By Thomas P.

The Trophy Plus is a 4-blade stainless steel propeller by Mercury Marine which is available in a diameter of 13 ¾΄΄ and in pitch sizes: 17", 19", 21", 23", 24", 25", 26", 27" and 28 inches.
Shorter pitches (17΄΄ and 19΄΄) are recommended for 75-115 hp outboards while longer pitches (21΄΄- 28΄΄) are recommended for 135-225 hp outboards.

Trophy Plus

Let’s see some basic design characteristics of the Trophy Plus:

  • It has long tube which extends beyond the level defining from the tips of their blades
  • The diameter of its outer hub is 10.2 cm
  • There is no Diffuser Ring at the end of its barrel so as to minimize drag. This of course allows the exhaust gases to diffuse between the propeller blades leading to a reduction of thrust at low rpm, but on the other hand helps the propeller to accelerate
  • The cup starts after 3 cm from the root of their blades, a fact which reduces the load on the engine at low rpm when the engine is trimmed down, allowing it to spin more easily and accelerate faster. The cup, which turns around the tip of their blades and extends to their leading edge, combined with the long tube of the Trophy Plus are two of the main factors that produce stern lift, which is particularly obvious in light boats.

Trophy Plus

  • The rake angle of their blades becomes even greater due to the inclination of the last third of the blades to the propeller’s hub and the intense cup at the tip of their blades. This means that the Trophy Plus keeps the bow higher during the ride which means less resistance and enhanced efficiency and speed in those boats which tend to have their bow low. Furthermore, this design helps the prop to «bite» better in conditions which allow their ventilation as it can hold more water between the blades, leading it directly to its barrel.

Trophy Plus

The above design characteristics of the Trophy Plus work together and enable it:

  • to run close to the water surface without loosing its bite
  • to perform very well when it is mounted higher on the transom
  • to keep the water between its blades and hub at higher engine’s trim angles
  • to produce stern lift in those boats in which its diameter matches to their hull
  • to produce too much bow lift
  • to provide amazing hole shot performance, great throttle response, incredible acceleration and great top speed
  • to provide very stable handling at high speed
  • to hold very well during tight turns
  • to have nice grip in rough water

Trophy Plus

These performances have made the Trophy Plus a very popular propeller for both all around and racing use.

In cases when the Tempest Plus or the Revolution are considered as «large» propellers for your engine-boat combination, it is worth trying the Trophy Plus which will allow you to switch to a longer pitch and get higher top speed.

...keep Ribbing!