By Thomas P.

In December 2016, at the Boat Show of Athens, the Olympic LTD presented the new 4DHC controller which gives us the ability of full automation of the hydrotabs operation.It only requires the touch of a button and 4DHC controller undertakes to find the most suitable position of the trim tabs according to the current conditions.

Trim Tabs Controller

It is true that when in 2009 the Olympic LTD presented the Hydrotab trim system, an innovative and pioneering boat trim system, it was initially faced with considerable skepticalness regarding its effectiveness.

The installation however in hundred of boats proved that the Hydrotab trim system maximizes the performance and boat control, presenting a series of very important advantages:

  • extremely simple and fast installation
  • maintenance free
  • self-cleaning by water flow
  • automatically retracts when the engine switches off or on
  • its internal components remain clean due to the absence of light

It was no coincidence that several years ago, famous companies like Ferretti, Riva and Galeon chose Hydrotab trim system for their boats, even redesigning their hulls so as to accept the hydrotabs.

With the 4DHC controller Greek designers completed the Hydrotab trim system, the function of which now becomes a very easy task even for the users with less experience.
The large 3.2΄΄ screen with high quality graphics depicts the boat’s riding angles and shows us all the necessary data making the 4DHC controller usage very easy.

The integrated GPS and accelerometer sensors of 4DHC controller make it capable of perceiving the inclination of the boat and thus commanding for automatically activating and setting the most suitable position of trim tabs, so as to achieve the best possible riding angle maximizing the boat performance and reducing the fuel consumption.

We can therefore now enjoy the trip’s magic and let the 4DHC controller check and continuously adjust the ideal cruising angle.


Trim Tabs Controller


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