its high-quality construction, rank the Prince 25 among the top choices in class.

If we take in account, in addition to all these, the sleek foredeck which offers easy boarding, the great freedom of movement on the deck and the enormous swimming platform, then it becomes clear that the Nuova Jolly’s team is well aware of the requirements of a quite well experienced rib-public.

It's been several years since many Italian boatyards have changed philosophy and ceased focusing only on the quality of construction and design of large and comfortable decks leaving behind the ride quality of their hulls.
The era of deadrises’s small degrees, which favour the design of very wide and comfortable decks as well as the mounting of lower horsepower engines -still against the quality of the cruise-, has probably gone irreversibly. Nowadays, the attempt of combining comfortable and luxury wide decks with deep V hulls is obvious.

Nuova Jolly Prince

The change in this mentality has been greatly contributed by the enormous development of four-stroke engines - a few years ago no one could imagine that a four-stroke engine of 350 or 400 hp could be hanged on the transom – as well as the very long trips which have taken place from time to time with riged inflatable boats establishing the rib as a competent and versatile means to cover long distances in the consciousness of the people and ceased to be considered only as a safe swimming or sunbathing platform.

Therefore, more and more rib-friends started making long trips, thus having increased demands on the quality of the cruise, so as to prefer more the design features of the offshore hulls.

On Deck

At the bow of Prince 25 there is a large sundeck that creates a very comfortable double bed for sleep or just relax enjoying the sun. Below there are two large lockers with plenty of storage, the hatches of which remain open by means of an absorber, thus facilitating access to them.

In front of the bow sundeck the sleek, still not very comfortable, foredeck is located forming two narrow-stairs for boarding. In its center there is the necessary hatch which gives process to the electric windlass and another smaller round one leading to a good-sized locker.

Nuova Jolly Prince

The console is a new design, with relatively limited dimensions to leave more free space to walk around on either side, while on its front side there is a single fold down seat. It provides enough space for the necessary electronics instruments, with the switches in a long line above the engine control, while the windscreen is surrounded by a stainless steel rail providing the necessary support especially in rough weather.

The steering wheel is positioned on the port side of the console and the engine control slightly on starboard, at the right height.

The helmseat is a bench style with a backrest without side support. It is suitable for someone who is seating while driving, while the position of the footrest has the correct height and the proper angle.
Under the helmseat, there is the appropriate space that can accommodate a gas stove, a sink and a fridge.

Nuova Jolly Prince

Nuova Jolly Prince

With no doubt, the aft deck, which represents the main gathering area, is the strongest point of Prince 25 sport. The large Π-shaped sofa, which can accommodate several people and can be turned into a dining area or a spacious sun bed, the large swimming platform, which on this rib becomes even bigger due to the power lift installation, as well as the very useful transom door located on the port side, giving easy access to the swimming platform, compose undoubtedly a multifunctional area that you will enjoy the most.

Nuova Jolly Prince

At Sea

Prince 25 sport was equipped with the new Suzuki 350hp outboard, which was hanging on a jackplate and turning two 15 ½" x 25 ½" Suzuki three-blade stainless steel propellers. We had a completely new set-up in our hands as our test day coincided with the first presentation of the DF 350A Suzuki-dual prop engine in Europe.

On the day of our test, the wave height was reaching one meter, so we could not push the engine control at WOT to record the top speed, but we had the opportunity to evaluate the ride capabilities of the Prince 25’ hull.

As expected, the new Suzuki provided excellent performance in acceleration, cruising speed and fuel consumption, despite the choppy conditions.

Nuova Jolly Prince

The acceleration was explosive and felt strongly every time we were pushing the throttle forward.
Suzuki 350hp lifted us onto plane in 4.2 seconds, with 200 litters of fuel and 4 people on board, while reached at 20 knots in just 4.8 seconds.

The Rib could hold on plane just at 2000 rpm, that is really a great number, and of course, of great importance when traveling in rough sea.
As far as fuel consumption is concerned, it remained at very low levels between 1.16lt/nm and 1.33lt/nm, from 12 knots (2000 rpm) to 30 knots (4000 rpm).

Note that these numbers were recorded with the engine mounted high on the jackplate, while due to weather conditions we did not have the opportunity to trim the engine as much out as we wanted, a fact which would undoubtedly give us even better performance.
The top speed of Prince 25 with Suzuki 350hp, according to the owner who had previously tested the rib in better conditions, reaches 52 knots.

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

Prince 25's hull could handle very well and with absolute stability the big horsepower on its transom, as well as Suzuki's explosive accelerations. With its characteristic sharp entry and 25-degree deadrise at the transom, the 8.45m rib produced a particularly soft ride both in head and following seas.

When we were running at speeds of about 25 to 30 knots with the waves directly on the bow, which as well known is the toughest kind of ride, the bow sharp entry knifed the wave very soft, while in our short take offs, the deep V of the transom was taking over to soften our ride without any pounding at all, while the spray rails were keeping the water low and throw it aside, so as not even drop got on the helm.
But even when we were riding with the waves on the stern, the bow was standing high, allowing the rib to climb up and over the backside of the waves, without any tendency to «nail» or «glue» on the back of the waves.

Nuova Jolly Prince

Let's see some of the new DF 350A Suzuki’s benefits:

The rib was running so comfortable that I had the opportunity to go aft to the swimming platform so as I could see the position of the engine’s A / V plate relative to the water surface as well as the size of the wake that the rib was making. Two very important indications that show us how high or low the hull stands on the water when underway at planing speeds.

The stern lift was impressive and this is one of the most important benefits of the Suzuki dual-prop system. It was obvious that the great stern lift, which is clearly generated by the two contra-rotating propellers, was one of the main reasons of the improved ride in all fields.

But, what that means in simple words:

When a hull is running higher in the water at planing speeds, is also able to accelerate faster since less wetted surface is in contact with the water. Furthermore, the reducing drag leads to the increase of speed and the improved fuel consumption.

Nuova Jolly Prince

During the ride, the hull, the engine's lower unit and the propeller are the only three elements that are into the water. It is logical, therefore, that the more we reduce the drug of the above three elements, the higher the performance is achieved (with the exception of racing boats where other factors are involved).

So the Suzuki, with its new DF 350A engine, managed to reduce:

  • the hull’s wetted surface, due to the exceptional stern lift resulting from the tremendous increase in the total surface area of the blades offered by the double propellers
  • the gearbox’s volume by using smaller gears, which was possible by the use of a smaller diameter of propellers
  • the propellers’ diameter, compared to the 16-inch single propeller used on the 300hp model, without sacrificing performance.
All of the above factors lead to a total drug reduction which improves the performance in terms of acceleration, speed and fuel consumption.
...keep Ribbing!



Nuova Jolly Prince
  • Length: 845 m
  • Beam: 3.1 m
  • Weight: 1380 Kg
  • Passengers: 16
  • Fuel tank: 300 Lt
  • Max HP: 350

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