By Thomas P.

Although it's been almost ten years since its first appearance, she still catches the eye and is one of the best choices in the category of 7-meter ribs, with very good quality and excellent finish.


The Technohull Seadrug 688 is the smallest model of the company which was first presented in the summer of 2007.

But what makes the Seadrug 688 really stand out is the excellent design of the hull, which is responsible for the very good performance.

The hull of Seadrug 688 allows us to travel fast with exceptional fuel economy, offering very soft ride while it can perform really well even with a 150 hp outboard engine.

Features of the hull

With a quick glance we will see that beneath the tubes, a deep-V stepped hull is fitted, suggesting the rib-building philosophy of its designer.

It is characterized by the presence of five spray rails on each side, the highest of which is developing into a chine.

Their width is very small at the entry of the bow and gradually increases going backwards the stern, to reach its maximum value in the first step, but not more than 3 cm.


In the area of the first step, which occupies approximately 80 cm of the waterline, the rails have two obvious differences: they gradually grow wider and are positioned three centimeters further more out of the hull’s middle line.

In the region of the second step, which is longer by 50 cm than the first one, the rails are still growing wider and are positioned even closer to the tubes.

I.e. as we move backwards, the designer's purpose to increase the support and lift surfaces is getting more obvious, resulting to the increase in stability and level ride, when the rib is reaching higher speeds and the need to balance at the aft portions of the hull is increased.
This is also aimed by the aft part of the hull too, which we could say that ends in a wide toxoid «pad» of 50 cm, delimited between the two lower rails.



On the deck

The console of the Seadrug 688 is centrally located thus ensuring the necessary passageways for the passengers.

Under the doublewide helm seat there is enough storage room, while further back - below the aft three-seater sofa - the largest storage of the rib is located.

Behind the back of the aft sofa, we find two more independent and very handy storage spaces.

The sundeck of the bow, with the appropriate addition, can be easily converted to a two-adults bed. Right ahead of it, lays the polyester bow which, although it has limited dimensions, offers an easy step for the entry and exit from the rib. Inside the polyester bow it is possible to install the windlass.


At the sea

We had the opportunity to test the Seadrug 688 in a 4 Bf sea state. What we particularly liked was its very smooth and sweet ride across its entire speed range. It is also remarkable that even at WOT it required only a minimum handling effort by the helmsman.

As an addition, the Seadrug 688 can travel with high cruise speed, having a fuel consumption ranging between 0.8 and 1.2 ltr/nm., depending on the load.

You can see our measurements, when we tested the Seadrug 688 with a Verado 200hp and three different propellers, at: Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution

...keep Ribbing!



Technohull Seadrug 688
  • Length overall: 7.20 m
  • Beam: 2.55 m
  • Hull: Deep-V stepped
  • Tube diameter: 35 - 48 cm
  • Tube material: ΗΝ 1670 dtex
  • Weight: 800 Kg
  • Fuel tank: 250 L
  • Max HP: 250

Iroos Matsi and Archeou Theatrou str.
17456 Alimos
Athens, Greece
Tel.:+30 210.9915189
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