By Thomas P.

There is no doubt that the Tempest plus and the Revolution are two well – known propellers which take the first place in the preferences of the skippers. Still, this doesn't happen with Enertia, which is a rather 'misunderstood' propeller.

We had the chance to try these propellers on a Verado 200hp which was mounted on one of the prettiest ribs, Technohull Seadrug 688.

Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution

The propellers we tested:

3-blade Enertia 14 3/8΄΄ x 19΄΄

3-blade Tempest plus 14 5/8΄΄ x 19΄΄

4-blade Revolution 14 5/8΄΄ x 19΄΄

The tests took place in the same day, at sea state 3-4beaufort, with loads of 120 litters of fuel, 3 persons and the necessary equipment of the rib.

Test Results

Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution

As already mentioned above, Enertia had to face two of the most famous propellers. Taking a look at our measurements we can see that it was extremely good in the whole range of rpm giving us at the same time the higher top speed.

Let's see more precisely our data:

First of all we see that Enertia runs faster than Tempest plus at 3500-4500 rpm.
At 5000-5500 rpm Tempest plus manages to win the lost ground, but after these rpm, Enertia has again the first role.
Enertia allows the engine to raise more rpm than the others and thus giving us the highest top speed.

The above results for Enertia are very impressive considering that Tempest plus is one of the fastest propellers.

Of course it is unfair to compare Enertia with the four-blade Revolution (which gives us much better data), though it is worth noting that Enertia gives us higher top speed at full throttle.

Detailed measurements

Tempest plus 14 5/8'' x 19''pdf


Revolution 14 5/8'' x 19''pdf


Enertia 14 3/8'' x 19''pdf


It is easy to see that we can match an Enertia prop with longer pitch which will allow the engine to reach the maximum limit of rpm. Then its top speed will be even higher.

This is also the most important advantage of Enertia:
It is able to turn about 200-400 rpm faster at W.O.T. than the other propellers of the same pitch and therefore gives us higher final speeds.

In other words when the engine reaches its maximum rpm with a 19΄΄ pitch propeller of Tempest plus or Revolution or even Mirage plus then we can try an Enertia 21΄΄ even without reducing engine's rpm.

This advantage of Enertia prop is apparently due to the following reasons:

  • its smaller diameter
  • the shape of its blades
  • the thinner and lighter blades (compared to the other propellers, Enertia prop is made of X7 Alloy), which have less resistances and thus allow the increase of engine's rpm.

Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution


...keep Ribbing!