By Thomas P.

The new Prince 38" by Nuova Jolly is a mega-rib that flirts with the highest positions in its class and combines with the best way the feeling of freedom of a rigid inflatable boat with all the comforts for nautical vacation.

Nuova Jolly

It is intended for the fans of the open inflatable boats, which are not fond of the bulky cabins, but they seek for the protection and comfort of a closed space as well as the possibility of a more "luxurious" living during their excursions.

The quality of the construction and the excellent finish are obvious at every point of the boat, at the cockpit, the bow and the sofas as well as at the gelcoat - a special patent of the company - ensuring shine and longevity.

The 24 degrees of deadrise in the transom demonstrate a clean offshore hull which can ride at high speeds even in difficult weather conditions.

On the Deck

The driving positions and the large console-cabin are ideally located in the centre of the boat. Τhe double helm seat, with its high quality upholstery, is surrounded by a sufficiently high backrest which ensures very good support, necessary when travelling in tough weather.

Despite the large cabin size, which provides absolute protection from the wind and spray, the visibility towards the bow is excellent, allowing the easy drive through the big waves.

The console-cabin, which is available with a nautical toilet, is a wonderful and luxurious sleeping area with many storage spaces for our clothing and general equipment. The door that leads inside is located on the front of the console and provides a seat for one person.

Nuova Jolly

In the bow area, there is a six-person V-shaped bench which with the necessary additional cushion can be converted into a large and comfortable sundeck as well as in a small dinette where we can enjoy our meal or drink.
At the front of the sundeck, two large polyester stairs are formed so as to facilitate the entry and exit from the boat.

The heart of Prince 38 beats at the stern. Here is the main and multifunctional space which with the cabin-console together constitutes the strong points of the boat. It is a huge and multi purpose space which accordingly to the use changes completely the stern's character.

It can accommodate the whole crew during the trip, be used as a large dining room where they can comfortably eat 8 people or even can be converted into a huge sundeck of relaxation and sunbathing.

Nuova Jolly

It is characterized by a U-sofa in the centre of which a large electric table is placed which can be lowered to reach either the level of the pillows or the floor according to our wishes. Of course, the whole area of the dinette is served by the refrigerator and sink that are under the double helm seat.

At Sea

The Prince 38" can ride quite well even with two outboard engines of 300 hp. Indicatively we report that with two Verados of 300hp - depending on propellers, loads and weather conditions - its top speed ranges from 45 to 48 knots. At 4000 rpm it can maintain an average cruising speed of 28 knots even in tough weather.

...keep Ribbing!



MNuova Jolly
  • Length: 11.30 m
  • Beam: 3.80 m
  • Deadrise: 24o
  • Fuel tank: 700 L
  • Water tank: 150 L
  • Min. HP: 2 x 300
  • Persons: 18

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