By Thomas P.

«Our bow was cleaving the glassy surface of the sea, while we were enjoying our morning coffee sitting comfortably behind the console, snuffing ravenously the aroma of the sea and all the senses  the fresh air.

Capelli Tempest

We were travelling with 28 knots and the sun began to timidly rise in front of our starboard bow, painting the horizon with the wonderful colours of the sunrise.
After several hours of travelling, we anchored in our favourite bay and we were lying on the fore sundeck letting the sun rays to warm us up and enjoying the serenity of the deserted beach with the crystal clear waters while the children were still sleeping in the cabin ...».

With these thoughts I woke up that rainy November morning, recalling the wonderful summer moments by the sea. Moments of unbelievable beauty which always seem to be unique, no matter how many times we experience them.

And, of course, in such moments of joy and enjoyment, the overall design of the Tempest 38΄ is on focus, which is distinguished for its huge aft lounge and its very comfortable and intelligently designed cabin without depriving it at all of the bow sundeck that features a pure open-RIB.

Το The Tempest 38΄ is a Rib made for travelling long distances and designed to offer us unique moments at sea.

Capelli Tempest

On deck

Beginning from the bow, we can see the sundeck which starts from the foredeck and reaches the console, creating a very large and unified sunbathing and relaxation area that exceeds 4 square meters. There are no lockers or hatches all over this area since the bow-sundeck is the roof of the cabin which lies underneath.

The foredeck is relatively small in relation to the total size of the rib, and certainly could have larger flat surfaces for safer boarding. At the top there is a small hatch that gives access to the electric windlass, while on its back surface we can see the rounded hatch that gives access to the locker where the chain anchor is located.

Capelli Tempest

Capelli Tempest

The large console-cabin, which is one of the strongest points of the Tempest 38΄ highlighting its sporting lines, is centrally positioned leaving small passageways both at port and starboard, ensuring in this way greater interior space.

The plexiglas sliding door on the port side of the console leads to the cabin while the helm is on the starboard. The steering wheel is centrally positioned with the compass, the engines’ multigauge and the GPS right above in direct visual contact with the driver. At the port of the steering wheel are the switches of all the boat’s electrical instruments and a stainless steel handlerail, useful for the co-pilot support.

The driving seats are highly comfortable and their height is ideal to allow direct visibility to the bow and the horizon through the large windscreen surrounded by a stainless steel rail, which is very useful especially when travelling in rough waters. The size of the console and the wide windscreen offer comprehensive protection to the driver and co-driver from air and spray, while the seats allow us to drive with the same ease in both seated and semi-standing position.

Capelli Tempest

Capelli Tempest

At the pilot bench, towards the stern, there is a practical wet-bar with a sink, a stove and a 65-liter refrigerator. The helm station is supplemented by the stylish T-top, which comes with the optional equipment of the boat and offers the necessary protection from the sun's rays, while creating a very beautiful ensemble concept.

Going down two stairs, we are in the interior of the cabin which has a maximum height of 1.80 meters. On the right is the door leading to the separated toilet-bathroom, which is equipped with a very beautiful wooden furniture where the tap and a glass sink are fitted.
In the background, the dining area can be turned into a spacious double bed of 2.4m x 1.6m, ideal for overnight stays during our long vacations.

Capelli Tempest

Capelli Tempest

Special emphasis has been given to the stern cockpit design that is undoubtedly one of the most distinguishing features typical for all Tempest’s models. This is the ultimate goal of the Cappeli’s boatyard design team that focuses primarily on providing every comfort in order for us to be able to enjoy the sea in the best possible way.

The large Π-shaped couch, which can comfortably accommodate six people, turns into a dining area with the addition of a wooden table, as well as into a spacious sunbathing bed of 2.5 square meters.

Capelli Tempest

Capelli Tempest

At the port and starboard sides of the aft sofa we distinguish the extremely large teak-covered platforms that provide comfortable access to the deck by means of two wide stairs on their front.

Behind the backrest of the couch there is one more sunbathing bed where we can optionally adjust the «emblematic» folding deckchairs, an identifying feature of the model, which further extends the sunbathing area.
The swimming platform is equipped with teak-lining and offers plenty of room for the comfortable movement of the passengers, while its extensions to the port and starboard sides of the engines provide the necessary space for the comfortable access on board.

At Sea

Despite the threatening storm hanging over our heads, the almost perfect flat sea during our tests did not allow us to evaluate the ride quality of the Tempest 38΄ in terms of soft and dry cruise.

Capelli Tempest

But we had plenty of time to test other parameters such as the ride attitude, the acceleration, the stability in tight turns, the ease of handling, the planning time and the fuel consumption of the mega-rib.
And indeed, we were totally satisfied with the overall ride of Tempest 38΄.

With a pair of Yamaha 350 outboards turning 17" Salt water propellers, 500 liters of fuel and 5 people aboard, the mega-rib was getting on plane at about 2300 rpm and 12.5 knots, burning 37 liters per hour. Pushing the levers at WOT we hit 47 knots at 6200 rpm, while the most economical cruise speed was 25 knots at 3500 rpm, with fuel consumption of 2.9 liters per nautical mile.

Perfomance data by  e-Ribbing pdf

The slip values across the whole rpm range were low, while the engines exceeded their recommended maximum rpm by 200 revs. All these data show a very good set-up when the rib is heavier loaded.

Capelli Tempest

Tempest 38΄ was responding very well and had no problem handling any maneuvers that we put it through, with very good accelerations if we consider that the total load pushed by the engines exceeded 4.5 tons. We were running with 25 knots for several times, and I was watching the wakes in combination with the part of the bow that knifed the water at low rpm, points that indicate a lot of elements concerning the geometry of a hull and the set-up of a boat.

Proper weight distribution, proper engines’ mounting height and the right choice of propellers – elements that play a crucial role in the well-desired elevation of the stern of any heavy stern-loaded boat - were some of the reasons why mega-rib maintained a very good cruising attitude at low rpm.

As we mentioned, the rib got on plane at low rpm without raising its bow, while it demonstrated great stability even when we turned the steering wheel very steeply, to the point where one of the two propellers was almost out of the water.

Without a doubt, Tempest 38΄ is a very good choice which will offer the owner delightful cruises and unforgettable moments at sea.

...keep Ribbing!



Capelli Tempest 38΄
  • Length overall: 11.97 m
  • Beam: 3.54 m
  • Max tubes' diameter: ≈ 0.70 m
  • Tubes' fabric: Orca H/N 1670 dtex
  • Propulsion: Outboard
  • Weight: ≈ 3400 kg<
  • Passengers: 18
  • Max HP: 800 (2UL)
  • Homologation CE: B

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