By Thomas P.

Everyone knows about the Corsair’s outstanding performance levels and the acclaim it has won for itself in championship races in Greece and abroad. However, this time, for the sake of our test, we heavily overloaded one and saw that it still does great as a small ‘cargo’ carrier.

The right props

Of course we had to adapt the overall setup and the engine-hull-propeller relationship for its new role, to get the boat and the engines to perform to the max at low and average RPM.

We had specific goals in mind:

We wanted to get the maximum thrust from the propellers, to keep the boat “on plane” at the lowest possible RPM, to achieve the maximum cruising speed, maximum range and maximum stern lift, and to have the greatest degree of handling our bow.

We were utterly unconcerned about any negative impacts all this was bound to have on our final speed.

To achieve those goals, in addition to looking at engine setup and at spreading weight across the boat properly, the choice of the right propellers played an exceptionally important role.

The propellers had to allow the engines to work within the maximum range of RPM to ensure that there were no problems.

Choosing the right propellers though is not an easy thing. Despite being well aware of what propellers we needed, they were sadly either unavailable or we couldn’t get our hands on them.

So we limited ourselves to those we could get on hands on, thanks to the kindness of the companies Τrezos marine, Suzuki marine, Mavroudis marine, and

The right props


We tested the following propellers in an attempt to identify which pair generated the best combination of target parameters when the boat was loaded to full capacity. Those propellers were Solas, Suzuki, Powertech, Bravo 1, and Revolution.


Revolution 14 5/8” x 25” - Fuel Load 500 ltpdf


Solas 15 1/4 x 20" - Fuel Load 2.500 ltpdf


Suzuki 16" x 18" - Fuel Load 2.500 ltpdf


Powertech 16" x 22" - Fuel Load 2.500 ltpdf


Bravo 1 15" x 22" - Fuel Load 2.500 ltpdf


Bravo 1 15" x 22" - Fuel Load 2.000 ltpdf


Solas 15 1/4" x 22" - Fuel Load 2.000 ltpdf


Powertech 16" x 22" - Fuel Load 2.000 ltpdf


Powertech 16" x 22" - Fuel Load 1.750 ltpdf


Revolution 14 5/8” x 25” - Fuel Load 900 ltpdf


...keep Ribbing!