By Thomas P.

It is generally accepted that Pegasus 23 is one of the top choices in the category of 7-meter ribs, due to its exceptional performance of the hull in combination with the construction of its excellent quality and finish.

Top Line Pegasus 23

It is very well known that the performance of the particular hull has been for many years the reference point for many inflatable boats.

Its speed, economy, great accelerations and incredibly soft ride are some of the characteristics of this hull due to which we achieve a perfectly balanced navigation and a unique riding angle through the whole rpm range.

Features of the hull

It has a Deep-V hull with two steps and three spray rails on each side of it, which ends at the transom in a specially designed pad.

The width of the spray rails starts with 6cm to reach at 9cm in the steps area.

The steps start from the chine, where there are particularly intense airways which end after a clear arcuate course to the keel, channelling the necessary amount of air.

Top Line Pegasus 23

The keel ends up the transom in a small pad, the width of which is 17 cm. If we take a better look we can see that the lower rails which define the pad have particularly strongly negative inclination so as to «lock» the water underneath, ensuring better stability and directional continuous water flow to the propeller, allowing it to «bite» better even at extreme speeds.

On deck

The console of Pegasus 23 is positioned on the starboard side allowing the passage of the passengers only on the port side, still providing a very comfortable passageway. On the front side of the console there is a single seat with a small locker beneath it.

The doublewide helm seat has an adjustable back that gives us the choice of driving sited or standing. Under the helm seat there is a large locker in which we can store equipment whose availability should be easy and instant.

On the sofa stern three people can sit comfortably while the passage to the swimming platform gets easy via the polyester steps which lay out of the roll bar.

Behind the back of the aft sofa there is an independent locker located between the bases of the roll bar and is very functional since it can store all the necessary equipment we need to have at the stern of the boat.

Top Line Pegasus 23

The sundeck of the bow can easily been converted into a comfortable bed that can accommodate two adults. In front of it, the bow becomes polyester, ensuring thus a very comfortable step for boarding and the necessary room for the installation of the windlass.

At the sea

We had the chance to try the Pegasus 23 many times and in several sea conditions. The extremely soft and perfectly balanced riding in every direction of the waves is what really impressed.

The very low consumption achieved by its hull is also worth noticing. At mid-range rpm and at cruise speeds, with whichever engine we tried on Pegasus’ transom, the fuel consumption never surpassed one litter per nautical mile even when overloaded.

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...keep Ribbing!



Top Line Pegasus 23
  • Length overall: 7.20 m
  • Beam: 2.60 m
  • Hull: Deep-V stepped
  • Tube diameter: 35 - 55 - 48 cm
  • Tube material: ΗΝ 1670 dtex
  • Weight: 780 Kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 250 Lt
  • Max HP: 250

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