By Thomas P.

Prince 38 challenged me to have all the time the throttles of twin 400R laid wide open, riding through the big waves of Genoa Bay at high speeds, while its deep V hull was taking over to soften our continuous take offs. Maybe its purpose was to show me that driving it at the limits even in rough seas is very enjoyable and safe.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

At the Genoa Boat Show we had the chance to try the Nuova Jolly's Prince 38 with twin 400R Verado engines, the maximum rated power that can be installed on this 11m rigid inflatable boat.

If we wanted to characterise the Prince 38 in a few words, we would say that is an open mega-rib that stands out for its exceptional performance, its soft and very dry riding, coupled with its high quality construction, the comfortable living and overnight ability that it offers.

With nearly six decades of experience, Nuova Jolly marine is well aware of the demands of its prospective customers and takes care of their expectations to be worthy.

By giving great emphasis on the production of rigid inflatable boats that are characterized by their excellent finish, while ensuring comfortable deck spaces and very good cruising even in rough weather, Nuova Jolly marine is considered one of the largest and most important shipyards all over the world.


Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

Prince 38's secret of seaworthiness and performance is located, of course, under the tubes. At each side of its hull, we can distinguish a spray rail, which stops quite away from the transom. The inclination of the spray rail and the chine, which is not particularly high, is as negative as required so as to ensure the necessary buoyancy and the absence of annoying spray from the deck.
With a very sharp bow-entry (bow deadrise is near to 60 degrees), the hull ends up to a «clear» V at the bottom of the transom with a 25-degree deadrise providing a very soft cruise, demonstrating an aggressive off-shore character that allows to cover long distances with distinctive comfort even when Poseidon is not by your side!

On the Deck

Nuova Jolly Prince 38 is designed to provide all the comforts to its owner.
It can change physiognomy within a few minutes depending on the time or crew wishes, and has plenty of space to accommodate a lot of people on board.

The very cleverly designed and extra-large console-cabin is located in the centre, leaving comfortable passages on both port and starboard sides for easier access fore and aft. Its height is ideal, allowing the pilot to have excellent visibility even when driving seated, but without lacking comfort and space indoors.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

At the helm, everything is functional and ergonomically positioned to allow the helmsman to be fully manipulated and controlled, easily and instantly.
The steering wheel is located on the port side of the console, with the engine throttle controls on the starboard side, at an ideal height. Below the controls all the switches of the electrical equipment of the rib are in a row, while above is the dashboard where the engines gauges and the electronic devices are positioned.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

The entrance of the cab is located at the front of the cabin, its tilting door of which has a single person's seat integrated. With internal dimensions of 2.50 x 2.10 m, it offers space for a king-size bed that can host two adults in extra comfort, and a marine toilet in the space below the central pillows. Of course, we should not forget that the cabin room can also be used as a huge storage space during our trips, where all our gears and personal belongings can be kept safe and mainly dry.

The doublewide helm seat is adjustable so as the helmsman can have the choice of either seated or semi-standing driving position while its backrest is high enough to provide the necessary support particularly when riding in rough seas.

Moreover, in the rearward face of the double helm seat there is a functional and attractively designed wet-bar which can host a single-burner stove, a sink, and a refrigerator.

A raised foredeck forms a large flat platform which with the help of a step gives easy passage on board.

On the staircase there is a reclining door that gives access to the anchor windlass.

Immediately afterwards, there is a V-shaped bench which, with the addition of a table, can be turned into a dining area of 6 people. We can also low the table at the level of the bench and use it as base for a large pillow creating a large sun pad. Beneath the V-shaped bench there are three independent lockers capable of accommodating all the necessary equipment of the boat.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

In the area of the stern there is one of the strongest points of Prince 38, a huge space that can change physiognomy with a simple move. The table that is located between the U-shaped sofa creates a large dining area that can comfortably accommodate 8 people. The table can be descended, with an electric mechanism, at the height of the pillows and create a large sundeck (2.10m x 1.60m) or lowered at the floor level when underway. Beneath the sofa's cushions, there are three large independent storage compartments that can accommodate all passengers’ equipment.

A small step, behind the sofa and centrally of the transom, leads to the swimming platform which is covered with teak line and is essentially the upper surface of the bracket where the engines are mounted.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

At the Sea

In the day of our test, the southern wind was bringing waves the height of which exceeded by far the one meter. So we had a great opportunity to see the Prince 38 hull’s abilities. With 240 liters of fuel and five persons on board, I turned the bow against the waves. The rib was staying on plane at 2500 rpm and we were travelling with 13 knots, consuming 38 liters per hour.

I was riding at the same low speed for a few minutes, wanting to see its hull behaviour at 2500 rpm. It may seem strange, but the truth is that if you let the rib to travel you for a while just at a very low speed without affecting its course of either by changing directions or by increasing the throttle, you can receive a very clear indication of its hull possibilities.

Taking the first positive signs, mainly from the ride’s attitude of Prince 38 and the easiness it had in keeping its bow steady without «reading» the sea, I pushed a bit the throttles forward until the rev counter reached 3500 rpm.
At these rpm, Prince 38 and its twin 400R Verados were most efficient burning 2.8 liters per nautical mile and recording a speed of 24 knots.
Taking the first positive signs, mainly from the ride’s attitude of Prince 38 and the easiness it had in keeping its bow steady without «reading» the sea, I pushed a bit the throttles forward until the rev counter reached 3500 rpm.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

At these rpm, Prince 38 and its twin 400R Verados were most efficient burning 2.8 liters per nautical mile and recording a speed of 24 knots.

I pushed the throttles more and keeping them stable at 4500 rpm. Everything showed that the rib was very well set-up and its engines mounting height allowed the Revolution propellers to run at the surface of the sea, still grabbing the water they needed to keep the bow high, still without losing their bite.

At 4500 rpm we were steadily riding against the wind and the waves with 34 knots and after each «low flight», the Prince 38's deep V hull, and particularly the 25-degree of its transom’s deadrise, was offering us extremely soft damping, while we were impressed by the total absence of the spray on the deck. The ideal position and inclination of the spray rails as well as the chine combined with the large tubes keeping the water low, offered us an incredibly dry ride, as shown in the picture below.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

Riding against the wind was really very enjoyable, safety and comfort, and so I began to test the rib’s behavior by constantly changing its angle, thus respecting the waves, while I was sharply pushing backward and forward the throttles at the same time, wanting to see its accelerations across the whole rpm range. Accelerations always show us a very clear picture of a boat’s overall set-up. Indeed, the throttles’ response was instant and the accelerations explosive, a fact which allowed us to fully control our riding between the crests of the waves, and we never lost the control even with the throttles laid wide open.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

Fully satisfied with Prince 38's performance, we turned off the left engine and trimmed it completely out of the water. With only the right engine, the rib got on plane at 4200 rpm, keeping a speed of 18 knots with a fuel burn of 115 liters per hour. When we opened wide the right engine’s throttle, the rpm reached 5300 and the top speed 26 knots.

You can have a look downwards at the measurements with the Revolution 19" props:

Perfomance data by e-Ribbing pdf

It is worth mentioning that, in the particular rib-engine combination would be really interesting to match the Bravo I FS propeller which in our opinion would perform very well. We can switch to a longer by one inch of pitch Bravo I FS propeller, gaining approximately 100 rpm more at the WOT, thereby increasing our cruising and top speed while it is almost certainly that the fuel consumption at midrange rpm will be reduced.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄

...keep Ribbing!



Nuova Jolly Prince 38΄
  • Length overall: 11.30 m
  • Beam: 3.80 m
  • Interior length: 10.0 m<
  • Interior width: 2.30 m
  • Fuel tank: 700 L
  • Water tank: 150 L
  • Max HP: 2 x 300
  • Passengers: 18
  • Homologation CE: Category Β

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