By Thomas P.

Two Neapolitans take the Italian Championship!
After a tough fight in the last race of the Campionato Italiano Endurance – Class B, Cristiano Segnini and Giovanni di Meglio with TopLine Pegasus 27 managed to take the Italian championship.

TopLine RF 27S

After the three parts of races that took place in Napoli on the 14th and 15th of June, in Como on the 16th and 17th of September, as well as in Chioggia on the 30th of September and on the first of October, the Italian championship for 2017 successfully completed.
The last part of races in Chioggia was particularly interesting due to the extremely difficult weather conditions since the waves were more than one and half meters in height.

Although Cristiano Segnini (Pilot) and Giovanni di Meglio (Throttleman) with TopLine Pegasus 27 lost valuable points in the race of Como due to a power trim damage, they eventually managed to rise at the highest step of the stand and won the Italian championship achieving the most points in the overall score.

The races in Chioggia were fascinating, offering great moments of pleasure to the spectators with the propellers screaming and the boats often taking off, still without missing the unexpected events.

TopLine RF 27S

«With waves reaching 2 meters in some points, it was a very tough fight for crews and boats. In the third race, many boats were taken away while we managed to win, even though the power trim piston was broken...» Cristiano Segnini, the TopLine driver said.

The contribution of the throttleman Giovanni di Meglio to victory was really catalytic: «We were fighting in a very agitated sea against waves exceeding the height of one and half meter. The Top Line rib was fantastic with horizontal flights and spectacular acceleration in our landings. Finally the passion, patience, will, general knowledge of the sea and the wonderful Top Line’s hull gave us the Championship...».

TopLine RF 27S


...keep Ribbing!