By Thomas P.

The Trophy Plus is one of the most popular propellers of Mercury Marine, due to the very good features of its design.We tested the 23΄΄ pitch Trophy Plus propeller on a Suzuki DF 140hp which was mounted on the transom of the Larsen 4.95m.

Trophy Plus 13.75” x 23”

The Trophy Plus showed that it fits very well in this boat-engine combination while the behavior of the small Larsen was a pleasant surprise till from the first meters of the test it gained our respect.

The results were absolutely satisfactory, since the Trophy Plus showed us amazing behavior at over the whole rpm range:

  • the rib got on plane almost instantly while we could travel just at 2500 rpm
  • it had very good midrange speed
  • the throttle response was immediate and very impressive
  • the sense of the smooth ride that Trophy Plus was giving was noticeable
  • it was holding the RIB in an excellent attitude at the whole rpm range
  • it was holding the entire rib lifted out of the water due to its ability to lift both the stern and the bow
  • its grip was the most impressive of all. The Trophy Plus was not loοsing its grip on the water even when we turned sharply. It was maintaining its nice grip and it did not ventilate at all.
  • the RIB handling and the ride quality were really excellent. The stability of the RIB was remarkable even when we were pushing the engine to its limits.

What you should definitely notice however is the unusually low slip numbers which shows us that in a wide range of rpm the actual speed of the RIB is higher than the theoretical speed of the propeller. This itself shows us many things about the RIB’s horsepower, the weight of the RIB, the cup and the actual pitch of the Trophy Plus.

Bravo IFS 15 1/4" x 23" pdf

Of course, as we see in the above table, the engine exceeded 300 rpm higher from its maximum rpm limit, a fact that should lead us in choosing a longer propeller pitch.

Therefore, for the above engine-boat combination we have to switch to a 25΄΄ pitch Trophy Plus so as the engine will reach at 6200 rpm without exceeding them.

LARSEN 4.95m

The stepped hull of the Larsen 495, apart from the excellent numbers, was «working» perfectly in every condition. Its especially soft ride was perfectly balanced through the entire range of engine rpm with the rib keeping a nice cruising attitude.

Even when with a cleaver propeller we exceeded 55 knots, the stability was amazing considering the small length of its hull. It is characteristic that no handling effort was needed by the pilot to maintain the balanced ride, even at very high speeds.

The excellent opinion we had already formed, was truly verified when we wanted to see the behavior of the hull in sharp turns. Its reaction made us rotating the wheel again and again in every direction, trying to understand the secret of the hull that made the entire RIB turning -without any inclination- with this unusual and impressive way that personally I’ve never met in any other RIB I've ever tried before.

It is really worth trying to get this unique feeling!

Briefly, we can undoubtedly say that many popular hulls would be jealous of the behavior of this small RIB.

Trophy Plus 13.75” x 23”

...keep Ribbing!